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Verivery G B T B is the best, VERIVERY - 'G.B.T.B.' Official M/V also available on VERIVERY published at 2020-10-13 09:00:05 on

VERIVERY - 'G.B.T.B.' Official M/V

VERIVERY | 03:14 | 14,869,523

VERIVERY ‘FACE it’ series’ third episode album [FACE US] The third episode of 2020 VERIERY ‘FACE it’ series, [FACE US] has arrived with the story...

[릴레이댄스] 베리베리(VERIVERY) - G.B.T.B. (4K)

M2 | 03:24 | 59,558

[릴레이댄스] 베리베리 - G.B.T.B. [Relay Dance] VERIVERY - G.B.T.B. 높은 장벽도 부숴버리는 베리베리의 강렬함⚡️ G.B.T.B 릴댄 영상 A.S.A.P로 당장 보기💥 (2:22) 어디 벨씨길래 이래 잘생겼습니까?...

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