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Birth Place :I do not know what is my exact Date of Birth as my parents never noted it. But I understand that I was Born as a citizen of Independent India in the year around 1948-49. My birth place is Addanki, which was once an important historical place and first capital of Reddy Rajas who ruled some parts of Andhra Pradesh.

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Childhood : As an young boy, I had the opportunity to see the ruined parts of the fort made of earthen walls. My parents used to show me a ruined well which was thought to be the bathing place of king’s elephants. It was believed that the well was connected through an underground water tunnel to the river Gundlakamma which is still flowing about 3-4 km away from the well. The well is no more there now and people erected their houses on the same. The present generation can not locate this well any more. But I can say that it is exactly on the road connecting 1000 pillar temple and the old government hospital. It was on the road between old Govt. Hospital and Registrar office and exactly opposite to Poleramma Gudi (Poleramma Temple). This temple is about 1 km away from the well. Now a Hanuman temple is seen erected just on the otherside of this old well. When I saw this place in 2005,there was a house exactly in the same location opposite to Hanuman temple. From the very childhood I was very much interested in history and keen to know the meaning of caste Mutharacha.

Addanki is located about 25 KM away North of Ongole on the State Highway that connects Ongole and Narasaraopet. Very close to Addanki, there flows a river Gundlakamma. Towards North of this town there are two small hillocks - one Addanki Konda and the second Singara Konda. Singara Konda is a piligrim center. At the bottom of the hill and on the bank of Bhavanasi water irrigation tank, there is a famous Prasanna Anjaneya Temple. On the top of Singara konda, there is Nrusimha Swamy Temple. I just can not forget the view if the two hillocs and also the river Gundlakamma, where I spent my childhood days. I used to visit Singara Konda as and when I was free. Hanuman stands in my life as a symbol of great devotion towards God. We can never know the real meaning of devotion, if we do not know about Hanuman. Hanuman is a perfect example for all of us to practice devotion.

Parents & Family : My Father’s name was Kokolu Kotaiah and mother’s name was Kokolu Kotamma. I was the 3rd child in order and the 2nd son to my parents. I am also having one younger brother. The eldest of all is sister and her name is kokolu Venkata Ratnam. The elder brother’s name is Kokolu Venkateswarlu. The younger brother’s name is Kokolu Anka Vara Prasad Rao.

My parents were initially the devotees of Lord Venkateswara of Thirupathi as per family tradition. A large number of South Indians including Mudiraj people are in the tradition of worshipping Thirupathi Balaji. This may be due to the fact that Balaji is believed to be the statue of Buddha during the time of Kalabhra kings and later on Balaji (Lord Venkateswara) turned out to be Lord Vishnu. My parents, due to the influence of our own close neighbouring relatives, they became strong devotees of Goddess Ankamma. That was the reason why the first two children were given the name of Lord Venkateswara and the next two were given the name of Goddess Ankamma. Goddess Ankamma is worshipped in many parts of South India including Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Ankamma is also known as Ankala Parameswari.

Our parents have followed the practice of performing Ankamma Kolupu (Ankamma Puja => Devara kolupu) continuously for two days including nights in association with close relatives during which the ballads used to recite the great heroic activities of some Mutharacha warrior ancestors. This practice of performing kolupu made us to believe faintly that our ancestots were warriors and kings of the past. This kolupu is performed by us and relatives even today.

My grand father’s name was Kokolu Guravaiah and he used to work as a gardener in a local Government Hospital at Addanki. My grand father’s job was given to my father when my grand father became very old and lost his eye sight. My father, who initially joined as a gardner of the hospital rose to a level of Male Nurse before his retirement. My mother Kokolu Kotamma hailed from a distant village Elugu Vari Palem located in Prakasham district close to Rayalassema region.

My mother’s mother (grandmother) was born in a family having surname ELUGU. My mother was my real inspiration from my very childhood who always used to say that Mutharachas were the kings in the past and the kammas were the people who used to work as couriers with the kings.

Around 2003, I came to know through an internet search that one ELUGU RAYUDU was the last ruler of Saluva dynasty who ruled his kingdom with podili in Rayalaseema as his capital town. This inspired me a lot and forced me to dig out more and more information about Mudiraja / Muthuraja kings of South India. Then I came across one more king by name Perumbidugu Mutharayan of Tamilnadu. This prompted me to create a special website MUDIRAJA under GEOCITIES.COM for the purpose of rewriting the lost history of Mudiraja / Mutharaja warriors and the kings.

I have a great love & respect for my father not because he just gave me birth but because he refused agree with one Ayurvedic doctor who declared me dead at the age of 5 years. I was struck with typhoid and suffered long illness for almost 2 months. Since my father was working in the local town hospital, he provided me all possible treatment from the hospital. Since the medicine was not developed so well in those days, they used to go for traditional Ayurvedic treatment under such uncertain situations. The Ayurvedic doctor, who treated me for more than 45 days declared me as dead on a fine day as he was not able to get my pulse. I came to know that my father immediately took me into his hands and rushed me to a Homeopathic doctor - Gopala Rao. My father told me that my life came back to my body and started breathing after homeopathic Doctor Gopala Rao gave me some sweet pills. My parents and neighbours used to say me that it was a rebirth for me on this earth and they never thought that I would come back alive after such a prolonged serious illness.

Life is not only a gift of God for every one but it is really a mistery on this earth. There seems to be an invigible light of God that protects and guides every one to live for serving a specified purpose on this earth. We must always remember that we must live in this world only to serve other living beings where God resides always. We are all inseparable part of only one living God in this world. We must try to extend our service to the God in all possible forms in all possible ways.

Education & Job : I had completed my elementary education (upto 5th class) from Ramaiah Pantulu Primary School, Addanki and matriculation ( upto 11th class) from Prakasham Zilla Parishad High School, Addanki. I stood as 3rd meritorious student in my high School in the year 1967 and got National Merit Scoolarship of India for completing my higher studies. After matriculation, I joined PUC (12th class ) at Andhra Layola College, Vijayawada. After successful completion of PUC, I secured my admission into B.E (electrical) 5 years engineering course at Regional Engineering College, Warangal. I got my electrical engineering degree around Feb- 1973 and joined M.Tech (Instrumentation) in the same year and in the same college. I left my M.Tech studies uncompleted as I got a job in NCDC (National Coal Development Corporation, Ranchi) in the month June – 1974. I was posted in a newly opened CMPDI division of NCDC as a planning & design engineer. My job was to plan & design electrical power supply to equipment working in both Opencast and underground coal mines. I got compelled to join the job as there was a big problem in getting engineering jobs in those days.

Wife & Children :I got married with doller the 3rd daughter of Dronadula Subba Rao, a retired town planning overseer from Guntur Town, Andhra Pradesh on 26th June 1974. My wife is one among her total 6 sisters and one brother. She is the third child / daughter to her parents.She did her B.Sc, B.Ed and worked as a teacher before marriage. After completing 6 months of married life at Ranchi, I got transferred in the month of December 1975 to Nagpur where a new Regional Institute of CMPDI ( Central Mine Planning & Design Institute) was opened to look after the planning & design jobs of WCL (Western Coalfields Limited), Nagpur.

Since December 1975 we are living Nagpur till today. Though I was not in Nagpur from September 1994 to September 2000, my family continued to live in Nagpur. I was in Northern Coalfields Limited (Subsidiary of Coal India Limited, Kolkata), Singrouli from September 1994 to September 1996. Then I came to WCL, Chandrapur and worked as Systems coordinator for Wardha Valley Cluster of mines from September 1996 to September 2000. Then I was finally transferred to WCL Hqrts, Nagpur in the month of September 2000. I am presently working as General / Chief Manager in WCL, Nagpur. I visited U.K for about 3.5 months in the year April-1987 when I was working in Regional Institute-IV, CMPDI, Nagpur.

I was blessed with a male child on 15th June 1979. We were blessed with our son after four years of our marriage as forecasted by Kamal Baba. Kamal Baba being a very old man came personally to Saint Joseph Hospital, Guntur on the day of cezarian operation on my wife for delivery and sat there along with me till the time of my son's birth. After hearing the birth of my son, he reminded me about his words which he told to us about four years back about the birth of our son. We were also blessed with a daughter as forecasted by Baba after an other four years on 14th October 1983 in Nagpur. Baba left this world when we were blessed with a daughter.

My wife did her M.A in Public Administration after she resigned to her job to look after our son. My Son has done his BE(electrical) from Amaravathi University, M.S and Advance Computer Diploma from C-DAC, Coimbattore, Tamilnadu. He got his first job with HCL-Parot, Bangalore in the month of February 2001 and later joined BPO operations of GE-Capital, Hyderabad in the month of September 2001. My daughter is at present doing her 5 year BID (Bachelor of Interior Design) course from LAD, Seminary Hills, Nagpur and expected to complete her degree in May 2006.

Now we live in a small flat of our own in Nagpur – 440014. Nagpur became my main home city after living here for more than 35 years of my prime life. Due to my job I visited several places in Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattishgarh which formed the most important Central India and where Kalchuri kings established their powerful kingdoms and ruled brilliently for several centuries.

Kokolu Anka Rao
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(Research Scholar on Symbols from Trichy, Tamilnadu)

T.L.Subash Chandira Bose, belongs to the ancient Mutharaiyar family. He was born in this material world on 19.05.1946 as a grandson of late L. Marathuthu and M.Nallammal and the middle child of late M.Lakshmanan and late L.Vallambal Ammal. He is the father of two children and presently living with his better half at Tiruchirapalli.


He is a mechanical Engineer, served in various capacity in sugar industries, in India and overseas. Lastly he served as a Sr. Consultant (High Pressure Energy System) and retired from his service.

He has taken up the research and studies on ancient symbols, signs and inscriptions. He published many articles on various headings in many magazine and presented many papers during various seminars related to research and studies and metaphysics.

During 2004, Sri Lalitha Books published his first book on metaphysics with the title of “The Divine Light of Soul and Goat and Tiger Game”.

He is the founder of International “Foundation of Ancient Wisdom”, and “Palam Thamilar Varalttru Paravai”. During October 2005, Erode Tamil Sangam awarded him with title of “Arivial Anmeega Vignani”.


Our Caste Names & Subcastes : Mudiraj Muthuraj mudhiraj Mudiraja mudhiraja Muthuraja mudduraja muddhuraja mudduraju muddhuraju Mutharacha Mutharasu Mutharasi Mutrasi Mutharayar Mutharaiyar bunt bant bantulu bantlu Aryar Arayar Araiyar Aryan Arayan Araiyan valavan valayar valaiyar Ambalakkarar gounder koli koliyan kolian raju rajulu Bedar Ramoshi Valmiki Tenugu Tenugolu Tenugollu Tenigolu Tenigollu

Our Caste Names & Subcastes : Mudiraj Muthuraj mudhiraj Mudiraja mudhiraja Muthuraja mudduraja muddhuraja mudduraju muddhuraju Mutharacha Mutharasu Mutharasi Mutrasi Mutharayar Mutharaiyar bunt bant bantulu bantlu Aryar Arayar Araiyar Aryan Arayan Araiyan valavan valayar valaiyar Ambalakkarar gounder koli koliyan kolian raju rajulu Bedar Ramoshi Valmiki Tenugu Tenugolu Tenugollu Tenigolu Tenigollu