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email no.85.0

From: Ulaganathan Kodimari ( )
To: ( )
Sent: Saturday, 29 August 2015 9:30 PM
Subject: Love your work ---

Respected Sir,

My name is Ulaganathan Kodimari. I am one social entreprenuer from our community from Nagapattinam, Tanjavur district. I was an IT manager and now one borderless businessman ( IT Startup).

I am living at present in Madras(Chennai) and i do really want to start a welfare group for our society distorted by negative elements for centuries.

I am a big fan of your research website But i feel we need to provide more evidence\ citation wherever applicable. Because whenever i talk high of our caste, my elitist Brahman friends are pooh poohing our great history and calling my claims as fiction. Let them be like but i do not want to be stalled by those cunning creatures.

I am greatly surprised by all the contents and your lifetime research of our caste in this website and I really salute you for your hard efforts, that made someone like me more proud and aware.

Sir if possible, i would like to have a detailed conversation with you.

I am sure you would guide me very well and pass on the baton to youngsters who would do further research and publish.

I am looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

Much Respect and Regards

email no.85.1

From: "" ( )
To: Ulaganathan Kodimari ( )
Sent: Sunday, 30 August 2015 3:19 PM

My Dear Ulaganathan.

I have gone through your e-mail and felt extremely happy to note your proud feeling for being a Muthuraja, the great ancient king race of India. We belong to the oldest king race of India whose origin is embedded in the great emperor Mandhata who built the famous destroyed city Mahen-jo-daro on the banks of river Sindhu and also a descendant of Emperor Manu belonging to fishermen race.

Today we are reduced to one of the Most Backward Communities in India and naturally nobody wants to accept our claim that we are the descendants of the great MUDIRAJA king race who ruled the entire South India for more than 300 years in different royal clan names. Even if some of the historians know the hidden secret of our Royal blood, they will not allow this fact to come to light before the society. Because we are now economically poor and our voice will not have any respect. Yet we need not care whether the Brahmins are accepting our Royal community status or not, but our own community must accept this fact and believe it in their core of their heart. Then, it is certainly possible to bring a new life and change in our community people. The day when all our community brothers will start feeling proud of their Royal credentials, then our people will become well educated, hard working and more civilized in the fast changing modern society.

Our ancestors were the kings. We not only have history, we are also having Muttaraya Architecture preserved till today in Tamilnadu and there are hundreds of inscriptions in the name of our ancestor kings and community name.

You see your own surname KODIMARI. It has a great significance and springs out your Royal credentials. Your surname KODIMARI has an ancient and direct connection to KODIMELA NADU which is now known as KODAGU ( COORG ). It was once known as MATSYA DESHA, a fishermen country.

Kodamale = > Kodimale => Kodimare => Kodimari

KODIMELA & KODEMALA : Kodemala and Kodimela are two surnames that belong to some Telugu Mudiraj caste people today. They seems to closely related Coorg or Kodagu region which is also known as "Kodamale Nadu" or "Kodimale Nadu". These two surnames seems to be resulted due to gradual modification of the country name of their ancestors. This part of the country of was ruled by a well known haleri king Muddaraja. The Mudiraj people in Karnataka are known as Mudduraja or Muddaraja.

Kodimalenadu => Kodimale => Kodimela

Kodamalenadu => Kodamale = Kodemala

The prominent rulers of kodagu country were Mudduraja (1633-87), Lingaraja (1775-80) and Virarajendra Wodeyar (1789-1809). Dodda Vira Raja (also called Siribai Dodda Vira Raja) ruled from 1687 to 1736. Dodda Vira Rajendra (1780 to 1809) and Linga Raja II (1811to 1820) also had significant impact on the history of the region. Dodda Vira Raja improved transportation by building bridges across ancient trenches. He also streamlined the administration of the region into villages, districts and appointed district headmen.

The history of Madikeri is related to the history of Kodagu. Mudduraja was one of the famous kings of Kodagu region who founded the Madikeri Town and ruled his kingdom from Madikeri as his capital city. Mercara, or Madikeri as is commonly known by the local populace is the headquarters of Coorg (Kodagu) district. It was founded by a prince - Mudduraja of Haleri dynasty in 1681 AD. It owes its name to him as Muddurajanakeri which became Muddurakayray which in time became Madikeri for the locals whilst the British called this province as Mercara. Muddurajakeri which means Mudduraja's town, was named after the prominent Haleri king, Mudduraja who ruled Kodagu from 1633-1687.

Historical inscriptions show that Kodagu was included in the Kingdom of Gangas in the 9th and 10th centuries and Cholas in the 11th century. The historical evidences indicate that Cholas were non other than Muthurajas or a variants of Muthurajas. Lot of Muthurajas use Chola or Cholai in their surnames. The Puranic name for Coorg was also Matsyadesa (matsya, meaning fish) as is recorded in the Kaveri Purana. Down the ages, it came to be known as Kodagu and the people, Kodavas.

According to purana Chandravarma the youngest son of King Siddhartha of Matsya country came on pilgrimage to Brahmagiri the origin of river Kaveri. He settled down with eleven sons married and each having more than hundred sons. The eldest son Devakanta was crowned who with all the members presented before Goddess Kaveri flowing down at Balamuri (Balumberi) in the early hours of Tulasankranthi, the time of sun's entering the sigh of Libra. During the flow the sari knot of Kaveri got turned backwards at Balamuri while she blessed the members present. All of them (Kodavas) took the first bath in the river here.

There is some thing significant for the people of Mudiraj, when Kodagu or Coorg was referred as Matsyadesa (Country of fishermen). A large section of Mudiraj people are descendants of ganga kings who ruled Kodagu region. The gangas were also the fishermen warrior kings who migrated from the banks of river ganga in North India. The Western Ganga Dynasty king Sripurisha who ruled this part of Karnataka assumed the title MUTTARASA. His son Shivamara-II was also known as Muttarasa by many historians.

For more detailed information, readers are requested to page on "CITIES" in this website and check for MADIKERI- CAPTAL CITY OF MUDDARAJA.

Kokolu Anka Rao
Date : 30/08/2015
Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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email no.84.0

From: sivaraj koomarasamy To: "" Sent: Monday, 3 November 2014 9:28 PM Subject: Interesting articles Dear Sir,

I have read your articles and find them to be very informative and interesting. We have so much History in our blood that dates back to human civilization in India.

Your website is great. I wonder how, such deep research is carried out from the early beginning to the time of the Mahabharata.

Would like to know more of your researches if any.Great work, Sir.


email no.84.1

From: Mudiraja the great kings (
To: sivaraj koomarasamy (
Sent: Wednesday, 5 November 2014 9:05 PM

My Dear Sivraj

Thank you very much for your kind appreciation. You have not mentioned your surname and the place to which you belong. We belong to the most ancient king race in India. MUDI means GREAT = MAHA = MAHAN. Another meaning for MUDI is also ANCIENT.

mudiraja = great king = maharaja = virataraja
mudiraja = ancient king
mudi = great = maha = mahan = virata
mudi = ancient

How ancient is our king race ?

We are as ancient as RAJA MANU

Mahan => Mahanu => Manu

Mandhata was the greatest Manu descendant king and believed to be the ancestor of Mandhata kolis, who are our own blood brothers in North India. The archealogists have now established the fact that the ruined city Mahen-jo-daro was built by king Mandhata. The language found on the broken rock pillars of Mahen-jo-daro was of Dravidian which could be a mixture of Telugu-Tamil.

Mahan Yodha = Great Warrior

Mahan Yodha => Mahanjodha => Manjodha => Mandjhodha => Mandhotha => Mandhata

The city built by Mandhata was in fact "Mahan Jodha Voor" which gradually got modified to Mahen-jo-daro. Here MAHAN stands for MUDI. Even Cholas who were blood brothers in South India claim their descendancy from MANU.

Mahanjodha voor => Mahan-jo-dhavoor => Mahan-jo-dharo => Mahen-jo-daro

We must be proud to belong to the great king race which is also the most ancient king race in India and perhaps in the world also. But we are in a backward state at present. We must all do some thing to our community and make it most educated community in India and thereby put our community on the path of progress and prosperity.

Tanking you.


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email no.83.0

From: Dinesh Shetty (
Sent: Thursday, 12 June 2014 5:50 PM
Subject: Bunts in Tulunadu

Dear Sir.

It was a tremendrous happiness to hear that the Mudiraja community is also a part of Bunts community.

I wish lot more work has to be done to unite both the to take forward the relationship by matrimony etc..I hope that one day we live like brothers and sisters.

Thanks for the information.


Dinesh shetty

email no.83.1

My Dear Brother Dinesh.

Mudirajas are also known as Bants / Bunts as a large section of bant warriors became part of mudiraja community, particularly during chalukya regime when chalukyas ruled Telugu country.

The Bants / Bunts are the people of Vanara origin who once ruled the great Kishkinda country under the leadership of Vali and later Sugreeva. Veera Hanuman was the Army General of Vanara Sugreeva of Kishkind kingdom, who undertook the largest search operation for Rama's wife Sita and also rescued her valiantly from the captivity of demon king Ravana.

Vanachara = People who dwelled in vanas( forests).
Vanachara => Vanajara => Vanjara => Banjara
Banjara => Bant(z)ara => Bantara
Bantara => Bant => Bunt

Veer Hanuman was also well known to the world as Rama Bantu. All vanaras were also known as Rama Bantus. The faithful loyal service rendered by Bantu warriors to Sri Rama gave rise to a new word "BANTU" to mean faithful servant. The vanara warriors were the ancestors of present Bant / Bunt royal clans who presently speak Tuluva language in Tulunadu and Telugu in Telugunadu.

Most probably the vanara bants used to speak a dravidian language which was a mixure of Telugu and Tluluva languages. The language researchers have concluded that both Telugu and Tuluva languages are the twin sisters with a lot of common characters. Later, a lot of Tulu speaking warrior bunts moved to west coast due to political compulsions and the rest of them moved towards East coast.

The Tuluva bunts became more prosperous because of their ruling the west with valuable commercial crops. The bants in the east are comparatively less prosperous as their primary jobs remained as soldiers. Bunts / Bants were well known for their daredevil commando jobs. These bants were also employed as the last line interior guards in royal palaces.

It is the time when we should understand our common origins, history and blood relation to reunite our people in the west and east and expand the prospects of faster development of our community and ascertain our royal origins in the present day Indian democratic country.

Tanking you.


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email no.82.0

From: vineeta Mahesh (
Sent: Sunday, 11 May 2014 12:08 PM
Subject: clarification


First of all i would like to thank you for creating nayaka website and for research done.Its really a great job.

I have some doubt.You have mentioned that bedas originate from ancestoral royal blood.If bedas belong to royal blood then why its in ST? since its in ST people treat them very cheaply.If they are "nonorthodox kshatriyas" then y it is included st? i think untill its included in st bedas wont get any respect even though they deserve it.

I dont understand how uttarpradesh valmikis can become descendents of valmiki.I dont think all tribes are descendants of valmiki.If they have royal ancestoral blood how they can clean toilets???

clear all confusions and please dont include nayakas in "low caste" we have ruled kingdom.Please dont make us to bend our head in front of other caste people.



email no.82.1

From: Mudiraja the great kings (
To: vineeta Mahesh (
Sent: Thursday, 15 May 2014 8:53 PM

Namaste Vineeta Mahesh.

Thank you very much for your appreciating comments on Mudiraja website. I agree with you that all your doubts are hundred percent genuine. Inorder to understand why we are like this in ST status today and treated low in the present society,we have to go through the long history of royal valmikis of past.

We were once the valiant fighters, born soldiers, administrators and also the rulers of small size kingdoms untill the barbaric Muslim invaders stepped into India to establish their kingdoms. We fought valiantly with the invaders but we were defeated because of their cunning war tactics which we never knew and also their superior weaponery.

The Muslim invaders were so roothless that they proved to be completely inhuman beings as they forced the surrendered valmiky warriors to do te scavenging jobs innteir royal palaces. This scavenging jobs were extended to other rich people of all communities in the society. This way our warrior forefathers and their descending generations gradually forgot their yoral credentials and got habituated to live a low and substandard life believing that they were born scanvegers. They never knew that their forefathers were once upon a time the kings of this country. They even never questioed God, why they have to live a scavengers life.

It is after independence and because of Dr. Ambedkar's efforts to do social justice to a lot of people living on the outskirts of villages as untouchboules, our people were included in ST category in many states. Valmikis are also in BC catergory in some states.

We became scavengers and untouchbles over a period of more than 500 years and it is quite natural that we may take atleast another 100 years to educate our future young generations and pull out ourselves from this low category status.

I agree with you that we may not be able to command due respect from the society as long as we are in ST status but at the same time we have no other means to educate and get proper share of our jobs in the modern society. At this juncture, we must also understand that why Balijas and Kapus are demanding BC status ? Is it going to reduce their social respect ?

Our status and social respect may not depend much on Sc, ST and BC tags but I am sure that our status and social recpect will depend much how well our community is educated and economically well off.

So, we as a community must get well organised through village level sanghams and bring greater awareness about the need for our working hard to meaningfully educate our children to make them qualify to get monthly salaried jobs which will enable us to live like respectable humans in te society.

I am very thankful to you for your sharing concerns about our ancient royal people and their poor status. We must also remember that our participation in politics and sharing of political power may not in any way change the poor status of millions of our community brothers, untill we massively propogate the need for educating our cildren, their children and so on.

Thank you.

Yours brotherly,

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email no.81.0

From: Sreedhar K.V. (
To: "" (
Sent: Wednesday, 19 March 2014 5:15 PM
Subject: Muthuraja- kerala

Dear my Brothers,

First let me appreciate Mr. Kokolu Anka Rao for creating such a website, info and its positive intention. Let me introduce myself, I am sreedhar from kerala, belong to araya community. I am engineer in profession, and doing engineering consultancy business in marine/oil & gas.

Whatever we say in this website should be logic, support of historic evidence, true from our heart, and be secular in nature. If we respect that, we can tell our findings openly to society and patiently respect criticism.

I will try to add/ spread the web information to my friends, relatives and organizations. Let me know what the help from my side are required for website and other activities.

Thanks and Regards


email no.81.1

To: Sreedhar K.V. (
Sent: Thursday, 20 March 2014 6:12 PM
Subject: Re: Muthuraja- kerala

My Dear brother Sreedhar.

I am very glad to note that you are doing a consultancy business in marine/oil and gas. I am sure that our royal community brothers will feel proud of you and you will stand as one of the models for the future generations of our community.

I dream of that one day our community people will also be very well educated, well employed and also play an important role in country's administration and politics. We have in our veins the blood of kings who were the rulers and administrators of this country for hundreds and hundreds of years but we just need determination and rededication to achieve the past glory to our community once again.

My sincere request to you is that you kindly associate your self and support Araya Samaj cultural activities and help to publish our community history (with it's variant names through out India) both in Malayalam and English.

Our great great grandfathers were Jain / Buddhist kings. We lost our history due to conscpiracy of some anti-Buddhist / anti-Jain elements in the past centuries. Now it is the time that we all must realise the importance of recovering and preserving our history whatever available and pass it on to our future generations. We must feel proud that we once ruled India as kings of this country.I like to emphasise that a man who lacks pride can never be successful in his life and can never reach the top layers in the society.

I am very thankful to you for your sincere feedback and also for coming forward to extend your help to work for the progress and development of our community. Some of our Araya Mutaraya brothers may contact you through e-mail. Kindly respond them welland share your thoughts for the welfare of our Kerala Araya community.

Tanking you.

Yours brotherly.

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email no.80.0

From: sro student (
Cc: "" (
Sent: Monday, 11 November 2013 12:46 PM
Subject: DNT ( Denotified Tribes) was the first freedom fighters

Dear Sir

I am Ashok kumar, as I saw your website ( ). I noticed that DNT was the first freedom fighters. But I have one doubt ,my grandfather was a warrior in second palayakarar war in 18th century. But in 1911 only he was arrested by British government under CT act. It means, after 100 years. My doubt is why he was arrested after 100years and how British found him as a warrior after 100years. Actually he was not perhaps arrested but British government might have arrested his next generation. How British knew that the family was of a warrior? Did British government traced him after more then 100 years .. (Sorry for asking this kind of silly questions, sorry for my trouble)

email no.80.1

My Dear Ashok Kumar.

The war between the British and Kattabomman Nayak of Panchalankurichi Palayam in the then Tirunelveli region is often classified as the First Polygar war. In 1799, a brief meeting (over pending taxes) between Kattabomman and the British ended in a bloody encounter in which the British commander of the forces was slain by the former. A price was put on Kattabomman's head prompting many Polygars to an open rebellion.

Despite the suppression of the First Polygar War in 1799, rebellion broke out again in 1800. The Second war was more stealthy and covert in nature. The rebellion broke out when a band of Polygar armies bombed the British barracks in Coimbatore in 1800.

As you said that British might have not arrested your grand father but they might have arrested his descendants as they belong to Criminal Tribes. The British people were very intelligent in studying the Indian Tribes and castes and they came to know that all the criminal tribes of India both in North and South India belong to the same Indian blood.

Since the British could not withstand the fighting spirit of the Mudiraja and its warrior tribes, the British branded them as Criminals in their strategy to kill them, if they can not surrender.

The British rulers made the Criminal Tribes list and they have their intelligence network to arrest the suspected people belonging to anti-British Criminal Tribes. Thus the British rulers had successfully branded and stamped the great Indian Mudiraja warrior tribes as Criminal Tribes and defamed us in the eyes of the Indian society.

Due to the fear of arrest by British, lot of our warrior clan families got dispersed in different directions and lost their contacts and this way they acquired different titles in different geographical regions. Because of different titles, now we get confused and think that we different from each other.

Thanking you.


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email no.79.0

From: araya samajam ( )
Date: Wednesday, 27 February, 2013, 1:15 PM

M.B. Shivakumar.
Gen: Secretary,
Araya Samajam State committee,
Alumkadavu P.O, Karunagappally.

Dear sir,

Thank you very much for your compliment about my article “The God’s relatives.We are very happy to participate with you in the future communal activities.

Araya samajam is an organization created for the uplift and welfare of araya community in kerala under the Travancore-Kochin literary scientific and charitable society’s registration act, 1955. (REGD NO Q.650/2002). The Araya Samajam, Araya Cultural & Educational Trust and Sree Kannaki Central School are established by me in 2002. I would like to share some another points about this community.

Adicha Mutharasan was the ancient leader of this community during the time their migration from chengannur to the coastal region of Alappadu of karunagappally in kollam district. At that time, a temple was established by him at Adinadu near karunagappally is known as “Thirupperum Thurai Sree Mutharasa Chery Temple”. This temple runs under the Service society named “Araya Vamsa Paripalana Yogam, Cheriazheekal. (AVPY). This society was established by Dr. Velukkutty Arayan.

This community is performing “Thiru Chengannur Sivarathry and Parisam Vaippu “in the Chengannur Temple, by travelling 42 Kms from Alappadu Panchayat (Kollam District) to Chengannur (Alappuzha District) every year. They are the one and only heirs to perform the same ritual since A.D.205.

This community is entirely different in nature, tradition, physical appearance and in domain. They will not take anybody in face value except the God. They do not accept orders. It may be the reason, which the Government has been holding this community to no account by all means.

Thanking you and wishing you the best of luck, Alumkadavu,


email no.79.1

From: Mudiraja the great kings ( )
Subject: Araya Samajam of Kerala
To: "araya samajam" ( )
Date: Wednesday, 27 February, 2013, 5:57 PM

My Dear Shivakumar.

I have gone through your e-mail. You can not imagine how much happy I am feeling to communicate with you. It is in the year 2005, while doing my online research with the help of internet that I realised that Goddess Kannagi was an Arayar and belong to our Muthurasan community. Similarly I have also realised that Mata Amritanandamayee is also from our Arayar community. At once I uploaded and recorded them under web page " SAINTS" of mudiraja. I feel today that I have finally succeeded in reaching my community people living in different parts of India and also Malaysia and some other countries.

You are doing an excellent service to our Arayar community people in Kerala and I request you to kindly extend your services to our own community people who got seperated by way of having different subsect names. Our unity and strength must grow through our realization that we are ONE PEOPLE with so many caste names.

WE must encourage our people to become educated, more educated and highly educated so that we will be able to realise the greatness of our royal descendancy from the great kings of India who ruled this country for thousands of years in the name of different royal clans.

I request you to go through web page " KINGDOMS" in my website http://mudiraja,com where I have clearly explained that VIRATA RAJA of Mahabharat and VIRATA KINGDOM" belong to our community. Virata kingdom was one of many Matsya kingdoms of Mahabharat period. Virata means Maha = Mudi = Great. Virataraja means Mudiraja = Great king. Our ancestors belonged to the line of great kings and we are their descendants.

I will add up your e-mail to wep page " MUDIRAJA SPEAKS" in my website

Please keep writing your e-mails with Araya Samajam activities so that I can circulate the same to our mudiraja brothers all over the globe.

Thanking you.


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email no.78.0

From: swamy bandamidi ( )
Date: Saturday, 19 January, 2013, 7:01 PM

Dear Sir,

Good evening, I, SWAMY BANDAMIDI, ADVOCATE, Practicing at Hyderabad. Sir you are doing very good job to educate our Mudiraj Community Brothers, so I am thankful to you for your doing this great job. Sir I am ready to give my Legal services to our Mudiraj Community Brothers. If our Mudiraj Community Brothers are having any Legal problems, I will provide legal advice freely to them as a part of my service to our community members. Sir if our Mudiraj Community Brothers shall need any Legal advise or service, they can please contact me at any time on my number or personally.

Thanking you


H.No.3-11-353/1, Shivaganga Colony,
L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad-500074.

email no.78.1

To: "swamy bandamidi" ( )
Date: Sunday, 20 January, 2013, 7:13 PM

My Dear Swamy.

It is so nice of you. I would like to thank you on behalf of all our Mudiraja brothers for your benevalent thought of extending free legal service to our community members. I suggest you to kindly give your free legal service to all our Mudiraja brothers who are really poor and give your legal service at consessional rates to others who are not so poor. This way it will help you to provide free legal service to the deserving poor Mudiraja brothers.

I am forwarding your e-mail to all our Mudiraja Brothers who are attached with this community website so that they can contact you for needful help. I am also uploadong this e-mail into this website under web page "UREMAILS" so that it will permanently be available for all our Mudiraja brothers who will come across this Mudiraja website.

Thanking you.


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email no.77.0

From: jai ( )
Subject: Re: All Mudiraj people must get well educated in next 25 years
To: "Mudiraja the great kings" ( )
Date: Friday, 21 December, 2012, 6:39 PM

Dear Mr. Rao,

It is such a pleasure to read your inspiring and kind words.

I my self also keep telling all of my koli relative and friends the same, to rise and make a place in society , but still some people from us always want to be treated like SC and ST's as some of them are getting some benefits politically, monetarily now. I belong to uttranchal, ( a hilly area previously know as Utter Pradesh) and government are now providing many benefits to weaker section of society cast wise and economically also. I feel it also have some side effects for our society as they always want to live pathetic life so that they can get low rate ration or electricity or other monetary benefits. Shrewd political upper caste people are promoting these peoples as when any assembly seats get reserved in our area they plant their puppets their and indirectly rule again. and the real needy ones get neglected again. so end of the day our own people are giving harm to us.

I tried a lot to tell that koli peoples are not SC, not even in the government Gazette and tried to present many govt. documents proving that koli people were never in the SC category but may koli people keep insisting these statement that they should be called as low caste or SC or untouchable. Why any body would like to associate himself with so called SC, it's beyond my belief.

Best Regards
Jaipal Singh

email no.77.1

From: Mudiraja the great kings ( )
To: "jai" ( )
Date: Saturday, 22 December, 2012, 5:39 PM

My Dear Jai.

You have precisely said the right kind of words to what I am saying to our community people again and again. Our progress and prosperity can never come through reservations and it can only be achieved through education, more education and higher education. Other than education, there is no other alternative for our survival, progress and prosperity. The demand of our community people for reservations from Backward to Most Backward and from SC to even lower than SC only shows that we have forgotten and completely forgotten our great great grand fathers who once ruled India from Sindhu River Basin to Kavery River Basin and even upto Srilanka. We were basically warriors, soldiers, commandos, trusted interior guards, administrators, diplomats, kings and emperors. Have we so easily forgotten that we once belonged to a great king race ? We should not forget that we still have the royal blood flowing in our veins. We are known for our hard working nature. We need to well educated in adition to our hard working quality.

The COOLIE ( KOOLI) word was invented first in Bombay by Bristish people as most of the labours on railway platform were the people of KOLI community. The kolis are highly trusted and sicere hard working labourers who gave birth to an English word COOLIE. The credit for adding the COOLIE word to English dictionery goes to our KOLI people and their sincerity.

Koli => Kooli => Cooli => Coolie

Even in South India, our community people had the same reputation trust, honesty and sincerity since the time of of Ramayana. Mudiarajas are also known as BANTS. Hanuman and his vanara community people were known as Sri Rama BANTS because of their trusted and loyal military and personal services offered by them to Sri Rama.

Vanara => Vanachara => Vanjara => Banjara => Bantzara => Bant => Bunt

We all know that Brahmins command the maximum respect in our society because of their zeal for education. I think that almost all 100% percent brahmin people are well educated and they all know the importance of education for their survival. We always try to blame them as Aryans who invaded India and killed our kings and snatched our kingdoms. But we never learnt any thing good from them and the secret of their success. They are successful and successful from the ancient times and till now because of only education and nothing else. Education can make people wise and give them power to understand how to compete with your competetor. The success comes only to those who competes and competes relentlessly and not for those who seeks reservations and only reservations.

While competetive nature revitalises a community of people, the reservation minded nature degrades the entire community from lower level to further lower levels.

With Regards.


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email no.76.0

From: Nagarajan M ( )
Subject: Thanks for your research
Date: Monday, 17 September, 2012, 9:01 PM

Respected sir:

Thanks for your reserch in the field of mudiraju / muthuraja comunity. My name is Nagarajan. My father’s manickam is ambalakarar. Native place is Kulithalai in Tamilnadu. Your research is very very useful for our community people in the world.


M. Nagarajan.

email no.76.1

My Dear brother Nagarajan.

It is so nice of you for saying very good words about me and my research on our community Muthuraja / Mudiraja. I am very thankful to you for taking initiative and writing me e-mail. Your e-mail stands as a proof of your love for our Muthuraja community. Every Muthuraja / Mudiraja should take initiate to talk / communicate with each other through Mudiraja website for sharing more and better ideas to develop our community.

Many of our people do not know that we were once very powerful royal clans in South India who maintained our political equation with Pallavas , and pandyas to keep our rival cholas away from our kingdom borders and ruled the KAVERY DELTA region like monarches. Mutharayars proved to be very powerful diplomates by changing their political alliances some times with Pandyas and some other times with Pallavas according to changing political circumstances. Our ancestor Mutharayars had matrimonial relations with Pandyas, Pallavas and also Cholas. They even had matrimonial relations with Chalukyas to maintain stability and security along the borders with their neighbouring kigdoms.

Being the descendants of Kalabhra warrior clans who conquerred and ruled the entire South India for about 300 years, Mutharayars got well inter mingled with Pallava, Pandya, Chola and Chera royal clans matrimonially. Kalabhra / Mutharayar history was not recorded by Hindu Brahmin Pandits who were also the epigraphists as most of our ancestors were supporters of Jainism and Buddhism. That was the one reason why Muthrayar kings did not get the recognition which they deserved. Even though our Mutharayar kings built famous architectural monuments well preserved even today, the names of these kings are not known. It is just known that some Mutharasan built the temple.

Our past period was very great but our present period is not so good. We are socially and economically backward. We as a Muthuraja / Mudiraja community must work hard and every muthuraja / mudiraja as an individual must resolve that we must work hard to prosper once again through higher education. Every Mutharayar child must aspire to become well educated in the society and become an officer to rule and command the society once again.

We must always remember that we are the born rulers as we are having the blood of great warrior kings and we must now come forward to occupy the front benches in all the activities of society. Where there is a will, determination and resolve, there is always a way to achieve our goal. We are the great grand children of great warrior kings and must know how to live like children of kings. Let us study well and work hard to achieve goal.

Thanking you.

Your Brother.

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email no.75.0

From: Arjun Gowda.R.G ( )
Subject: Valmiki Nayaka of Karnataka
Date: Wednesday, 5 September, 2012, 6:33 PM

Namaste sir,

I'm Arjun Gowda from Karnataka belongs to Valmiki Nayaka.In North Karnataka most of our peoples(Nayaka) are called as gowdas.Our ancestors came from too far lands to river Bhima (around Sollapur),As per our family (ancestor) list keepers tell that around 14th to 15th century we left our royal homes and around 3000 acres lands just because of fights with islamic rulers who were casuing troubles to our peoples. Then they came to Kanakagiri of Koppal District Karnataka.

In north karnataka there were so many samshtanas and those were Shurupur, shapur, gurugunta,,So we came to Gurugunta Samshtana of Raichur, which were ruled by Valmiki nayakas and now they ain't getting S.T reservation benefits because they are considered as Kshatriyas by Govrnt of karnataka. Even they are fighting for that as they are Valmiki Nayaka. So even we are relatives to them but not kings, comes to S.T.. So now we are telling them Kshatriya but we don't follow brahmanical rules.In gurugunta we got surname Gurikaara or Gurikar.

I'm very happy about all your informations. I want to know why some people in our caste doesn't have gotras and i've read that in kakatiya dynasty there nayaka could marry Rajulu(Telugu kshatriya) or Shetty. So is telugu rajus are really aryan kshatriya or dravidians who just became kshatriya by following brahminic rules.

email no.75.1
My Dear brother Arjun.

Thank you for writing me e-mail and sharing some of your thoughts with me. Your e-mail has enlightened me with additional information about Valmikis of Northern Karnataka. I never knew that Valmikis in some part of Karnataka use the title GOWDA also. And they are also treated as Kshatriya in some parts which elevates them to second highest social rank in Hindu Society.

One way I am happy to note that these Kshatriya valmikis of Karnataka will stand as a proof that Valmikis were once the powerful ruling class Kshatriyas in entire India. There were the self respecting kings who relentlessly fought against Muslim invaders to protect the self respect of Hindus. Many of them died and many more became slaves to the Muslim kings as a result of their stiff fighting agaist Muslims. Most of our valmiki brothers in North India were forced to become scavengers by the Muslim invaders as a part of punishment for fighting against them. Even today our valmiki brothers in North India are still leading the life of scavengers and suffering a great humiliation in the society.

A large section of Mudirajas of Andhra Pradesh are from Valmiki hunting sections. Though they are Mudirajas in the society, they write Valmiki as their caste in their school certificates. And in some parts of Rayalaseema-Karnataka borders, the marriages between Valmikis and mudirajas is a normal and open practice. We are basically one and the same people with two different caste names. As per my research, Muttaniraja of Srikalahasti relating to Bedara ( Bhakta ) Kannappa was our common ancestor. It is this practice of calling our selves in different names divided us into several caste groups. Each caste group is rich in some parts and poor in some other parts. The title Gowda is a gradual modification of the word Gounder. The Gounders live in a region that spread across Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Both the Gounders and Gowdas consider them selves as the descendants of Gangas. Now you know that Sripurusha Muttarasa was a Western Ganga king and his blood people wwere all from fishermen ( gangaputra / koli ) community. When valmikis started using GOWDA title, they must be knowing very well that they were related to Gangas. They also knew that Gangas and Mudirajas were one and the same people and hence they used to have matrimonial relations.

Dear Arjun, we need to spread a greater awareness among our people that Valmikis, Gangas, Mudirajas and Muthurajas are all one and the same people. We must encourage matrimonial relations among all these caste groups without any hesitation to forge a greater unity of our blood people. What we write in the school certificate is not a matter and we may write an appropriate caste name to get maximum reservation facilities but our unity and strength grows only with matrimonial relations.

In Kakatiya case : In the olden medieval system, all the kings considered them selves as a royal caste and they had their own political compulsions for marriages among different royal houses. Safety and security of their kingdom borders was more important than the caste background. And the marriages among different royal houses used to ensure that stability to their kingdom and political power. So Nayakas might be marrying Rajulu and Bunts. Some sections among mudirajas are known as Bantlu equivalent to Tuluva bunts ( shetty and Rai ).

I too strongly believe that Telugu Rajus ( Rajulu ) are from Aryan Kshatriya block and most of them used to wear the Hindu sacred thread which Brahmins normally use to wear. Many of them write Kshatriya as their caste in their matrimonial columns. To be frank, the sacred thread was originally the symbol of Hindu identity.

Now you are registered as one of the members of mudiraja website and you are going to receive e-mails of mudiraja readers. You are welcome to have your brotherly interaction with all these readers and strengthen our brotherhood.

With Regards.

Your Brother.

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email no.74.0

From: nikkhil a ( )
Subject: Many many thanks
Date: Tuesday, 28 August, 2012, 4:48 PM

I am an engineering student and happened to see your wonderful website, this caught my attention because I am a Mudhiraj.I was thrilled and exteremly happy to note the contents. Kind of work and research you have undertaken on our origin and background is just wonderful.It was never in my imagination we do have a person like you among us in todays atmosphere.

I am just stepping into this world and lot to know, your website has given me lot of insight.This makes me proud and confident to negotiate my journey ahead.

Therefore,I shall keep in touch with the website to know more and more, naturally if I come accross some material relating to our community I shall place before you.

With kind regards.

email no. 74.1
From: Ankarao kokolu ( )
To: "nikkhil a" ( )
Date: Wednesday, 29 August, 2012, 3:22 PM

My Dear Nikkhil.

I am very happy to go through your e-mail. You are one of the youngest promising Mudiraja who is attracted by our community website. I was also an engineering graduate. I got my Electrical Engineering Degree from Regional Engineering College ( Now it is NIT) Warangal in the year 1973. I did my M.Tech ( electronics) for one year in the same college and left the college and M.Tech incomplete to join Coal Mines Authority Limited ( Now it is Coal India Limited ) at Ranchi as getting job was difficult in those days.

I hailed from a below average family from Addanki town, Prakasham distrct, A.P where my father was working as a male nurse in local Zilla Parishath Hospital. I could venture to do my engineering degree as I got National Merit Scholarship based on my matriculation marks. I could complete my PUC from Andhra Layola College, Vijayawada in the year 1967 and my engineering degree from REC warangal because of the National Merit Scholarship. I might have completed M.Tech, if my family financial condtion was perhaps sound.

I have retired as General Manager ( systems) from Western Coalfields Limited ( a Subsidiary of Coal India) located at Nagpur in the month of August 2010. Now I am temporarily setteled at Nagpur. My son did his Electrical Engineering Degree from Amaravathi University Engineering College, Maharastra and now he is working with IBM, Bangalore. My son is married to Telaga ( Tenugu ) Naidu girl from Nagpur whose father and granfather hailed from Tirupathi. My daughter-in-law was an MBA degree holder from Pune.

My daughter did her 5 year Interior Design course from Nagpur University. She is married to a Tamil Mudaliar boy working in Hyderabad for Oracle Corporation. My son-in-law is a B.Arch graduate from Chennai.

You are an young promising Mudiraja who can enhance the image of our community by studying well and getting a good job through your pure merit. Your aim must be B. Tech degree, and then M,Tech degree / MBA. You must aim to become one of the mosted educated Mudiraja in our society. You can do it if you also follow the same principles which I have followed in my life.

Why I am writing all this is that education is an invaluable asset for any human being and a community for achieving a better living and status in the society. At the time of my marriage, I had set only one parameter for the girl to be my wife and that was she must be well educated and nothing else.

My wife was a, B.Ed teacher when I married her in Jube 1975. She did her M.A ( Public Administration) from Nagpur University after we were blessed with our son. I could make my children well educated only because of my wife who is also very well educated.

Your e-mail will be forwarded to all the mudiraja readers attached to mudiraja website. They will be quite interested to know more about you, your native place, family, your college and so on. It will be vey nice of you if you can reply with all possible details.

Thanking you.


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email no.73.0

From: karani venkateswarlu ( )
Subject: Friendship
Date: Monday, 20 August, 2012, 12:55 AM

Dear sir

This is karani venkateswarlu, B.Tech (EEE). Origin from Andhra Pradesh, Madanambedu village, Sathyavedu mandal, Chittoor district.

I am a mudiraj caste community member in A.P and sathyavedu,nagari constituency B.C.Welfare Association (127 Castes) President and State Convenor. And I am also a Social Service person, Member of Anti Corruption Forum since 10 years and Indian Political Parties Analyst, Anna Hazare Committee Member.

I got details about you through web site of mudiraj caste. So I am proud of you and your web services are very good. Please send me the details about mudiraj caste history from origin in Telugu launguage. Why because we want to publish our caste history in Telgu as 90% of mudiraj people in A.P don’t know about our caste histoty and origins.

Please find my mobile number +91 9848089043 for any equerries.

Thanking you Sir.

K.G.Venkateswarlu, B.Tech (EEE)

email no. 73.1
Dear Venkateswarlu.

I feel extemely happy to come in contact with you through your e-mail. I had a great respect to Anna Hazareji. He is a true son of India who is frankly not liked by any political party. Now a days most of the political parties are working like business houses for profit making and working together with private and Multi National companies.

Situation is going worse from bad. But our community seems to have made some progress by moving from BC-A position to BC-D position. I do not know whether it is based on real progress made by our community or it is due to dirty politics played by some vested interests. But some how I am of the view that we must bring a seachange in the attitude of our community people to work hard to become well educated so as to grab maximum jobs based on merit than based on reservation. Being a community of kings, it is not good on our part to cravel for silly reservation under BC-D bottom line under B.C category. If, we as a community as a whole can get organised and become united, we can fast move from BC list to Farward Caste list. We must aspire to be labled as farward caste. There is no hounour in being part of BC and I do not know why some of our boys and girls feel proud to mention that they belong to BC-D in matrimonial coloumns.

You are already working for BCs and you are the right person to decide whether our community should continue to fight for BC-A position from BC-D or we should work hard to push ourselves to a higher level far above BC.

Our people are still lacking self respect to prodly announce that their caste as MUDIRAJ. This is because we as a community still living as subordinates to land owning communities. A lot of mudirajas in villages are still farm labourers. We are still backward educationally and economically compared to Reddys , Kammas and Even Balijas.

We have no organised Mudiraja Sanghams in village and town level except in Hyderabad at state level. We have no platform to come to-gether except marriage functions where we do not discuss our social issues.

I think you are a better person who can do a great lot in this direction. We must work hard to become number one community to exploit the maximum benefit from government free education schemes and fee reimbursement schemes. There is no better way than this for us to progess faster. Our mudiraja parents must realise that the time has come for them to sacrifise their lives for the sake of educating their children. The coming times are going to be more tougher than the present as the population is going up faster and the resources are depleting equally faster.

Finally I am honest to you to say that whatever information is there with me about MUDIRAJA is only in English and I do not have any thing in Telugu. Now I request you some of mudiraja brothers to take all the information you want from Mudiraja website and create your own website in Telugu or publish it in Telugu books. You are free to copy any amount of information from this website for the welfare of our community.

Thanking you.

Your brother.

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email no.72.0

From Balaswamy Boina ( )
Subject: Amazing Mudiraja Website.
Date: Saturday, 18 August, 2012, 11:01 PM

Respected Shri Ankarao Anna garu namasthe.......

I am Boina Balaswmy Mudiraj. residing @ 129/ 3rt, VIJAYABANK LANE VIJAYANAGAR COLONY MASBTANK, HYDERABAD 500057. AP. INDIA.....

Originally from Marikal Thimmajipet Mandal, Nagarkurnool, Mahabubnagar....AP. India..... phone no.s .09848077732, 09059849417.

Elected as MANDAL PARISHAT MEMBER in the year of "2006 june 2nd" . This year probably in september election notification may be released for LOCAL BODY ELECTIONS ...contesting AS ZPTC. MEMBER again FROM MAHABUB NAGAR.

Recently, we group friends thought of creating a website..of our community..... before that we just checked for site.....

Amazing.......... by seeing (y)our great site we felt very happy... can't express in words.....because the work you have done is appreciated by the entire mudiraj soceity, as we have seen the mails that are posted in website...... I pray God to give you more and more energy to help our comunity.....Thank You. I remain.


SWAMY (B . Balaswamy )

email no.72.1
Dear Balaswamy.

Thank you very much for your kind appreciation of our Mudiraja community website. I feel proud of for being active in social leadership. In general, our community people shy away from social leadership and politics. This is one of the reasons for our backwardness. The feeling of economic backwardness further drives our people towards back seats in the social leadership activities. I want more and more of our community people to take lead into active politics and also serve our community by uniting it with all it's warrior sections with open mind.

The main reason for our backwardness is that many of our community people forgot their royal history and even do not know the names of a few kings of our community. We lack the feeling of prodness as people of KING RACE. We think that we poor fishermen or hardworking farm labourers. A lot of our community people are still not having minimum basic education, proper house with sanitation facilities. We need leaders who want to really work for the upliftment of our community people by reminding them as the kings of Yester years.

A considerble section of our community people are dependent on fishing. Fishing was one of our oldest original profession of our community. Emperor Mandhata's descendants are koli fishermen. The Virata Maharaja of Mahabharata was the king of Matsya kingdom and belonged to our community. VIRATA means MAHA and it means MUDI.

Mudi = Virata = Maha = Great
Mudiraja = Virataraja = Maharaja

Many mudirajas do not feel comfortable with this fact that we are having fishermen sections among our mudiraja community. If this is the way we develop our attitude towards our own community sections, how are we going to feel proud of Sripurush Muttarasa, who was a Western Ganga King hailed from fishermen sections ?? When Sripurusha Muttarasa is our community king, why can not we accept good social and matrimonial relations with ganga fishermen community ?

There are a lot of mudirajas who in their school certificates write that their caste as Valmiki. They write Valmiki as their care for the sake of availing better reservation facilities. By writing Mudiraj, they loose the better reservation chances. But we are not ready to accept those people as mudirajas who say and also write that their caste as valmiki. Is not some thing what we can call our double standards ?

Our Mudiraja community is composed of two major sections. one of the sections is fishermen section whom we call as koli / best / gangaputras from whose blood Sripurush Muttarasa, the Western Ganga King became famour as our community king. The second major section is valmiki, the expert hunters nayaka group who became the backbone of Vijayanagar kingdom. Bhakta Kannappa belonged to this valmiki / bedara / vedar community. They are a part of Tamil Muthuraja community.

There is third section which is actually BUNT section. People having Shetty and Rai from Karnataka are Tuluva BUNTS. A section of these people waho came to telugu lands got absorbed into Mudiraja community. Balija settys are equavalent to Tuluva shettys and thus some sections of Balijas once represented the Bant sections of Mudiraj. Now they are economically better than mudiraj and hence they do not want to openly mix up with mudiraja community.

Now it is high time that we must revive the unity among all the sections of Mudiraj by openly encouraging matrimonial relations among mudiraja, valmiki and gangaputra ( kolis) as they are having our own royal blood since unknown times. In this age internet and intercaste marriages, why can not we take a lead in this direction ? This will increase our community strength and pave the way for social progress in much faster way. Our increased strength will further promote our political growth to voice our just demands.

My younger brother Kokolu Ankavara Prasada Rao, who works for MAHYCO lives in Hyderabad near old Balaji Mandir, Chikkadpalli. My daughter with her hysband lives in HITECH city. The edest sister-in-law lives in Narayanaguda and the fourth sister-in-law lives near Charminar. I often come to Hyderabad and I am shecduled to come to Hyderabad around October 28th, 2012.

I will also feel happy to meet you and our other community brothers. I will definitely inform you the addresses where we can possibly meet, if every thing goes as planned by God's grace.

Thanking you.

With Regards.


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email no.71.0

From: ( )
Subject: for our unity all indian subcontinent.
Date: Sunday, 8 July, 2012, 8:43 PM

If I call u as a great man that is not too much. Sir once I lived in a remote village of Idukki district of Kerala. Don’t know about my past at that time. My sisters shy because our name count in rani sername. We have only 3 families there. So most of them think that we are from a fisherman community and most backword caste. From my small time ( childhood ) I feel sad about that. I try to understand why is grand fathers tell me about our history. Our people were from Thanjavoor and we belong to Mutrayar kings. I am so happy about that...but I don’t have more chance to understand at that time… then I got a job in UAE...I try to know about my caste links..I get your web page..really thanks sir..because of u, I got my relatives i have koli mudiraj mutrayars friends. we are planning to work together for our unity worldwide.

Beloved guruji, we want your help and support..but I fear whether you are there or not..plz send me a reply if ur there.

Thanks my guruji

Sent from Samsung Mobsirile


email no. 71.1
My Dear Masoodarass.

I do not know your correct name from the e-mail but I think that your name is Masoodarass. Rass seems stand for RAASA = RAACHA = RAJA. You are really my beloved brother and you are not alone at least from now onwards. We belong to a great king race who ruled this Indian subcontinent with different names in different parts of this country.

I can understand that when three Mutharayar families live in a very remote corner of Kerala without any information about their community in Thanjavoor, how lonely you might have felt. How your tender heart might have cried for knowing your origins and history. What can your parents do when they themselves forgot who they were ? It is just not the case with you or your parents alone but about 80 precent of our community people do not know even today that we are the descendants of great kings. They think that they are poor backward labourers. About one thousand years back, our great grand fathers were kings but today we are backward labourers and ordinary hardworking fishermen. This what happened when the sword of the king lost it’s importance with the change of times.

There is a saying that TIME changes pools to mountains and mountains to pools. It is really true. We, the kings of yester years became the labourers now and the labourers of those days have become kings now. This the power of time. There are always good times and bad times not only for men but also for communities & castes. Now we are suffering as a community as a whole.

I always belive that it is is only the government free education that can save us from falling down further. Each and every child from our community must be encouraged to persue higher and higher education to compete for all kinds of jobs in public and private sectors. We must pass a resolution in our mind that our children and their children will be more educated than ourselves. And we must dedicate our lives for this great cause.

Now onwards, neither you nor your sisters need not feel shy. Our ancestors were kings and we have kings blood in our bodies even today. All our ancestor kings were great hunters and fishermen and it was basic qualification to become a king. A man who was not a hunter could never be a warrior and a man who was not a warrior could never become a king or emperor. We must feel proud to belong to this great warrior community of Mutharayars.

You always remember one thing that Kolis / fishermen and valmikis from India are our close blood brothers and you must treat them like your own brothers. Even Bunts and Balijas are also our own variants and at one point of time we were all one king race who ruled South India under the boundaries of Vijayanagar kingdom. You must always try live with them in unity and cooperation.

I will extend my full support to you for uniting all our blood brothers and create a sense of greater brotherhood. I am always available to you in your good ventures for the progress of our community. You can feel free to write more about your family life experience in Kerala – may be good or bad. Your e-mails will be forwarded to MUDIRAJA readers all over the world so that can be able to understand how bitter it will be to get lost from our community and how important it is to live unity and togetherness.

Thanking you.

Your brother.


Readers are requested to send their comments and useful information about Mudirajas. The selected EMAILS will be published here.


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