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69 Pavan Kumar, Hyderabad. <-- Click
68 Seppalaiyan Ramasamy, Trichy., Tamailnadu. <-- Click
67 Pavan Kishore Kumar, Solleti, South Africa <-- Click
66 Makam Subramanyam, Bommaraju Puram, Chittoor <-- Click
65 Om Prakash Koli, New Delhi <-- Click
64 Praveen, Kerala <-- Click
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email no.71.0

From: ( )
Subject: for our unity all indian subcontinent.
Date: Sunday, 8 July, 2012, 8:43 PM

If I call u as a great man that is not too much. Sir once I lived in a remote village of Idukki district of Kerala. Don’t know about my past at that time. My sisters shy because our name count in rani sername. We have only 3 families there. So most of them think that we are from a fisherman community and most backword caste. From my small time ( childhood ) I feel sad about that. I try to understand why is grand fathers tell me about our history. Our people were from Thanjavoor and we belong to Mutrayar kings. I am so happy about that...but I don’t have more chance to understand at that time… then I got a job in UAE...I try to know about my caste links..I get your web page..really thanks sir..because of u, I got my relatives i have koli mudiraj mutrayars friends. we are planning to work together for our unity worldwide.

Beloved guruji, we want your help and support..but I fear whether you are there or not..plz send me a reply if ur there.

Thanks my guruji

Sent from Samsung Mobsirile


email no.71.1
My Dear Masoodarass.

I do not know your correct name from the e-mail but I think that your name is Masoodarass. Rass seems stand for RAASA = RAACHA = RAJA. You are really my beloved brother and you are not alone at least from now onwards. We belong to a great king race who ruled this Indian subcontinent with different names in different parts of this country.

I can understand that when three Mutharayar families live in a very remote corner of Kerala without any information about their community in Thanjavoor, how lonely you might have felt. How your tender heart might have cried for knowing your origins and history. What can your parents do when they themselves forgot who they were ? It is just not the case with you or your parents alone but about 80 precent of our community people do not know even today that we are the descendants of great kings. They think that they are poor backward labourers. About one thousand years back, our great grand fathers were kings but today we are backward labourers and ordinary hardworking fishermen. This what happened when the sword of the king lost it’s importance with the change of times.

There is a saying that TIME changes pools to mountains and mountains to pools. It is really true. We, the kings of yester years became the labourers now and the labourers of those days have become kings now. This the power of time. There are always good times and bad times not only for men but also for communities & castes. Now we are suffering as a community as a whole.

I always belive that it is is only the government free education that can save us from falling down further. Each and every child from our community must be encouraged to persue higher and higher education to compete for all kinds of jobs in public and private sectors. We must pass a resolution in our mind that our children and their children will be more educated than ourselves. And we must dedicate our lives for this great cause.

Now onwards, neither you nor your sisters need not feel shy. Our ancestors were kings and we have kings blood in our bodies even today. All our ancestor kings were great hunters and fishermen and it was basic qualification to become a king. A man who was not a hunter could never be a warrior and a man who was not a warrior could never become a king or emperor. We must feel proud to belong to this great warrior community of Mutharayars.

You always remember one thing that Kolis / fishermen and valmikis from India are our close blood brothers and you must treat them like your own brothers. Even Bunts and Balijas are also our own variants and at one point of time we were all one king race who ruled South India under the boundaries of Vijayanagar kingdom. You must always try live with them in unity and cooperation.

I will extend my full support to you for uniting all our blood brothers and create a sense of greater brotherhood. I am always available to you in your good ventures for the progress of our community. You can feel free to write more about your family life experience in Kerala – may be good or bad. Your e-mails will be forwarded to MUDIRAJA readers all over the world so that can be able to understand how bitter it will be to get lost from our community and how important it is to live unity and togetherness.

Thanking you.

Your brother.


email no. 71.2
Dear Madhusudhan.

You have also said that your ancestors were from poopuhar. Now I remember clearly about Arayars who revolted against Pandian king in connection with KANNAGI who was later worshipped as Goddess. Your ancestors of Arayar community had gone to Kerala about 1500 years back. You belong to KANNAGI blood community of Arayars. It is said that Kannagi and Kovalan were there once in oldPoompuhar, (or Kaveripoompattinam), the ancient city that lies under water today, two miles off the coast of current-day Poompuhar.

Puhar also known as Poompuhar is a town in the Nagapattinam district in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It was once a flourishing ancient port city known as Kaveri puhum pattinam, which for a while served as the capital of the early Chola kings in Tamilakkam. It is located near the end point of the Kaveri river, aside the sea coast. Much of the town was washed away by what is now speculated to be a tsunami around 500 AD. Ancient pottery dating back to the 4th or 5th century A.D have been discovered off shore around this town.

The general plan of the city of Puhar is described in considerable detail in the fifth book of Silapathikaram (c. fifth century CE). The town was built on the north banks of the river Kaveri. Elara Chola are ruled (1,389,968 sq mi) from the Place of present parts India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Maldives and they had around 10,000 battle ships in the kavaripatinum port, near river Kaveri mouth.

KANNAGI is recorded as a MUDIRAJA saint at item number no. 8 under web page “SAINTS” in the MUDIRAJA website with lot of details. This you may kindly like to verify and give feed back, if any.

Thanking you.


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email no.70.0

From: pratik b ( )
Date: Friday, 22 June, 2012, 7:56 PM

Respected Sir,

My name is Pratik Bhuva. I am a social worker of our community from Gujarat. I am a computer engineer and web-developer. I am living in Bangalore and I do have very big welfare group of our caste in Gujarat.

I am working on a big project of our community's website. By searching on Google, I found this website

I am really surprised that you've included all the contents and research of our caste in this website and I really want to salute you for this outstanding work, that leads me to contact you as soon as possible.

Sir, if it is possible, at least once want a conversation with you. I am sure you can guide me very well.

I couldn't find your direct contact in the detail of website. So I am sending you this e-mail.

I am looking forward for your reply as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Your Sincerely,

Pratik Bhuva.

email no.70.1
My Dear brother Pratik.

It really gives me a great pleasure to go through your e-mail. I am also thankful to you for your kind appreciation of MUDIRAJA website and the contents there in. You are a well qualified and valued brother from our community block. I have great respect for education and educated persons from our communities. You being from Gujarat, you are more important for me to cooperate and extend all my help in creating a multi dimentional community website that not only provides historical, social, educational information but also interact with our community people and thereby creating a central platform for discussing issues pertaining to development and progress of our communities.

I have a few Koli brothers attached with the MUDIRAJA website from different parts of our country. You can find their e-mail addresses from one of the Mudiraja web pages “ UREMAILS”. We are socially and economically backward now but we have a great historical background starting from the times of emporer Mandhata ( Mahan Joddha ) who built the world’s greatest port city Mahen-jo-daro on the banks of river Sindhu. We are the descendants of emperors, kings, administrators, diplomats who ruled this country for thousands of years in different names in different parts of this country. We have great saints like Valmiki, and Buddha from our communities who taught the values of life and laid foundations for world’s greatest religions - Hinduiosm and Buddhism.

We fell down from great hights of social status and rolled into a valley of backwardness with a very bleak hope to rise once again to greater hights of social living. We can once again achieve those great social status if we as a society strongly determined. For that we must wake up our community people from deep ignorance about their royal history and drive out their lazy & lethergitic feeling. We must all work hard to educate our children relentlessly without any rest. I believe that if we can properly encash the governments free education schemes, our communities can climb up the social ladder to reasonable hights within next 50 years. I am writing all this as you are a social worker and you can motivate the people from our communities.

I request you to kindly take all the relevant web contents from MUDIRAJA website while you develop your professional community website and provide a link / reference to MUDIRAJA website so that kolis will be able to understand their brotherhood with Mudirajas / Muthurajas of South India.

My son is working with IBM , Bangalore at present and we may possibly be able to meet with each other in Bangalore one day in due corse of time when I will visit my son.

Thanking you.

Your Brother.

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email no.69.0

From: Pavan Kumar ( )
Subject: Hi
Date: Friday, 11 May, 2012, 12:11 AM

Hi...I am pavan mudhiraj from hyderabad...I saw mudiraja website. It was very usefull and important information to all our mudhiraj people. You are doing good job sir, I want to know the exact meaning and mainly the symbol for mudhiraj caste..Can you send me the exact symbol for mudhiraj caste.


email no.69.1
Dear Pavan.

It is a pleasure to go through your e-mail. Thanks for your appreciation and good opinion about community website MUDIRAJA.

Till the year 2000, I too never knew the meaning of our caste name Mudiraj. When I have taken up the On-Line research through Internet, the history and meaning of Mudhiraj became clear . Mudhiraj means Great King. We are mostly known as Mudiraj in TELANGANA region of Andhra Pradesh. In Telugu,

Manumadu = Grandson

Mudhi Manumadu = Great Grandson

Mudhi = Great


Mudhi = Adhi = Maha = Virata = Great

Raja = Racha = Rasa = Raya = Rai = King

Mudhiraja = Adhiraja = Maharaja = Virataraja = Great King.

Mudhiraja => Mudhiraju => Mudhiraj => Mudiraj

Mudhirajas are the descendants of Kalabhras who are believed to be the Buddhist warrior ruling class people living in the region of Srikalahasti – Tirupathi ( Thiru Vengadam ) region and most probably working for Mouryan Buddhist kings. The Buddhist kingdom collapsed when a Hindu Brahmin killed the last Buddhist king. The Buddhist Kalabhra regional kings of Thirupathi region became furious and attacked the Hindu Adhiraja kings of Chola, Chera and Pandya dynasties creating a great havoc in Tamil speaking areas of South India . These Kalabhra kings who defeated the Adhirajas of South India came to be known as Mudhirajas. These Buddhist Kalabhra kings who were anti-brahmin and antisanskrit, preferred to use pure Dravidian title MUDHI in place of ADHI and thus these people later came to be known as MUDHIRAJA.

Many people do not know that the VIRATA kingdom of Mahabharata period was Matsya kingdom belonging to the ancestors of Mudiraj people. It is a historical fact that Satyavathi, the mother of Vedvyas was the daughter of a fishermen ( Matsya = koli ) chief / king and it is also said that she was the sister of Virata king. Hence, it can be said that the Virata kingdom of Mahabharata period was a Mudiraja kingdom. We also know that Pandavas and viratas were matrimonially related. This may be the reason why a lot of Mudiraj people are having their gotra name as Pandava / Pandavula.

Some people also say that Mudiraj means Ancient King or Old King, which may also be correct to some extent. Mandhata Kolis is a branch of kolis who mostly live in Sindhu and Gujatat. They believe that they are the descendats of Emperor Mandhata who built the city of Mahen-Jo-Daro on the banks of Sindhu river. He was one of the most ancient emperors who ruled India and from whom the kolis and Mudhiraj warrior people descendaed. Mandhata means Mahan Joddha.

Mahan= Maha = Mudi = Great

Yoddha = Joddha = Warrior.

Mahanyoddha => Mahanjoddja => Mahanjotha => Mahandhata => Maandhata => Mandhata.

The city built by Mandhata is now in ruins and it is Mahen-Jo-Daro. It exactly means Mahan Joddha Ur. This city named after Mandhata ( Mahan Joddha) gradually got corrupted and it finally came to be known as Mahen-Jo-Daro.

Mahan Joddha Ur => Mahen Jodha Ur => Mahen Jodharo => Mahen-Jo-Daro

We can find MAAN as one of the popular surnames of many Punjabi people even today. They could possibly related to Mandhata.


Our people in South Andhra ( Nellore ) are known as Muttaraju and in Tamilnadu they are known as Muthuraja / Mutharaja. In Telugu, Muthu means Muthyam and it meand pearal in English.

Muthu = Muthyam = Pearl

Raja = Rasa = Raya = Rai = King

Muthu = Muttu => Mutta

Muthuraja => Mutturaja => Muttaraja => Muttarasa

Most of the ancient kings were fishermen and hunters. Virata king and Satyavathi were the children of Matsya ( Koli ) king. Valmiki was Valya Koli and he was the chief Valya Kolis. Brahmin pandits who became the custodians of Sanskrit Ramayana and Mahabharat never wanted the people to know the fact that Valmiki was chief of valya kolis of his village. They painted valmiki as a dacoit and became valmiki as an anti-hill grew over him while he was performing tapasya ( penance) without food and water for several years. The actual meaning of valmiki is Valya Mukhya. Valya means vala. Mukhya means Chief.

Valya => Valaya => Vala

Vala = fishermen net.

Mukhya => Mukhiya => Mukhia

Mukhia = Chief

ValyaMukhya => ValyaMukhia => ValMukhia = > ValMukhi => Valmuki => Valmiki

The Valayars / Valaiyars who are a subcaste of MUTHURAJAS in Tamilnadu were KOLI fishermen who migrated to South India over a period of several centuries. In South India , while the people who became experts in fishing got the name VALAIYARS, the people who became experts in hunting came to be known as VALMIKIS. Valmikis are a subcaste of Mudiraj in several parts of Andhra Pradesh. These Valmikis are also known as Vetars, vedars, vedans, bedans, bedars, bedaras, Kannappa Kula, etc., in Tamilnadu. While, Valmikis claim that they are the descendants of Valmiki, the Kolis also claim that Valmiki belong to their caste and they call Ramayana as Koli Valmiki Ramayana. Two different names KOLI and Valmiki for the same people split them into two different people. This way, our warrior community became weak as we are called by different names in different regions and thus we became divided to fight with each other. It is the time that we must consciously build up our unity by re-uniting ourselves through matrimonial alliances among these caste groups.


Mutha means a group of villages in Koya language. In coastal region of Andhra Pradesh, our community people were natural rulers of Muthas. The one who ruled MUTHA was a MUTHARACHA. We were natural and heriditory rulers of MUTHAs in ancient Tribal India. The Mutha system of civil administration died down after the arrival of Muslim and British rulers in India .

Mutha = A group of villages = Mandal of the present day.

Racha = Rasa = Raja = Raya = Rai = King.

Mutharacha = King / Chief who ruled Mutha.

Mutharacha =>. Muthracha => Mutracha => Mutrasa => Mutrasi

The ladies of Mutracha caste are called Mutrasi. It basically represents feminine section of Muthrachas.

Mudiraja, Muthuraja, Muttarasa, Mutharacha are all representing one and the same people and we have several further subcastes among us which you can know from MUDIRAJA website.


We do not have any fixed symbol / emblem / logo for our caste as we are not uniform in our royal oufit. In fact we had two different MUTHARAYA royal groups in South India who indirectly fought with each other by joining pandyas or pallavas. Sripurusha Muttarasa group from Karnataka were on the side of Pandyas when Tamil Mutharayars were on the side of Pallavas. But regarding symbols, FISH is one of our royal symbol. The second symbol was BOW & ARROW. It seems to be coincidence that Arjuna tried to hit revolving FISH on the ceiling with the help of BOW & ARROW.

WE will be glad to know more about you such as educational qualification, job details and other family particulars which you may like to tell us. Now you are enrolled as one of the MUDIRAJA member for receiving regular updates.

Thanking you.


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email no.68.0

From: seppalaiyan ramasamy ( )
Subject: thanks – regarding
Date: Monday, 26 March, 2012, 10:14 PM

Dear Sir,

I am seppalaiyan belonging to Muthuraja commmunity …. living in Trichy Dist.., Tamilnadu… I searched for information about my Muthuraja community. when I read the content of your website, I really became excited to know a lot of information about my community kings.... I really appreciate your valuable effort for the development of Muthuraja community people... Thank you so much.

With Regards.

email no.68.1
My dear brother Ramasamy.

I am really very happy to receive your e-mail as you hail from Trichy, the heart of Mutharayars kingdom. I understand that Mutharayars and its subcaste people are highly populated in Trichy and its surroundings. I understand that there are several Muthuraja associations and unions in Tamilnadu which are quite active politically. The various associations and unions of Mutharayars in Tamilnadu can do a great service to our community people by promoting more and more social, cultural and religious activities among our community people. Our community leaders in Tamilnadu may better think of reviving and restoring the lost glory of Mutharayars by taking a greater leadership in doing good social work as our ancestor kings had done in the past.

Those who are interested in politics can directly join some political parties of their liking without involving our community associations and unions in the politics. Our community unions and associations are likely to get side tracked from the main goal of improving our community status and image in the society through higher education and better social participation. Politicians are likely to misuse the community associations for serving their political ambitions and there by dividing the associations into two or more rival groups and thus spoiling the unity of community people.

Our community associations and unions can also think of building schools and temples to improve our community social participation and there by uplifting our community status and image. As members of Mutharayars coomnity, every one of us must become extremely active socially, educationally and politically to progress towards prosperity and pride feeling of royal community.

WE are all very keen to know more about you, your family and community in your home town. We welcome you into Muthuraja group of friends to receive regular updates and get contacts with other muthuraja brothers for sharing the ideas for developing our community.

With Regards.
Your brother.

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email no.67.0

From: Pavan Solleti ( )
Subject: Great n great website
Date: Tuesday, 13 March, 2012, 5:22 PM

Mudiraj Mahapurushudu sri sri Ankarao sir ki Nama Sumanjalalu

Dear sir,

I am from Hyderabad, AP and presently living in south Africa. The effort of your research made me proud. It makes me feel great that I have got warrior;s blood in my body. My name is PAVAN KISHORE KUMAR. My Surname is SOLLETI. I am looking forward to know about my the origin of my surname.

Thank you very much,

Pavan Solleti
South Africa.

email no.67.1
Dear Pavan.

Thank you very much for your great appreciation of me and the community website MUDIRAJA. I am really indebted to you for the kind words which have expressed about me.

I have created the MUDIRAJA website with the special purpose to let every Mudiraj know about their royal blood , warrior origins and feel proud of their descendancy from great kings who ruled different parts of India with different names. I can clearly see in you the pride feeling which you have acquired after going through the MUDIRAJA website. Now, I think that the very purpose of my creating Mudiraja website is fruitful and successful. I am able to create by now more than hundred proud mudiraja brothers who are proud of themselves for belonging to Mudiraja community of great kings.

I need many more Mudiraj brothers like you around the globe who can speak out the greatness of our royal community to the entire world and induce the pride feeling in their future generations. A real change in our community can come only when we are all well educated and move around the world with high profile jobs. We must all speak in favour of higher and higher education for all mudiraj children in the coming years and any kind of respectable job for every mudiraj.

You wanted to know the origins of your surname but it is not so easy to uncover the origins every surname. As per very initial information which I got with me, it appers that SOLLETI and CHOLLETI surnames seem closely related to each other. Cholleti might have got modified to Solleti with the passage of time and a new surname might have come into existence. Many surnames indicate the places to which their great grand fathers originally belonged. So CHOLLETI surname might have got derived from villege CHOLLEDU which is located in Nalgonda district. It is just one of the possible explanations but exact reason can not really be known so easily.

Cholledu => Cholleti => Solleti

I have added your surname to the list of Mudiraj Surnames in the website. I request you to kindly let me know your gotram also so that the same will be also shown along with your surname.

It may be interesting to many of our Mudiraj brothers and sisters to know - how and why you have reached South Africa and what is your experience about that country.

Yours brotherly.

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email no.66.0

From: manyam subra ( )
To: "" ( )
Sent: Wednesday, 29 February 2012 1:37 PM
Subject: Makam
Dear Sir,

You will be the legend of Mudhiraj Community for future. Indeed your initiation for our community service can not be valued. By the by, I, Makam Subramanyam belonging to Sri BommaRaju Puram(S.B.R. Puram) about 5km from Puttur in Chittur Dist. In our village around 70 families are there. My age is 36 years, at my childhood all of our community family members were labours and very poor including my family. I'm only the first person who did Engineering graduation. I'm Civil Engineer and presently working on NH-6 Project in senior management level at Amaravati, Maharastra. Previously, I worked in Dubai. Further details, I will comprehensively write in next mail.

Sir, I have a doubt regarding surname, since my surname is makam, the same surname exists in vysya community also and many peoples asked me weather I was from vysya community. How is it happening??? Please clarify.

I went through our site and found many surnames from our village not included. Please update, some of missing surnames in our knowledge are alatturu, appeti, anjeri, bellamkonda, degala, guraka, makam, magani, putta, thupakula, veerapuram.

I am very eager to do something service for our community. Please be in touch.


Thanks & Regards,


email no.66.1
Dear brother Subramanyam.

I would like to gratefully express my thanks to you for your kind appreciation of my work for the development of our community and unite its splintered sections with considerable variations. I have greate respect for people like you who are well educated from Mudiraj community inspte of our backwardness and various hurlds in our progress. I, myself came from very ordinary family where my father supported me by working as male nurse in local Addanki Hospital. I could become an engineer because of the National Merit Scholarship which I got in those days based on my marks in my Matriculation. That is why, I always profess Higher and Competetive Education as key for the success of our people. The one who can not acquire modern education will have to becme hard working labourers in future. This world is mericiless towards all those who can not acquire Education, Knowledge, and Competetive Skills to outwit the competetors. This world kills mercilessly all those who can not prove their strength and merit to survive.

Let us kindly speak to all our relatives and community people about the importance of education as and when we get an opportunity to speak. As intellectuals it is our duty to help our people to realise the changing trends of social living principles. We became Backward Class People as our warrior ancestors failed to change their idea and faith in the strength of their sword and their warrior qualities.

I am further thankful to you for sending some additional Mudiraj surnames to be added to Mudiraj surname list in the website. Dega, Degala,Putta, Veerapuram are already in the list. Thupakula and other surnames are added now, Thupakula is also seen in the list Tupakula. But if you can send the corresponding gotram names, I will further update the list.

You are welcome to meet me in Nagpur as and when you fina a chance to come to Nagpur as Amaravathi is just 150 KM from Nagpur and may take less than 3 hours time to travel.

Tours brotherly,

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email no.65.0

From: Omprakash koli ( )
Subject: For knowledge
To: "" ( )
Date: Tuesday, 7 February, 2012, 5:46 PM


It is good effort to write about brief history of Koli people. Your article enriched my knowledge about our society. Thanks a lot for this. But Sir, it will be more substantial, if you give a list of references related to Koli people in that article. It will be more useful because one can read the further readings for their knowledge and to write any type of academic work. I hope you will consider my request.


With Regards

Research Scholar
Centre for the Study of Regional Development
School of Social Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi-110067

email no.65.1
From: Ankarao kokolu ( )
To: "omprakash koli" ( )
Date: Thursday, 9 February, 2012, 4:50 PM

Dear Brother Om Prakash !

Thank you very much for your kind e-mail appreciating the information recorded in the MUDIRAJA website under web page KOLIS. We belong to the most ancient and aboriginal race in the Indian subcontinent. We are the aboriginals and also Dravidians. We are known by different names in parts of Indian subcontinent such as Bhils, Kolis, valmikis, Kiratas, Nishadhas, etc. While some of these groups became professionals in catching fish with nets ( valaya => valya => vala ), others became experts in hunting animals with arrows. Yet some other groups got specialized in Agricultural farming and building irrigation canals and tanks. What I want to say is that we were the original and real owners of Indian subcontinent from Sindhu to SriLanka. The people of other races such as Aryans, Arabians and Mangolians came into India at a very later stage.

I am a graduate in Electrical Engineering from Regional Engineering College ( REC -> NIT) Warangal but became a professional in Computer systems and retired as HOD / GM(SYS) in Western Coalfields Limited, Nagpur. It was a GOD given gift to me that as a senior systems officer and as HOD, I had sufficient time and computer resources at my disposal to do my on line community research using Internet to explore the vast information available in thousands of websites and compile the important information with logical analysis into various web pages in MUDIRAJA website. My only reference is INTERNET and nothing else.

I believe that any research needs intuition more than bookish information. Analysis needs intuition more than the brains as certain things are beyond the catch of history, puranas and even ithihaas.

Historians believe that Mahen-jo-daro was built by Mandhata as there are several inscriptions on the ruined walls of Mahen=jo=daro city. It is now undisputedly agreed that this city was built by Dravidians as the script closely resembles the present Dravidian ( Telugu / Tamil ) scripts. Even linguistic experts agree that Sindhi language now spoken in the land of present Mahen-jo-daro falls under Dravidian group. But no body exactly knew how the city came to be known as Mahen-jo-daro.

In my website, I have given, my own interpretation / explanation for the origin of the city name ‘ Mahen-jo-daro’, which I feel is hundred percent correct. It is based on the writings on the walls of ruined city of Mahen-jo-daro about Mandhata as a great warrior.

GREAT meand MAHA ( MUDI ) and warrior means YODDHA. These words struck into my intuitional brain to interpret the original city name as MAHAN-JODDHA-UR. The very name of emperor Mandhata means Mahan Joddha.

Mudi = Maha = Mahan = Great.
Yoddha = Joddha = Warrior.

Mahan-Yoddha-Ur => Mahan-Joddha-Ur => Mahanjodhaur =>Mahanjodaur => Mahen-Jo-daro

It is really not possible to know certain things as they are beyond the reach of history. To know such prehistorical things, one must use his intuition without bothering what the people are go on saying and writing. What you write today may be acceted as TRUTH tomorrow by the next generations and your name be taken as reference.

Kindly explore INTERNET for vastness of information on any subject while you do your research. I wish you a great success in the job of your research on the subject which you have choosen.

Thanking you.


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email no.64.0

From: Mr Praveen Vasudevan ( )
Subject: dheevara community of kerala
To: "" ( )
Date: Tuesday, 27 December, 2011, 10:13 PM

Dear Brother,

I have seen your write up about kolis. It is an excellent work, and commendable. I wish you you all success in your march forward. I belong to Araya of kerala. Please keep in touch with me.


email no.64.1
Dear brother Praveen.

I am extremely happy to receive your e-mail from Kerala and I am thankful to you for your kind appreciation about Mudiraja website. We are all one community with different names spread all over India. Our people are confused and they believe that each name represents a different caste which is not so. It is the responsibility of the educated people like us to bring a good understanding within our own people and relatives and bring about a greater unity among our various sections.

Some of our sections are forward, some are backward, some are SC and some are even in ST. Being the most ancient community, primarily dependant on hunting and fishing, our people did not pay much attention to accept the fast changing social trends and adopt them to stay in forefront of social race. They did not think much beyond power of sword and thereby lost the race in social progress. Our people lost the race so badly that a lot our sections are now at the bottom of social stratum.

It is my realization that we can progress better and faster only by sacrificing our lives for the sake of educating our children and encouraging them to do any kind of job so that they will become smarter enough to guide and educate their children to run towards prosperity.

I will ensure that from now on wards you will get all updates and also forwarded e-mails which I receive from our Mudiraja brothers from all over India and the world.

I also kindly request you to give little more details about you, your education, profession, family, native place and all such information so that I can introduce you to all our Mudiraja brothers.

Yours brotherly.

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email no.63.0

From: ( )
Subject: Kalabhra
Date: Tuesday, 4 October, 2011, 9:18 PM


I want to know about where kalabras capital located in south India.can you point out some evidence their period.


email no.63.1
Dear Rejishankar.

You are welcome to Mudiraja website and brotherhood group. I would be very happy if you can let me know to which place and town you belong.

My research indiactes that Kalabhras were the Buddhisr warrors who were perhaps great loyal followers of Chandragupta Mourya and his descendants. These Kalabhras were initially Jains and later propagated Buddhism.

Chandragupta Mourya died migrated to Karnataka and died as a jain follower, Chandragupta's descendant Ashoka was initially a Jain and later got converted to Buddhism. The descendant and the last ruler of Kalinga dynasty was a Buddhist.

It seems that the Kalabhra warrior who belonged to Tirupathi region of Kalinga kingdom got enraged when a Hindu Brahmin assassinated the last Buddhist Kaling ruler and hence they attacked the Chola, Chera and Pandya Hindu kingdoms in Tamil speaking lands.

The great ruler Acuta Vikranta Kalabhra ruled from Kaverypumpattinam in Tanjore district at the mouth of Kaveri river probably in the fourth century AD. The second capital of Kalbhras was at Madura. The great ruler Acuta Vikranta Kalabhra ruled from Kaverypumpattinam in Tanjore.

district at the mouth of Kaveri river probably in the fourth century AD. The second capital of Kalbhras was at Madura.

The history of Cholas of Uraiyur (Tiruchirappalli) is exceedingly obscure from fourth to the ninth century, chiefly owing to the occupation of their country by the Kalabhras. Buddhadatta, the great writer in Pali, belonged to Uraiyur. He mentions his contemporary, King Achchutavikranta of the Kalabharakula, as ruling over the Chola country from Kaveripattinam. He was a Buddhist. Tamil literary tradition refers to an Achchuta who kept the Chera, Chola and Pandya rulers in captivity. On the basis of the contemporaneity of Buddhadatta with Buddhaghosha, Achchuta may be assigned to the fifth century. Thus, after the Sangam age, the Cholas were forced into obscurity by the Kalabhras, who disturbed the placid political conditions of the Tamil country.

The Kalabhras dynasty ruled over the entire Ancient Tamil country between the 3rd and the 6th century in an era of South Indian history called the Kalabhra interregnum. The Kalabhras displaced the kingdoms of the early Cholas, early Pandayan and Chera dynasties. Information about its origin and reign is scarce. The Dynasty left neither artifacts nor monuments, and the only sources of information are scattered mentions in Buddhist and Jain literature. The Kalabhras were displaced around the 6th century with the revival of Pallava and Pandya power.

The rule of Kalabhras of South India was ended by the counter invasions of Pandyas, Chalukyas and Pallavas. There are other references to the Kalabhras in Pallava and Chalukya inscriptions. They were conquered by Pallava Simhavishnu and Pandya Kadungon.

Kokolu Anka Rao

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email no.62.0

Dear Mr. Mudiraja,


My name is jaipal singh koli and I belong to koli caste from Uttranchal (previously called Garwal).

From quite some time i was searching for my origin and came across your site . Many thanks and regards to what you are doing to spread awareness. I have some questions and expect you to be kind enough to find me those answer.

Though I have heard from my grand father and they have learned from their great great grandfathers that we are Kshatriya, but what we are called Schedule Tribe in our region . They treat us as like tribal people and untouchable. Some caste like khas are called superior than our caste

Can you please explain that

  • 1. Are koli people across all india are the same.
  • 2. What are our origin.
  • 2. What exactly is our gotra.
  • 3. Are we surya vanshi.
  • 4. Are we belong to any degraded Tribe.

    I have been told that we are the original inhabitants and we settled their first, then how we were side lined by most of the forward caste.

    I know these are many questions to answer but kindly believe me that will dispense clouds of ignorance from our minds.

    With warms regards
    jaipal singh koli

    email no.62.1
    Dear Sri Jaipal Singh.

    Thank you very much for your e-mail and joining our Mudiraja-Koli brotherhood. Mudirajas of Andhra Pradesh, Muddurajas of Karnataka and Muthurajas of Tamilnadu are all either descendants or variants of the Suryavamsi Kolis of North India. Kolis are Bhil –Vanara descendats who became experts in catching and collecting fish. We are the most ancient warrior and king race people in India. We were the skilled archers ( bhills ) and later some of us became professional fishermen with increase in population and demand for fish. The Bhil - Kolis are the original natives of Indian subcontinent. The word Mudi means ancient or great. Mudirajas means the ancient or great kings. Kolis are the descendants of the great kings.

    As per the definition of Manu codification of Hindu caste system we belong to Kshatriya caste. King Mandhata who built Mahanjo Daro was our ancestor whose blood is flowing in our veins. Mandhata was known as Mahan Jyodha ( Great Warrior). The city built by Mandhata came to be known as “ Mahan Jyodha Oor”. This “ Mahan Jyodha Oor” gradually got corrupted and modified to the present name Mahanjo-Daro.

    Mahan Jyodha Oor => Mahanjodha Oor => Mahanjoda Oor => Mahanjo-daro

    Even the name Mandhata could a modified / corrupted name Mahan Jyodha itself.

    Mahan Jyodha => Mahanjadha => Mahandhatha Oor => Mandhata Mahan means Great and it means MUDI in Telugu and hence the descendants of Mandhata became Mahanrajas = Maharayars = Mudirajas

    ‘King Mandhata is estimated to have lived some ten thousand years ago. Long after him were born such great souls as Shree Ram, and Lord Buddha. Mandhata has been compared as the brightest star in the Sun Dynasty and was born in the 15th generation of Brahma. The great Manu was of the 5th generation and 10th generation after Manu was Mandhata. Shree Ram is said to born as 25th generation after Mandhata. Ishvaku was another great King of the ‘Sun Dynasty Koli Kings’ and so Mandhata and Shree Ram were said to be of Ishvaku Sun Dynasty. This Dynasty later got divided into nine major sub groups, all claiming their roots to the Kshtria Caste. They are: Malla, Janak, Videhi, Koliye, Morya, Lichchhvi, Janatri, Vajji, and Shakya.’

    We kolis and all it’s variants are Dravidians. India was once a Dravidian country. The Linguistic Scientists have clearly established the fact that the inscriptions found in the ruins of Mahanjo-Daro are of Dravidian Language from which Today’s Tamil-Telugu and other Dravidian languages came into existence. It is also well established that the Sindhi Language spoken Today in the region where the Mahanjo-Daro was built belongs to Dravidian Language family. Even the Telugu , Kannada new year Ugadi, Maharastra new year Gudipadva and the Sindhi new year all fall on the same day. Even the original new year of Gujarathis and Rajasthanis too fall on Telugu Ugadi new year day. These Mandhata king descendats migrated to South India from Sindhu region to South India via Gujarath, Rajasthan, Maharastra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and finally Tamilnadu.

    The Koli tribe, which in its various subgroups forms about 20% of the population of present India is mentioned continuously through the centuries - way back to Mohanjo Daro and beyond. Historians and scholars find that Koli tribe, a ruling Kshtria Caste, was spread far and wide all over India. Their heroic exploits and learned reputation and relationships with the most powerful of those times regarded them with awe and respect.

    Archaeological findings, when pieced together, show Mandhata as belonging to Ishvaku – Sun Dynasty and his descendents were known as ‘Sun Dynasty Koli Kings’. They were known to be brave, illustrious and just rulers. Buddhist texts have numerous references proving this beyond doubt. The descendants of Mandhata played a vital role and our ancient Vedas, epics and other relics mention their important contributions in the art of war and state administration. They are referred to in our ancient Sanskrit books as Kulya, Kuliye, Koli Serp, Kolik, Kaul etc.

    The Kolis who spread all over India has the same blood but they do not have the same social level because of geographical and sociological variations. They may be backward some where and the may be scheduled castes some where else. They could be even scheduled and untouchable tribes some where. All these changes have taken place over more than 10000 years time. Many of brothers who did not change with time and failed to adopt changing educational patterns, professions were pushed down to lower layers of social life to serve the upper level people. This is the fundamental principle that continuously validates each person’s social worth and fixes him at his deserved social status. Those who fail to understand this will have to get crushed like many of our brothers in today’s age. That is why we must understand the need of education and to be more precise computer education in today’s life to lead a better social life. Every Koli parent must sacrifise their life to make their children a better educated person. Otherwise we will continue to suffer and become a permanent slaves to the fast progressing upper castes with their money and political power.

    As explained above, we have our origins in solar race kings such as Manu, Mandhata, Sriram, Buddha and so on.

    We belonged to a great king race and became degraded to tribal level as we failed to understand the social changes. We always believed that we were kings and will remain as kings. But we never understood the fact that that growing population of common people will one day decide who should be their king. We practically became dead with the death of kingdoms. When we lost our kingdoms, we lost every thing. Some of our brothers who were wise to possess large tracts of lands, survided to be rich and well off even today.

    As far As I know there may be several gotras in the same community which indicates a larger block of brotherhood and all the community people having the same gotra are not supposed to marry among themselves. This is observed very seriously in the villages even today. The way we do not marry within the same surname, we are not supposed to marry within the same gotra.

    Your brother.

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    email no.61.0

    From: gangadhar mudhiraj ( )
    Subject: Appreciation
    Date: Thursday, 15 September, 2011, 9:46 AM

    Hai Anka rao, How are You ?

    I feel proud to be a mudhiraj, because people like you are innovates the great secrets of Mudhiraj community of ancient times. I am very thank ful to you.

    Anka rao, can you tell me or message me the website belongs to mudhiraj which you maintained ?


    email no.61.1
    Dear Gangadhar.

    Thank you very much for your kind appreciation of MUDIRAJA website. I am really pleased to hear from you that you feel proud to be Mudhiraj after going through the website. We indeed belong to a great warrior race of the most ancient in nature. We descended from the daredevil hunters who hunted the fearsome tigers with our bow and arrows. We descended from the Bhils and Vanaras who dared to attack formidable Ravana's Srilanka and helped Sriram to rescue Sita from the clutches of the demon Ravana. We have descendants among us from Virataraja ( Mudiraja ) of Matsya kingdom who matrimonially related to Pandavas. Later Kalchuri kings of central India and Kalabhras of South India were our ancestors. Western Ganga Muttarasa kings were our ancestors. We have the blood of saints like Valmiki, Kannappa, Hanuman, Shabari, etc in our veins.

    It is very sad that we totally forgot our great history and great ancestors and living a life of Backward Class and demanding the government to recognise as the Most Backward Class people.

    It is really a great pity. Our people have become really poor as the time has changed and the society does not require skilled archers and warriors. We lost our kingdoms and all our lands to the farmers who used plough for us. Finally the time changed the kings into labourers and labourers into rulers.

    We as a Mudhiraja community must remember our ancestor kings and teach our children a life of hard work and self respect. We as a Mudiraja community must propagate the idea of 100 percent literacy for all our children and grow great once again. 100 % educated Mudirajas can bring a great change and image to our community.

    Finally I would like to answer your query. The MUDIRAJA web site is a community research website created and developed by me since 2002. I am able to do this job because of the technical and financial support given by my son Kokolu Kamlanjan, who is presently working in IT sector in Bangaluru.

    Kindly let me know your surname and gotram so that I can add the same to the list of Mudiraj surnames in MUDIRAJA website.

    Thanking you.


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    email no.60.0

    From: venkatakrishnan subramani ( )
    Subject: Great Website
    To: ( )
    Cc: ( )
    Date: Saturday, 3 September, 2011, 9:47 PM
    I am Venkata Krishnan, aged 40 years, working in DURABUILD TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD as Senior Branch Sales Manager, Hyderabad. I was born and brought up at Chennai. My native is Srikalahasthi.

    I went through mudiraja website. Now only, I understood our caste history. Great information. My gotram is Palavelli. May I request you to give more information related to Palavelli gothram.

    Thanks & regards


    email no.60.1
    On Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 4:10 PM, Mudiraja the great kings ( ) wrote:

    Dear Venkata Krishnan

    We heartly welcome you to join our MUDIRAJA community website readers group. We belong to the most ancient and geart king race in India. They ruled India under different names from Sindhu to Srilanka and played a keyrole in shaping the present India and Indian culture. We promoted Hinduism, Jaininsm and Buddhism and thus enlightened the minds of Indians to be highly religious tolerant minded in the world.

    Your native place is Srikalahasti which is the birth place of Bhakta Kannappa / Bedara Kannappa. Saint Kannappa belonged to our Mudiraja community and many people does not know about this great fact. Many Valmiki Nayaks are also the descendants of this great saint from Srikalahasti. He was the son of a Muttarayar chief of Srikalahasti.

    There is a sect of Mutharayars in Tamilnadu whose subcaste is Kannappa Kula. Urali hunting communities of Tamilnadu still acknowledge themselves as the descendants of Kannappa. Thirupathi is believed to be the origin of Buddhist Kalabhras ( ancestors of Mudiraj ) who attacked Tamil Hindu Kingdoms ( Chola, chera, pandya ) and ruled the Tamil lands for more than 300 years.

    We had a great history since Mahabharata times and even earlier than that period from Koli Mandhata time who built Mahen-jo-daro city with dravidian inscriptions. The Virata Kingdom of Mahabharata period was of a Mudiraja kingdom. Virata means Great and its means Mudi. That is why a lot of Mudiraj people are having PANDAVULA as their gotram. Viratas and Pandavas were matrimonially related. Arjuna's son Abhimanyu married Uttara, the daughter of Virata Maharaja. Virata kingdom was one of the Matsya kingdoms of those days.

    Your gotram is Palavalli. You have not mentioned your surname as you are settled in Chennai. But your ancestors must be having some surname as they belonged to Srikalahasti in Andhra Pradesh. I too belong to Palavalli Gotram. My surname is KOKOLU. All the men belonging to Kokolu surname are brothers. There are some more surnames which belong to Palavalli gotram and some of them are Annameti, Chapala, Makani, Merreboina, Mogarala, Pralaya Kaveri, Raghu, etc. So the people belonging to all these surnames having the same gotra name are all brothers and they are not supposed marry among themselves. Under one gotram there can be several surnames and the gotra stands for matrimonial brotherhood, which is supposed to be maintained at any cost as per ancient rules. But the time has changed. Many people does not know their gotram as they rarely go to temples to offer puja with their gotra names. Some people does not know the importance of gotra and ignore it for many silly reasons.

    KIndly let me know your surname, if you know about it. Kindly visit Srikalahasti temple as this temple stands as a symbol for Kannapa's Bhakti. And Kannappa is a MUDIRAJA.

    Thanking you.


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    email no.59.0

    From: Avinash Gaikwad ( )
    Subject: About your website
    Date: Monday, 15 August, 2011, 2:23 AM

    Hello Ankaro,

    My name is Avinash Gaikwad. Currently I am in Poland. I work in Texas, USA. Today, I was just looking for my cast and its origins and some how I reached to your website MUDIRAJA and I am totally amazed. You have done lots of great collection and really people like me forgot about the glory of our Kings and brave solders. I always felt like that I am from backward class.. but today, I am very glad that I was born in this great cast. Thank you so much for your research and putting all this knowledge on website.

    Thank you!!

    email no.59.1
    Date: Tuesday, 16 August, 2011, 2:59 PM

    Dear Avinash.

    Thank you very much for your e-mail and thanking me for the work I have done. I can understand how you might have felt when you came to know that you belong to a king race and when you come to know that the people who established the great Kakatiya Kingdom at Warangal were non-other than these Gaikwads from Gujarat who originally started their humble job as GAI KAVAL ( Those who look after cows that belonged to kings). These Gaikavalis who gradually came to be known as Gaikwadis some how reached Telugu speaking lands in Warangal region to be known as Kakatiyas ( Gaikwadis = Gaikadis -> Kaikadis => Kaikatis =< Kakatis => Kakatiyas ).

    We must be proud be the descendants of the great kings who once ruled this country and we must see that our children grown up with this proud Royal feeling. I strongly believe in the fact that those who think that they are a low caste people will find it very difficult to reach the top of the Social ladder. We were never low and we must prove that we are as great as our forefathers who left their imprints in this country as great rulers. We and our children must prove to be great through higher education. Every child from our communities must strive for very high education and as parents we must work hard for their future.

    Not only you feel proud of your caste, you must spread this proud royal feeling among all our Gaikwad and related brothers all over the world. Kindly pass on this e-mail to all your relatives and friends.

    Thanking you.

    Your brother.

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    email no.58.0


    My name is Abhishek and I belong to MUDIRAJ caste. I have read all the information about the great MUDIRAJ people from your article. Now I feel very proud that I belong to a kshatriya samaj. I greatly appreciate for your hardwork in collecting the entire information about MUDIRAJ and spreading it to as many people of MUDIRAJ caste as possible. I wish you all the best for your intention .


    email no.58.1
    Dear Abhishek.

    Thank you for your kind appreciation. The very purpose of creating MUDIRAJA website is to inculcate the sense of self respect and proud feeling to be a Mudiraja. Now you feel very proud to belong to a Kshatriya samaj. I think that the purpose of creating the MUDIRAJA website is being fulfilled. I request you to kindly spread this valuable information to as many relatives as possible and also make them to feel proud of being the descendants of the GREAT KINGS who ruled the South India for hundreds of years. Kindly pass on these e-mails to as many Mudiraj brothers and friends as possible.

    Thanking you.



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    email no.57.0

    From: navdeep navdeep ( )
    Subject: Clarification Required
    Date: Sunday, 3 April, 2011, 10:24 AM


    It's really marvelous that you have provided much information. It will be very helpful, if you can clarify my doubt.

    Actually I belong Kallar subcaste and within kallar we are called as Ambalam or Ambalakarar(with respect added to ambalam). Normally People consider as Mukkulathor(From my understanding Mukkulathor is not even a caste and just a title ).

    I want to know whether my caste is Muthuraja/Mudiraj or in other terms 'Whether we belong to Muthuraja/Mudiraj community.

    Can you please clarify me.


    email no.57.1
    From: Mudiraja the great kings ( )
    To: "navdeep navdeep" ( )
    Date: Sunday, 3 April, 2011, 2:41 PM

    Dear Navdeep.

    Ambalakarars are clearly Muthurajas. You have rightly understood that Mukkulathor is a common name or title for a group of THREE warrior castes that ruled South India. These people who speak Tamil in Tamilnadu are known as Muthuraja, while the same people who speak Telugu in Andhra Pradesh asre known as Mudiraj.

    So the people of Muthuraja = Mudiraja by blood and profession when we forget the language barriers.

    Thanking you.


    email no.57.2
    Hi, The research that you have done and the documentation is beyond words. Thanks for the information. You won’t believe me that your documentation has made a significant impact on my life.

    Thanks a Lot

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    email no.56.0

    From: Nirmala R V ( )
    Subject: Re: Hearty Congratulations
    Date: Thursday, 17 March, 2011, 11:51 PM

    Dear Sir,
    Hearty Congratulations for creating website about Raja. We are basically Palegar's & surname is Raja.

    I've heard my father telling that my fore father's were ruling Kuppam (Part of Chitoor district in Andhrapradesh) and KGF (Kolar Gold Fields) in Karnataka. We still reside in KGF & have many relatives residing in KGF, Siddlagatta, Chickballapur, Gouribidanur & Parts of AP .

    We speak telugu at home & my mom is from Anekal District in Bangalore.

    I'm really proud to be born in this community . I wish u all the best & want to be a part of this community. My Family gothram is Kashipura.

    Nirmala Raja Venkatesh

    email no.56.1
    From: Ankarao kokolu ( )
    To: "Nirmala R V" ( )
    Date: Friday, 18 March, 2011, 4:38 PM

    Dear Madam.

    Thank you very much for your kind appreciation of MUDIRAJA website. You and your surname RAJA is a valuable Royal Link that establishes our community credentials as King Race people who ruled the entire South India. We are proud to welcome you to be part of our glorious MUDIRAJA community and give us many more feedbacks about our brothers in Kolar Gold Field region. This region was the prime location where Ganga Muttarasa kings established their Western Ganga Kingdom.

    I have added your surname RAJA and gotram Kashipura to the list of Mudiraja surnames. I request you to kindly give the surnames and gotras of your relatives living Kolar Gold Field region and other parts of Karnataka. I also requrst you to kindly tell them about the MUDIRAJA website that connects Mudirajas all over the world.

    Our ancestors were very great kings who built several temples and monuments. The great Jaina statue Bahubali in Srevanabelagola was built during reign of king Rachamalla who was the descendant of Sripurusha Muttarasa from Western Ganga lineage.

    Thanking you.


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    email no.55.0

    From: JAMES JOHN ( )
    Subject: ANCESTOR' S CALL
    Date: Friday, 25 February, 2011, 2:00 PM

    Dear Brother Ankarao

    I am really impressed with your write up about our ancestor's and I have no words to say because When I started to read the home page, tears on my eyes.

    Firstly, let me introduce about myself, my name is James s/o Thomas Muthiriar from West Malaysia and living in Ipoh, Perak. My late father's name is Thomas s/o Mathalamuthu Muthiriar born in my Malaysia on 1931 and my mother's name is Samuel. Angel Clara Philomina belongs to Vanniarkula Kshatriyar from Pudukottai District, Trichy.

    Well I would like to inform you that I receive our Ancestor's Call in 2009 and from then I browse around the net and finally I found your website lately where I found the truth.

    Actually I have a story to tell about our ancestor's and I will tell about it in my later email. Meanwhile I take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful work and I would like to say that you are our Guardian Angel or Keeper of our ancestor's history.

    May God Bless U.



    email no.55.1
    Dear brother Mr. James.

    I have received several e-mails from Malaysian Muthiriars but your e-mail is some thing unique for me. I am highly grateful to you for your kind appreciation of my work on Muthiriars.

    It is really a wonderful e-mail which I ever received in my life. I never even imagined that I can receive such an e-mail from some body known JAMES belonging to Muthiriar king race. I have created the MUDIRAJA website with an intention to collect each bit of information and compile the same to pass on to our future generations. I further wanted to enlighten them about their greatness for being a Muthiriar, share the pride of belonging to king race, and to unite them worldwide.

    I really confess today that when I started compiling the information about Muthiriyars, I felt as if I was driven by some unknown power to do this job, and I felt as if I was choosen to collect and compile the lost history of our warrior forefathers who were really great kings. We, Muthiriyars have great warrior blood flowing in our veins and this realization give us an immense happiness and joy. The joy of knowing such a hidden truth can never be possible to explain through words and it can perhaps only be felt within the SOUL when tears roll down from our eyes through cheaks..

    Dear brother ! I am very eager to receive your next e-mail with the story of your ancestors. Your e-mail is an interesting one to all our Muthiriar brothers all over the world. I will circulate your e-mail to all our MUDIRAJA website readers all over the world and I, on behalf of all our Muthiriars brothers I welcome you whole heartedly to join our family of world Muthiriars.

    Thanking you.

    Your brother.

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    email no.54.0

    From: velladurai a ( )
    Date: Monday, 7 February, 2011, 4:43 PM

    Dear Sir Mr.Kokolu Anka Rao,

    I welcome your website. Sir, you have completely o written our mutharaiyar History. This work is very great. You are the only person who dedicated to develop our community. Sir you are the Lion of our community.

    I am living in Madurai, Magalagudi (Near Highcourt , Madurai). I am a Leader of KANNAPA KULA TAMILNADU MUTHARAIYAR PERAVAI since 1999. From 1999 , I am serving our community for all disputes and developing our community throughout 30 districts all over Tamilnadu. In Tamilnadu, there are various names of our community ( mainly valayar, kannappkula, ambalakarar, servai and moopanar). My flag is Singam with Mutharaiyar. My office is Magalakudi ( near High court). My Cell number is 9842577600. Basically I am a Driver . I know only Tamil Language. I have seen your website with my friend.

    Dear Sir, when your are comming in Madurai , please contact me at any time. Now I have deciided to start a political party.

    Thanking you.

    MOB: 9842577600

    email no.54.1
    My Dear brother Sri Velladurai.

    It is really a great pleasue to receive your e-mail. I consider your e-mail as a great award for me from the Mutharayar brothers of Tamilnadu. We belong to a great warrior king race who ruled South India for more than 300 years in the name of Kalabhras. We also ruled South India as Mutharayars, Chola-Mutharayars and even Cholas, even after the end of Kalabhra regime. Cholas, Pandyas, Pallavas and even Chalukyas were forced by us to recognize our political and warrior clout and to align with us matrimonially.

    You may be a Driver. There is nothing wrong in any job that serves people. You never consider it a small job. Remember that even the Mega Cine Star Rajanikant was once a bus conductor. Every job is respectible. One way this driver job gives you an ample opportunity to travel far and wide across whole of Tamilnadu to do a lot of good to our Mutharayar community people.

    Dear brother, we must get socially united to refom our community and put it on the path of advancement through education among all Muthuraja / Mudiraja community members. We definitely require to strengthen our political voice but we must at the same time educationally progress well very fast. Every Mudiraja / Muthuraja child must become well educated. I wish you all success in launching your political party for doing good to our community members.

    The people in South India knows that Kannappa as a mere devotee of Shiva from Srikalahasti. Practically nobody knows that Kannappa was the ancestor of Muthhuraja / Mudiraja people of India . I propose that you seriously consider to acquire 1 – 2 acres of land in or in the surroundings of Srikalahasti town and build a Mutharayar Kannappa Bhavan ( building ) and a grand Shiva temple to ascertain our ancestry to Bhakta ( devotee) Kannappa. Establishment of such a building and temple in Srikalahasti can forge a great unity of our caste people both from Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and even Karnataka. Our Mutharayar brothers who will be visiting Tirupati can also come to Srikalahasti and visir Kannappa’s birth place of Srikalahasti. We should think of developing Srikalahast into a Mutharayar piligrim center. This center can revive the lost glory of Mutharayars. You please try to contact the local Mudiraja / Muthuraja brothers in Srikalahasti to explore the opportunities for building a Mutharayar center and establishing our claim on Bhakta Kannappa.

    Your e-mail in English is very nice. Kindly continue to communicate with me through your e-mails in this way. I have a great desire to visit Thanjavur, the city which was built by our Mutharayar kings, Madurai , and also Pudukottai to visit the temples that were built by our Mutharayar kings. I will definitely try to meet you when I visit Thanjavur. Some times I contact Sundara Rajan, a researcher in early Chola-Mutharayar history and who stays in Tanjore. I wish you all the best and success in doing good to our Mutharaiyar people in Tamilnadu.

    Thanking you.

    Your brother.
    8th February, 2011
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no.53.0

    From: srikanth veluru ( )
    Subject: Dr.srikanth, (mudiraj)
    Date: Thursday, 3 February, 2011, 5:40 PM

    Dear Anka Rao garu,

    Sir, it was pleasure seeing your writings about Mudiraj community.....though I belong to this community......unfortunately till this moment I too have no idea about this great community.

    Now I feel honoured to be a MUDIRAJ......


    email no.53.1
    Thursday, 3 February, 2011 7:25 PM
    From: “Ankarao kokolu" ( )
    To: "srikanth veluru"

    Dear Doctor Srikanth.

    It is a great pleasure for me to interact with intellectual and highly professional Mudiraj brothers like you. I have created this MUDIRAJA website firstly to restore the lost glorious history of Mudiraja / Muthuraja warrior people and secondly to revive the pride & royal feeling among our community brothers. We studied about Cholas, Pandyas, Pallavas and Chalukyas but never studied about Mutharayars even though our ancestors maintained matrimonial relations with equal status with them. It is our bad luck that we forgot our own great history and started believing that we are backward labour class. The day our blood boils with pride feeling of Royal ancestry, we will be a different people altogether. The feeling that we are no less than any caste is just sufficient to change the way we think, the way work and the way we live.

    It is essentially the responsibility of intellectual Mudiraja brothers like us to educate and make aware of royal ancestry to the common mudiraj brother to awake them to work and live with dignity. We must advice every Mudiraj family to make every mudiraj child educated minimum up to matriculation.

    Kindly let me know where you are living and working. I belong to Addanki ( prakasham = Ongole district). I some time come to Hyderabad to meet my relatives. You can contact me on my mobile number.

    Thanking you.

    Yours brotherly.
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no.52.0

    From: shilpa g5 ( )
    Subject: Does korama belong to Kshatriya?
    Date: Monday, 3 January, 2011, 9:16 AM

    Dear Sir,

    I am a doctor from Bangalore,India now settled in New York , U.S.A. I'm highly impressed with your site. I belong to the Korama caste in Karnataka & from the past few years I have been trying to gain information about my caste. I can see yours is the only site where I have gained lot of knowledge about South Indian history. I could not find any other source on the Internet explaining in detail how the present day caste system evolved prior to Independence. In fact I even sent it to my other family members & all of them are impressed too.

    In fact its only now that I realise there's no difference between Kuruba & Korama. In fact during my school days I hesitated to talk about my caste even with my close friends,but not anymore. Your site has made me look at my past & ancestors in a totally different light & I'm very thankful to you for that. I had just one doubt. I was told that all Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes & Backward Castes belonged to the Shudras in the past. Is that true? In that case do the castes Korama, Kuruba, Kaikadi etc. belong to Shudras or the Kshatriyas. Please excuse my ignorance regarding this. I would be very grateful if you can clarify this doubt of mine as I dont seem to find much information on the internet regarding this.

    Thanking You

    email no.52.1
    Monday, 3 January, 2011 7:36 PM
    From: "Ankarao kokolu" ( )
    To: "shilpa g5" ( )

    Dear Sister.

    It gave me great pleasure when I was going through your e-mail. When I was reading your e-mail, I just remembered some similar words of Sharad Mane from Amaravati, Maharastra, who belonged to Kaikadi branch of Mudiraja warriors. Kaikadis are non other than the Kakatiyas. You can read the e-mail of Sharad Mane from web page “ UREMAILS” in the Mudiraja website.

    Kshatriya is a Sanskrit term for king race people and it was used by Aryan Hindus when they established Hindu caste system. The equivalent term for Kshatriyas in Dravidian tribal society seems to be RAYA. In Dravidian society, there was no caste system as such. The man who becomes the chief of his tribe was known as Raya or Raja. As per Manu, the ruling class Hindu people were known as Kshatriyas. Dravidian rulers who accepted Jainism and Buddhism are not recognized as kshatriyas by Aryan Hindu system. Yet, we were the rulers of this country. Infact we were the original rulers of Indian subcontinent before the arrival of Aryans. To be very frank, we are the Dravidian warrior people who really established the Hinduism by accepting all kinds of people and their worship into our society. It was the Aryan Brahmans who later adapted the Hindu form of worship and became high caste priests to guide Hindu society.

    So, let us not be crazy to be known as Kshatriyas. Kshatriyas were perhaps great before the arrival of Muslims and Britishers but not now. After all we were the great warrior race and the great kings (Mudirajas). You truly belong to a great race who established Kakatiya kingdom in Andhra Pradesh. The great and unparallel archer EKALAVYA of Mahabharata belonged to our warrior race. So, please break off yourself from the invisible bonds of inferiority complex. You must always feel proud yourself as the descendants of Kakatiya warrior group. Make your children highly educated and help your community people in India .

    Education is free in India upto matriculation We can prosper only through education. We can regain our glory once again only with the help of education. We must all silently work hard for educating our children and their children and so on.

    Thanking you.

    Your brother.

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    email no.51.0

    From: ramachandra murthy gummalla ( )
    Subject: addition of surname "GUMMALLA" in the list of Mudiraju surnames
    Date: Friday, 22 October, 2010, 6:24 PM


    I am very grateful to u for maintaining our community web site .I am working as asst executive engineer in Irrigation department ,Kadapa. I came to know about this Mudiraju web site .I have gone through it thoroughly and proudly i can say that u are the KULAGURUVU (modern) of this neglected and ignored royal community whose glory is again brought in to light through ur "anamol krushi" which can not be evaluated in terms of any units.

    It is high time and the environment is also matured to get all the people of GREATER COMMUNITY to integrate in to one to ripeout all the benifits associated with unity.

    In rural areas all the clans still feel separate entity and quarrel with eachother for simple issues due to the ignorance of thgeir origin and base all the educated and employed members shall come together and discuss openly the oneness of Besta,Gangaputra,Mudiraj,muttarasa,Valmiki,Talayar,Talari in the first phase and to integrate the Mutharayar and sub castes in Tamilnadu and Bunt and related sub castes of Karnataka ,Kolis of all other states.

    We can rule the state of Andhra pradesh if the common member of all the sub group (Besta,Mudiraju,Valmiki)feel this unity and encorage matrimonial relations abundantly. To achive the target is very easy way that all of us shall promote this website among the educated and employee circles of this sub castes.

    If they three clans merge in to one sicologically at gross root level ,we can have more MLAs than any other caste in the state and can easily govern the state politics. and thus further strengthen the socioeconomic status of more than one crore Mudiraj integrated community in the andhra Pradesh.

    This Mudiraja website is the syllabus to study and apply on the socity to achive this longterm goal for the benifit of innocent ignorent roral community.


    email no.51.1
    Dear Sir.

    Thank you very much for your kind appreciation of the MUDIRAJA website being maintained by me. I have received several e-mails appreciating MUDIRAJA website and my efforts to recompile the lost history of the GREAT KINGS ( MUDIRAJAS). But you are the person who rightly understood the purpose of my efforts behind my research. For about 8 years I did my research through browsing internet.

    Mudiraja is a royal community that once ruled the whole South India by dethrowning the great clans of Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas. We had matrimonial relations with Chola, Pallava, Pandya and Chalukyas.

    Our community is made of several great warrior tribes from all corners of India. Valmikis, Gangas, bunts ( balija today ) are prominent sctions of Mudiraja community in yester years. With the collapse of kingdoms, we all got separated into distinct communities. This disintegration of our community paved the way for agricultural based communities to over take us in the social leadership. We got suppressed with the passing of time as we ourselves accepted that we are Backword.

    We are the people of King Race who ruled this country for more than 300 years as Kalabhras. Even Today, we have the royal blood flowing in our veins. We just need to remember the great past history of ancestor kings. The day we realize that we were the kings of medieval ages, we can raise our community to a new greater heights.

    It is my desire that we as educated class must encourage our children to forge marriage alliances with well educated families from Kapu, Balija, Valmiki, Gangas and other related communities. We must become liberal for matrimonial relations with our own forgotten tribes and variant sections.

    Kindly refer this website to all our community people and also the people of our variant sections such as Valmikis, Bestas and Balijas with open minds.

    Thanking you.


    email no.51.2
    From: ramachandra murthy gummalla ( )
    Subject: Thanks for ur good responce.our gothram is "Ramanuja"
    Date: Sunday, 24 October, 2010, 5:33 PM

    Dr kokolu Ankarao garu,

    I would like to expresss my thanks for enlististing Gummalla as one of Mudiraja Surnames and also for your kind responce.

    I am calling you as Dr Ankarao as the community is recognised ur research with unquestionable remarks in the field of human health care for compilation of very good information of ancestral and inherited herbal science.The compounds you recommended are truely helpfull for maintaining healthy body and strong mind to further enrich the community health who frequently visit our site.

    Had it been registered the subject matter with any university about the findings and conclussions about the Mudirajas previous royal history with chronologically compiled proofs collected from the scattered History and Archeological inscriptions ,you would have been awarded with Double doctorate for this service rendered to the society. Major section of people who were previously blind,neglected ignored and rather regarded as regardless theives and robbers (Madras gatette)are greately beniffited and raised their heads with greate pride and dignity with the historical findings and conclussions putforth by you.Because you love initially mankind and the fellowmen and as a part of your natural attitude and behaviour you struggled for the welfare of your fellowmen and the associated greater community.No doubt it is a greate work of philanthropic philosopher with ever existed broad mindedness,a strong desire and great vision for upholding the glory of this ROYAL Community.

    AND hence we call you as freelance Doctor for your good services in the field of herbal sciences and philanthropic social research for the Rejunivation of the Glory of mudiraju community.

    yours lovingly

    email no.51.3
    From: “kokolu Ankarao" ( )
    To: "ramachandra murthy gummalla" ( )

    Dear brother.

    I am highly indebted to you for the praises you have showered on me. You have recognised the greatness of yourself as a member of Mudiraja. You feel proud of yourself for being descendant of Mudiraja kings who demonstrated their supremacy over many other royal clans who ruled this country. Now you feel like a real great king. This is what I wanted to ignite in the minds of our community people. You must invoke this proud feeling in the members your family, relatives and their relatives. We can one day regain our royal glory back once again by becoming the leaders of this country for which we were the owners one day. I am able to make yourself recognise as Mudiraja, the great king. I am very happy. I feel greatly satisfied with my work.

    I can see that there is a blaze fire in your mind and you will surely send these flames of pride to as many mudiraj member of our society as possible. This is what I want from every reader of Mudiraja website.

    Doctorate is a very small thing in my view and it may honour you as an individual. You are honoured by an institute with such Doctorates but not by the entire people. This Doctorate will go away along with us when we go away from this world. The purpose of creating MUDIRAJA website is mainly to honour my Mudiraj community for the great work and sacrifices they have done to this society and and also to remind my Mudiraja brothers as Number One kings who ruled this country in the past.

    We must advise and support to make every Mudiraj child to be a minimum matriculate and if possible to become a degree holder. Then only our Mudiraj society can really become leaders of this society once again.


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    email no.50.0

    From: Godasu Ramakrishna ( )
    Subject: Our surname is not listed - Reg.
    Date: Thursday, 23 September, 2010, 12:39 PM


    I am very much surprised to see the work which you have done so far and first I would like to congratulate you. I searched the name mudiraja today with some instint and came to know the marvelous work which you have done about the mudiraja comunity.

    I want to add my surname and gothra in to this oceanic work. I am Godasu Ramakrishna - (Mudiraj), Presntly living and settled in Chennai, my grand fathers and parents are from Guntur dristrict & prakasham dristrct in AP. Our Surname is GODASU. Our surname is not listed in List SURNAMES in website. Kindly list our SURNAME and Gotra POVAALAI.

    I really appreciate your work & research and i want to be part if any thing to be done by me in future.

    Godasu Ramakrishna

    email no.50.1
    Dear Ramakrishna.

    Thank you for your kind appreciation about MUDIRAJA website which I have created for inspring and restoring pride feeling among the great warrior people of Mudiraja / Muthuraja. I feel great happy to receive e-mails from our community for listing their surname in this website.

    When I started my work on surnames, some ultr modern you boy questioned me - what I will be doing with these surnames. You will surprise that with the help of surnames Katta & Bommu, I happened to discover that Veera Pandya Katta Bomman was a Mudiraj.

    We must always practice to write our complete surname aling with our name. We must always be express our caste name Mudiraj to all our friends with great pride. We have the royal blood in our veins.

    I am adding your surname and gotra and you may find it updated within a few days. If any od the Mudiraj surnames is not listed as per your information the same may kindly be e-mailed to me.

    By the by what are you doing in Chennai ?

    Thanking you.


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    email no.49.0

    From: "srinivasarao manam" (

    Dear Mudiraju Nayaka Anka Rao garu,

    My name is Srinivasa Rao.Manam from Bangalore. I have seen about our Mudiraju website & great history of our caste. It's really an outstanding work done by you Sir. I really appreciate your hardwork.

    "Manam" is my family name and gotra is "Pasupuleti" belongs to Chirala, Prakasam district. I didn't find my family name and gotra into our Mudiraj website, Please update into our Mudiraj website. Thanking you in advance for updating info.

    Thanks & Regards

    Srinivasa Rao.Manam

    email no.49.1
    From: "Ankarao kokolu" ( )
    To: "srinivasarao manam" ( )

    Dear Sri Srnivas

    It gives me a great pleasure to go through your e-mail and the praises you have showered on me for creating, maintaining MUDIRAJA website.

    I am adding your surname and gotra to Mudiraj surname list. This will help many of community people to know their right gotra as many of them forgot their gotras.

    You may see the addition of your surname and gotra in about 3-4 days as it may take some time update by the system.

    Thanking you.


    --- On Sat, 21/8/10, srinivasarao manam wrote:

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    email no.48.0

    From: John Micheal ( )
    Date: Monday, 5 July, 2010, 11:27 AM

    Subject: Is Muthuraja and Mudaliar is same?

    Dear Kokolu,

    I wish to know whether Muthuraja (Muthariyar) and Mudaliar is same? Could you give some proof too? I would glad for your reply. Thank you.


    email no.48.1
    From: Ankarao kokolu ( )
    To: "John Micheal" ( )
    Date: Monday, 5 July, 2010, 5:40 PM

    Dear Sir R. Muthurajan.

    It is indeed a very good question. Muthurajas and Mudaliars may not be knowing the historical secret but they are one and the same people belong to warrior background.

    Mudaliar is a gradual modification of the word Mutharaiyar and it is as follows:

    Muthuraja = Mutharayar
    Mutharayar => Muthraiyar => Muthariyar
    Mutha(R)iyar => Mutha(L)iyar
    Mu(THA)liyar => Mu(DA)liyar => Mudaliyar => mudaliar

    Thousands of years back both these people came to South India from Sindhu & Saraswati river basins and their main profession was fishing and hunting. These people in these areas are still known as KOLIS in North India. When fishing became a commercial venture for the survival, one of the section of kolis became dedicated to weaving fishing nets and they came to be known as KORIS. Thus KORIS are a variants of KOLIS. Some Kolis write Kori as their subcaste and similarly Some Koris write Koli as their subcate.

    Kolis = Muthurajas and Koris = Mudaliyars

    Here, technically we may recognise Muthariyars as Kolis and Mudaliyars as Koris. I also came to know that Mudaliars are somewhat oriented to weaving in some parts of South like Padmasalis of Andhra Pradesh. This weaving may be a kind of link for Mudaliyars to Koris. While Mutharayars are migrants through Telugu speaking Andhra reion, the Mudaliars could be mostly migrants through Tulu & Kannada speaking Karnataka.

    Both these people are undoubtedly from North India via and Andhra and Karnataka and later became natives of Tamil country.

    Thanjavur was founded by medieval Mutharayar - Thananjayarayar. From this Thananjayarayar, the city got it's name Thananjaya voor = Thanjavoor. It was still influenced by historical Telugu literary and cultural roots. The great Telugu poet saint Thyagaraja belonged to Thanjavur region.

    Thanking you.


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    email no.47.0

    From: Talla, Rama ( )
    To: "''" ( )
    Cc: "''" ( )
    Date: Friday, 14 May, 2010, 1:35 AM

    Subject: Your site

    While surfing the web, accidentally came to I belongs to Telaga(Tenugu). You collected very useful information, I appreciate your effort.

    Note: If you wish to respond, please respond to my private email:


    Ramakrishna Talla

    Global Fixed Income | 388 Greenwich St, 19th FL, New York, NY 10013 | Phone:212-816-8684 Cell: 917-297-3319

    email no.47.1
    On May 14, 2010, at 1:47 AM, Ankarao kokolu ( ) wrote:

    Dear Sir.

    Thank you very much for your kind appreciation of MUDIRAJA website. I am an electrical engineer by qualification but now working as General Manager (systems) in the filed of computers for Western Coalfields Limited, Nagpur, a Public Sector Undertaking.

    I have undertaken this research to know exactly what the the meaning of Mudiraj is and finally succeeded to unravel the truth that we are indeed the descendants of a great warrior race who ruled this country and had their roots to Mohenjodaro ( Mahan Joddha Ur).

    Telagas ( Telugus ) and Tenugus can never be two different people and it is only regional variation in the name and profession that confused the people these two sects and many others.

    These people are from warrior race and they are known as Telagas in South Andhra, Tamilnadu and Karnataka and identified with Balija community. The same people are known as Tenugus in Telangana are identified with Mudiraj.

    Further, Mudiraj people are also well known as Bants / bunts in the history of South India and this sect of Mudiraj primerily known as members of erstwhile suicide squads for Vijayanagar and many other kingdoms in South India.

    In karnataka these bants / bunts are known to use the titles shetty and Rai. The Karnataka SHETTYs are non other than the Telugu Balija Shettys and the Karnataka RAIs ( Aiswarya Rai) are equivalent to MuthaRai ( Mutharayar = Mudiraj ). So, it is undoubtedly a fact that Balijas were part of the real Telugu bantlu and included in the royal clans of Mudiraj. These Balija shettys most probably used the title NAIK ( = NAIDU ) quite extensively and became a separate sect of rulers around Madurai and fell apart from Mudiraj / Mutharaj.

    There are several surnames which are common to both Mudiraj and Balija and so far I have identified more than 20 such surnames. For example, Katta, Bommana and Bommu are the surnames of Mudiraj and recently I have also received an e-mail from one Mr. Bommu Venkatesh from Vellore who claims that he is the descendant of Veera Pandya Katta Bomman. You can see his e-mail under web page = UREMAILS and webpage = MUDIRAJA SPEAKS in this web site ( Bommu is also the surname of Balija people.

    I strongly plead for greater understanding of this secret historical truth by both these communities and get integrated into one at socio - political level. I have already seen through my personal experience that these two communities have greater tendencies for easy acceptance of marriages among these two sects .

    For your kind information, recently on 1st April 2010, my son got married with a girl by name POONAM NAIDU d/ o Satya Prakash Naidu from Nagpur itself where we are also living. Satya Prakash Naidu migrated from Thirupathi to Nagpur along with his father more than 35 years ago.

    Dear Sir - I am a researcher and I hope you will not mind if I seek some information from you - I would like to know the place to which you belong and the profession in which you are working. You said that you are from Telaga community. For day-to-day official and social communication, do you consider Telaga as a separate caste or do you write it as subcaste of Balija or Mudiraja.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    email no.47.2
    From: ( )
    To: "Ankarao kokolu" ( )
    Date: Friday, 14 May, 2010, 5:19 PM

    Certainly Telaga is a part of Mudhiraju. Yah we also have few relations with Naidu sect. I am from Narsaipally, kollapur(tq), MahabubNagar(dist), AndhraPradesh.

    I did my B.E and also M.E. from Osmania University. I worked for Tata in India, I am working in wall street in New York city USA for the past 10years. I am with city group now.

    We have big Mudhiraju community in USA I will spread your wonderful website across community. Your research is so amazing and precious, feel free for any help in the future.

    917 297 3319
    (Sent from iPhone)

    email no.47.3
    From: Ankarao kokolu ( )
    To: "" ( )
    Date: Saturday, 15 May, 2010, 11:45 AM

    Dear Sri Ramakrishna

    Thank you for your kind reply. It gave me an immense pleasure to note that my research has once again proved that Mudhiraj and Balija people are one and the same. You being telaga / Tenugu identify yourself with Mudhiraj. My daughter-in-law's father Satya Prakash Naidu being from Telaga identify himself with Balija Naidu.

    While Erikal Muttaraju who ruled part of Rayalaseema is known to be a Renadu (Rayalaseema) Chola, the Balija Kapus claim that they are Telugu Cholas. Srikrishna Devaraya is known to be a bunt and hence we consider him to belong to Mudiraj. But Balija's claim Srikrishna Devaraya to be from Balija as Srikrishnaraya's Salinnaya gotram now belongs to Balija community. While we we have a section of people known as ONTARIS ( hand to hand fighters), they also have a section of people with the same name ONTARIS. But Balijas say that Mudiraj - Ontaris are different from that of Balija - Ontaris and they do not known in wahat way our Ontaris are different from their Ontaris.

    Balijas being an advanced community when compared to Mudhiraj, some of them still find it very difficult to accept the hidden historical facts that prove Balijas = Bunts of Mudiraj during medieval times. This differenciation is due to mental divide that developed over the past hundrends of years after the collapse of Vijayanagar kingdom.

    Kindly spread the message of our MUDIRAJA website to all your friends and relatives. And this will be one of the greatest services which you can do to our community.

    Yours brotherly,

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    email no.46.0

    From: venkat tesan ( )
    Date: Monday, 3 May, 2010, 12:11 AM

    Subject: I bow my head to you for such worthy information in my life.



    YOU have done a great job in your life, for that I bow my head to your feet, I am not forgeting my ancestor and their histories. In my home I have kept veerapandiya kattabomman photo to remeber him. Other things, I can't collect due mechechanical work life. Thank you for your valuable informantion.

    email no.46.1
    From: "Ankarao kokolu" ( )
    To:"venkat tesan" ( )

    Dear Sri Bommu Venkatesan

    Thank you very much for your kind appreciation of our community website MUDIRAJA. From your e-mail ID, I think that you may belong to the lineage of Veera Pandya Katta Bomman. If it is so, Kindly let me know what is your full name, details of your native place and details of your parents. Kindly give me your family history as much as possible whatever you know. what is the caste name you and your parents use .Your e-mail is a very valuable for me and Mudiraja / Muthuraja community as a whole.

    Thanking you.

    Yours brotherly,

    email no.46.2

    Yes. It is my duty to give my information. My father is police sub inspector. Mother is house maker. Two younger sisters, one married and another studying for collector.I am studying for IPS and other competetive exams. We used to say our community as polaikarar- muthuraju. Mother toungue is Telegu.

    email no.46.3

    Surely I will give the name of my native place. My grand father and their grand father resided at vellore district. They used to say that their grand father came from Andhra in Nellore district. Some setteled in panchalakurichi, some in south of Tamil Nadu. My fathers grand father worked as village police in British period.and their father and grand father were small kings in Andhra Pradesh. Even we have Angalaamman kabalam ( Ankalamma Temple ) which is more than 350 yrs old. I don't have elder brother, I will take advantage on you as my elder brother. Please allow this concern.

    Thank you indeed.

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    email no.45.0

    From: veeraswamy prathani ( )
    Subject: Great efforts
    Date: Friday, 2 April, 2010, 9:56 PM


    I congratulate and thank you very much for your great efforts collecting ocean of information history listed in your website.

    I am Mudiraj, Presntly living and settled in Bangalore, my forefathers and parents are from Garidepally Huzurnagar Taluq Nalgonda dist in AP. Our Surname is PRATHANI some call PATHANI. Our surname is not listed in List SURNAMES in website. Kindly list our SURNAME and Gotra PASUPULETI.

    I really appreciate the amount research you have done.

    Veera Swamy Prathani

    email no.45.1

    Dear Sir.

    Thank you very much for your kind appreciatio of my efforts in creating MUDIRAJA website. I am also thankful to you for giving me your surname to be listed in our site. I am right now adding the same to list of Mudiraj surnames. You may find the list updated within a week time. We were the kings of medieval times and caste No.1.

    We must feel proud of our selves to be the descendants of kings of yester years. We must really feel proud of our royal descendancy and spread the same message to all our relatives. A community that lacks a feeling of proudness of their caste can not occupy an honourable status in the society. This must be tought to our children.

    Thanking you.

    Kokolu Anka Rao

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    email no.44.0

    From: pavan kumar ( )
    Subject: mastaru... super
    Date: Sunday, 4 April, 2010, 8:15 AM

    Hai ............ ankarao garu aripicharu ,

    This is pavankumar.pasala. Completed B-Tech mechanical from Guntur, Andhra pradesh. 2009 passed out .I am really happy after seeing our Mudiraja website. It has given me a lot of information about our past life . Now i am working in kirloskar group Karnataka. youngsters from our community need some suggestions from our cast yelder people regarding our future. I have seen many areas. cast encouragament was there in other casts. But we people don't have that. We younger generation can develope that . Why I am telling this - because of lack of guidence some of our bright students are also unable to succed in their life.This website helps us a lot.

    Heartful thanks to u

    Fom; pavankumar.pasala
    Guntur, Andhrapradesh.
    email no.44.1

    From: Mudiraj Raj ( )
    Subject: Re: mastaru... super
    To: "pavan kumar" ( )
    Date: Tuesday, 6 April, 2010, 3:03 PM

    Dear Pavan Kumar.

    Thank you very much for your kind appreciation about our MUDIRAJA website. We are the deacendants kings and warriors of medieval times. You must always feel proud of your ancestor kings and your own self to have the kings blood. You teach this fact to your children from vey young age and ask them to be highly educated to live like kings once again.

    You always learn to use use your surname where ever it is possible. Never hesitate to speak of your caste, where ever there is a chance to speak. Try to be friendly with all people irrespective of caste but try to identify related and variant castes where we can mix up very easily. Mudiraj people are very closely related Karnatala / Tuluva bunts, Muddurajas, Bedars, Valmikis. Try to pass on the information about MUDIRAJA website to as many relatives as possible.

    Thanking you.

    Kokolu Anka Rao

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    email no.43.0
    From: shanmugasundaram v (
    Date: Friday, 12 March, 2010, 10:03 AM

    Dear Mr.Kokolu Anka Rao,

    I am in Tamilnadu, Madurai, I saw your website regularly. I am in the Muthuraja's subcaste Servai. sir , In your site, there are lot of information's about the Muthuraja@ Mutharaiyar community. Nobody can interest to collect the full details about the community. But you are very much to hard work to collect the history and developed the above website and you are dedicated to our Community. Dear sir, your a black pearl, pure gold, and rare diamond of our community. In future the website will organize all our community in India and other countries.

    valka kannappar valka pari vallal (mullaiku ther koduttha pari) valka mutharaiyar valka kokolu anka rao.

    Long live you,

    Thanking you


    email no.43.1
    My dear brother shanmugasundaram

    It gave me a great pleasure when I was going through your e-mail. I am extremely thankful to you for your kind appreciation for the work I have done on our Muthuraja community. I am highly indebted to you for the praise you have showered on me and praying God for my long life. I consider your e-mail as a very precious award to me from our community members.

    We, Muthurajas, were one of the great warrior clans who ruled South India for almost 300 years independently. We were South India's caste No.1 during medieval times. We were at par with Chola, Pandya and Pallavas and maintained matrimonial allances with them to establish piece and hormony with them.

    My research also indiacates that Many Muttarairs were cholas and vicer versa. For example Erikal Mutturaju is believed to be Renati (rayalaseema) Chola. Veerapandya Kattabommana was a Muthuraja palayakarar closely relating to servaikarars. When I think of Veerapandya Kattabommana, I feel so much proud of my self that I can not explain.

    We are the descendats of a great royal clans of medieval times having our own fame and name. Even today, Mutharayar style of architecture survives in Tamilnadu. We were great devotees and patronised Hindu, Jain and Buddhism in this country.

    The need of the our is that all we, the intelectuals must induce the pride feeling among our Muthurajas by talking to each other at grossroot level and by writing e-mails to each other at intellectual level.

    We must love each other and try to help each other. Then only we can progress well as a community and uphold the name of our great warrior kings of Muthuraja.

    Thanking you,

    Yours brotherly,
    Kokolu Anka Rao

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    email no.42.0
    From: suresh senapati (
    Subject: Good Work
    Date: Tuesday, 9 March, 2010, 7:36 PM

    Dear Kokolu Anka Rao garu,

    Surprised to see your article on the net on Mudiraju. Also to know we were kings in ancient times. I am a mudiraj from Secunderabad ,now in Canada. Keep up the good work.

    Good wishes,
    Suresh senapati.

    email no.42.1
    Wednesday, 10 March, 2010 10:41 AM
    From: "Ankarao kokolu" (
    To: "suresh senapati" (

    I am very much thankful to you for your kind appreciation of my work on Mudiraja community. These e-mails are real rewards to me from our community readers. Your surname seems to be Senapathi and it indicates that one your ancester was an army General ( Senapathi) during medieval times and hence you got this surname. Always use your surname along with your name as it will enhance your image in the society. If this surname is not yet added to Mudiraj surname list in this website, the same will be added today itself.

    Kindly inform all your relatives and friends about our community website MUDIRAJA.

    Thanking you,


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    email no.41.0
    From: saru n (
    Subject: Great piece of work
    Date: Monday, 22 February, 2010, 11:44 AM

    Dear Kokolu Anka Rao,


    I came across your article, while searching on the net.
    I am really impressed with your reasearch. Great piece of work.
    I belong to Nadavar community from Karnataka.
    Your website has a lot of research about " Nadavaru".
    I learnt a lot about my history from your website.
    This website is a great source of reference for our kids too.
    I will forward this information to my friends and relatives.

    Thanks & Regards,


    email no.41.1
    Dear Sir.

    I am very much thankful to you for your kind appreciation of Mudiraja website. Nadava and Mudiraju are one and the same people with geographical variations and they are connected through the famous word "bunt". There are still several common surnames among these two groups proving that they are the one and the same people. The word Bunt / Bant has its root in BANJARA which is once again related to Vanara. Vanaras were Sri Rama Bants. Many bants and banjaras use the title Naik.

    It is a very nice feeling for me to receive an e-mail appreciation from Karnataka. I already received one e-mail from Mr. Madhukar, Mysore, who works for Water works department. I will be vey happy if you let me know a little bit about you and your place.

    Thanking you,

    Yours brotherly,
    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Date :23/02/2010

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    email no.40.0
    From: "Gujjuru Muni Bhaskar" ( )
    Date: Tuesday, 9 February, 2010, 6:54 PM

    Dear Shri Kokolu Ankar Rao garu,


    I just searched our community "word" in WIKIPEDIA in a very causal manner. It has highlighted the information about our community. Till date I don't no the rich back-ground about our community.

    The web site (WIKIPEDIA) suggested the research web site developed by you. After browsing the web site it (information regarding our community and the web site developed by you) has further strengthened my desire and interest to know more about our community. I would like to be part your efforts.

    I don't know much about our family history. My father should be able to tell something about our family history. Seeing the information about our community, it excites me to do something about our community.


    Gujjuru Muni Bhaskar,
    Project Engineer-cum-Estate Officer,
    Indian Institute of Science Education and Research,
    KERALA - 695016

    Email no.40.1
    Dear Sri Bhaskar Namaste

    You are a very valuable asset to our community as you have a great interest in our community history and its welfare. Encourage more and more of your relatives to enrich themselves with massive information which I have providedc in the Mudiraja website.

    I request you to do some social service to poor people of our community in whatever way you can do from your side. We must always think and work for enhancing the social status and image of our community in the society.

    Thanking you,
    ,br> Yours,
    Kokolu Anka Rao

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    email no.39.0
    From: John Micheal ( )
    Subject: Dear Kiran
    Date: Wednesday, 20 January, 2010, 8:48 AM

    Dear Kiran,

    My name is R.MUTHURAJAN and belongs to caste MUTHURAJA (MUTHARAYAR) - MUDIRAJU. I am really appreciate your effort to unite all our mudiraj people around the world who are really interested. I wish to give my hand for it. Kindly reply.

    Senior Assistant Director
    Ministry of Human Resources
    H/P: 0060129033496

    email no.39.1
    Dear Kiran
    Wednesday, 20 January, 2010 10:19 AM

    From: "Mudiraj Raj" (
    To: "John Micheal" ( )

    Dear Sir.

    My name is Kokolu Anka Rao and not Kiran. I am the webmaster of Mudiraja website. I am working as General Manager (systems) for Western coalfields limited which is a subsidiary of Coal India Limited. I am located at Nagpur city in the center of India.

    I feel greatly honoured to receive an e-mail from a distingushed person like you occupying a very important official position in the government of Malaysia. I have received several e-mails from Malaysian Muthurajas who are greatly proud of their caste credentials as kings. Where ever we may be in this world, we must love our community as it is one of the most ancient ( mudi = great ) king race community in the world. We were the first class and front line rulers community in this world.

    We have kings blood in our veins. We are having warrior qualities in our blood. We are adventrous in nature, tough administrators and rulers of the society. That could be one of the reasons why you are in Malaysia today in such a distingushed official position. I hope your e-mail is a great inspiration not only to me but to the entire community of Mudiraja - Muthurajas in the the entire world. I will forward this e-mail to all our known Mudiraja website readers and also publish it in web page "Your Emails".

    Thanking you sir.


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    email no.38.0

    On Fri, 25/12/09, Praveen Kumar Yata ( } wrote:

    From: Praveen Kumar Yata ( )
    Subject: thank you for site
    Date: Friday, 25 December, 2009, 11:39 AM

    Hello sir,

    It's very Nice to see your cite. Youngsters like us have no knowledge about the history of mudhiraj community. U have created a very good cite. I will forward this information to my friends and relations also.

    Thank you.

    Yata Praveen Kumar,
    Research scholarD
    Dept.of chemistry
    Osmania University,

    email no.38.1
    From: Mudiraj Raj ( )
    To: Praveen Kumar Yata ( )

    Dear Sri Praveen.

    Thank you very much for your kind appreciation about our MUDIRAJA community website. Our ancestors were kings and queens and this fact can not be accepted by other communities as they are habituated to treat us backward. It is the responsibilty of yougsters like you to totally change the attidude of our community people through our community website MUDIRAJA and also bring a change that all other communities were once service communities to us.

    Also send a message to all your relatives that each and every Mudiraj child must be an educated one in the next 10 years and create a new image for community.

    Thanking You.



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    email no.37.0

    Hello Ankara Garu,

    I really appreciate the way you work to link the delinked community. As per the statistics we are one of the big community in AP and dont have a good leader at legislative level. I am from costal andhra pradesh (Nellore) and there is not big representation there also.

    My Surname is Pitti. Like Naravari Palle, we have our own village in Nellore District called Pittivani palle a mile west of Mallam. My grand parents are A-Z in that village. Basically I am from a family of cultivators and did my Engineering from SVU college. Inspired siblings, atleast 10 of them are now Professionals.

    I appreciate the members share their stories and inspire the community...add more and more people to the community.

    Thanks & regards,

    Sreeni Pitti

    email no.37.1
    Dear Sir.
    Dear Sir.

    Thank you for your kind appreciation for the creation of Mudiraja community website that can play a vital role in integrating our community. We are king race people with great and ancient history. We must mentally refuse to accept backward class status in society. We must behave and live like a royal clans. We must think and work for our community people in what ever way we can do. Your surname PITTI is alread existing in the list of Telugu Mudiraj. If you can send some new Mudiraj surnames of your relatives, the same will be added to the list.

    Kindly inform to all your educated relatives about the address of this Mudiraja website at

    With Regards,

    Kokolu Anka Rao

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    email no.36.0

    From: bhagya rao ( )
    Subject: Mudiraj pride and dignity
    Date: Wednesday, 7 October, 2009, 9:01 PM

    Dear shri Anka Rao garu,

    I came across your article,, while searching on the net,, to know more about mudiraj community. It was indeed surprising that you have done so much research. I am from hyderabad,, where lots of mudiraj people live. I have sent your article to many others. Even, I felt in my life ,, that mudiraj, may not be a progressive community,, but after reading your article, I can feel proud that ours is a very dignified caste,, lot of our people from hyderabad are in good positions. I will write more after getting your mail.

    Best wishes to you,
    your sincerely,

    email no.36.1
    Dear Sir.
    Thank you very much for your kind appreciation about the MUDIRAJA community website being developed and maintained by me. Yes.. It is my lone journey in the path in which I want to lead my community people to a place of great pride.

    We were great warriors who defeated Chola, Chera and Pandya Adhirajas and ruled the entire South India for more than 300 years in the name of Jain / Buddhist Kalabhra kings. We had our own architectural style of temple buildings which stand as marvels even today in Tamil country. Our kings had matrimonial alliances with Pallavas, Pandyas, Cholas, Chalukyas, Kadambas, Rastrakutas and so many other dynasty clans. We were also the builders of great cities such as Mahen-jo-daro ( Mahan Joddha Voor), Thanjavoor ( Dhananjaya Voor), Mumbai, Madras Patnam ( Mudiras Patnam), etc..

    I feel great pride in my journey as and when a Mudiraj / Muthuraj friend like you join me and strengthen my hope of reaching my pride goal. I believe that one day we will be a changed community with a pride place in our country. For that you should simply feel proud of your self by remembering your kings and royal credentials of medieval past. Further you must try your best to speak of our kings and their great warrior acts to as many people as possible in our own community and also with the people of other communities.

    When you believe that you are really a descendant of great kings, you will be a transformed person and have a different attitude about your own self and speak and behave differently.

    I have developed the MUDIRAJA website to explode this pride feeling about my community people. Today, we may be laborers and poor but you will rarely find beggars from our community. It is the royal blood that flows in veins which will not allow us to beg for survival but we can do any honorable job in the society. That is why we are farmers, coolies ( Kolis) and even fishermen without any hesitation.Let us honestly accept that balijas, valmikis and bestas are our own blood people during medieval times and try to forge our social relations with them to restore our lost pride.

    I would like to publish our community events from Hyderabad and other places in our mudiraja website, if you can take it as a social service and send them to me.

    The free MUDIRAJA website being published from GEOCITIES will be closed from 26th October 2009. I have already opened a subscribed MUDIRAJA website at Kindly send this e-mail and link to as many mudiraj people as possible.

    Your honest e-mail appreciation and admiration for our Mudiraja community website kindles hope in me that you will stand as one of the supporters to draw more and more mudiraj people to our website to inject a real pride feeling in them.

    Thanking you,

    Kokolu Anka Rao

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    email no.35.0

    --- On Sat, 1/17/09, Lokesh Dasam ( wrote:
    From: Lokesh Dasam ( )
    Subject: Are we kshatriyas
    Date: Saturday, January 17, 2009, 4:04 AM

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Lokesh.D from vijayawada. I had already written one email with request to know about races of our caste and now I am thanking you for clarifying my doubts. Now I am writing this email to know whether our caste belongs to kshatriya vamsham or not. Plz give me information about that. And also on wiki I had gone through that where we are known as fisher-man caste. I really was upset at that time. Sir – plz, give more information about our caste.I am feeling proud to be born in mudiraju caste but for the fact of the ally castes mutrasi, ontari, etc …

    DASAM my family belongs to guruvinthapally village in krishna district,i want to know what is our gotra.some of our family members who are staying in madras say that ATREYA is our gotra but my grand father say's that PAMIDIPALLA.I was really confused.If you say about this also i'll be very thankful to you sir.

    Thanking You.

    email no.35.1
    Dear Lokesh

    Thank you for your email and your questioning about our belongingness to Kshatriya caste. I can also understand how seriously you are disturbed to know that a lot of our mudiraj people are fishermen. Kindly believe me that only the hunters and fishermen, who can defend themselves and the people from wild animals used to become kings in the ancient times. We, Mudiraj are the very ancient kings in the world.

    Mudiraj people are the descendants of Indian Bhils. Hunting and fishing were the two main professions of Bhils since unknown times and even today. The people who lived in thick forest areas became experts in hunting and they came to be known as Valmiki Nayakas. But valmikis also go for fishing. The Bhils who lived in river banks and sea coasts became experts in fishing and they came to be known as koli fishermen / gangaputras / bestas. Gangas also go for hunting.

    The great saint and author of Sanskrit Ramayana was a Bhil bandit who used to loot the travelers going through forests. He was said to be the son of a Dravidian Bhil chieftain and so he used to rob the Aryan travelers such as narada moving through his kingdom.

    Now the Valmiki Nayakas claim that they are the direct descendats of Saint Valmiki, which could be true. The Koli fishermen also say that valmiki was a Koli and the Ramayana written by him is known by them as Koli Ramayan.

    We must accept the fact that both valmiki Nayakas and kolis belong to the same race / caste of Saint Valmiki. This can be explained from the fact that Valmiki is also known as Valya Koli. It means that he belonged to koli fishermen branch of bhils who were also hunters by profession. Valya means valaya, It further means Vala in Telugu and Valai in Tamil, which means net. This Net could be fishermen fishing Net and hunters hunting Net. The Valayars of Tamilnadu belong to Muthuraja ( Mudiraja ) community and Karikala Chola was a Valayar of early Chola period. Here, Chola could be Cola = Kola = Koli.

    Sripurusha Muttarasa was a Western Ganga king and the Western Gangas were fishermen Muttarasa people. Kaduvetti Muttaraja was a Bana king and Banas were mostly banarayas or Banjaras from whom the Balijas are believed to be descended. Muddurajas of Kodagu ( Coorg ) are Valmiki Nayakas.

    Are Mudiraj Kshatriyas ?

    Kshatriya is one of the four varnas (social orders) in Hinduism. It constitutes the military and ruling order of the traditional Vedic-Hindu social system as outlined by the Vedas and the Laws of Manu. Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira all belonged to this social order.

    Kolis claim that they are the descendats of emperor Mandhata who was the descendant of Manu. Srirama and Buddha too beloned to Suryavamsi (Solar race). Today’s Mudiraj community consists of several sections / subcastes such as koli fishermen, valmiki nayakas, bunts ( shetty balijas), ontaris ( kapus), Ekkatlu, etc.

    Mudiraj people became prominent as Jain and Buddhist kings and our ancestor kings persued the path of anti-hinduism, anti-brahminism. Though we were kshatriyas as per manu classification, our ancestor kings never liked to be known as Kshatriyas as Kshatriyas were Hindus. So, we declared ourselves as MUDIRAJ meaning the “ Great Kings “ or “Ancient Kings” or “ Maharayas”.

    The Great Kings of Ancient Times were always Fishermen & Hunters. Pandavas and Kauravas were descendats of Satyavati ( Daughter of Koli fishermen) and they were related to King Virata, who was from fishermen community. How could Arjuna hit a fish in the Matsya yantra haninging from roof / ceiling ? Because he was related to fishermen community. Kaikeyi, the wife of Dasharadha was the daughter of a fishermen king. Bheeshma was the son of Ganga ( daughter of a fishermen koli). Pandu / Pandava / Pandavula gotram among mudiraj indicates that some of our people are the descendants of kuru & Pandava family of Mahabharata.

    Why should you feel shy or get perturbed to know that we are from fishermen background ? We are not only koli fishermen but also valmiki Nayaka hunters. We are the descendats of Manu, Mandhata, Sriram, Buddha. The Kalchuris who supported Jainism and Kalabhras who supported Buddhism were our forefathers. We belong to an allround king race who supported all kinds of religious beliefs and all kinds of worship. Mother worship is our Mudiraj cult and it is supreme to all kinds of worship in the world.

    Let us accept the fact that Valmikis and Ganga Putras ( Bestas ) are our own blood people and accept them as our own people. Even Kapu / Balijas were once part of our own communit belonging to Bunt sucide squads. The Telugu Shetty Balijas and Tuluva Shettys (Bunts) are one and the same people and they are related to a section known as Mudiraju Bantlu.

    It is difficult for me to ascertain Your Gotra. You better follow what is being followed by your parents. However, I have added your surname DASAM in the list of Mudiraj surnames along with both gotras. There are few surnames having more than one gotra.

    Thanking you.

    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Date : 18/ 01/ 2009
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

    email no.35.2
    Date: Monday, March 2, 2009, 4:13 AM
    On Mon, 3/2/09, Lokesh Dasam wrote:


    Dear Rao Sir,

    Thanks for reply,
    Yes sir, what you had said is absolutely true. Sir every member of our caste must have minimum responsibily towards our jati development. But the problem here is that since our caste people are mostly illeterate, and very poor. Anywaz sir, I will be in touch with you, if I had any doubts regarding our caste. Beyond every thing I want to say or share with you is that I want to change / feel happy to change of our caste name to kshatriya kalchuri, not speaking about the other ally castes such as muthuraja (mutrasi), tenugollu. Speaking frankly I hate those people, by them only, we are facing the title of fisher folk people.

    Thanking You Sir.

    Your's Obediently,
    Lokesh Dasam.

    email no.35.3
    "Ankarao kokolu" (
    To:"Lokesh Dasam" (

    Dear Sri Dasam.

    I am happy to see your reply. Muthuraja, Mutrasi are undoubtedly differents names for the Mudiraj people in different parts of South India. In Karnataka we are known as Muttarasas because the Western Ganga kings assumed this title. They were highly educated kings who wrote many shaastraas in Sanskrit.

    Do you know that Virata king of Mahabharata was a Matsya King. Matsya means fish. Virata means great and great means Mudi. So Virataraja means Mudiraja. Cholas were related to Virata kings through Uparichara Vasu, the father of Satyavati.

    Virata = great = Maha = Mudi = Mutta

    Please do not say that you do not like your own left hand and wants only one right hand. Be broad minded and accept our own brothers as our brothers, irrespective of their poor condition. As long as they are they are there with poor status, we can never be respected even if you change our caste name to Kshatriya. Because the world knows that Muttaraja and Muttarasa are one and the same.

    Kokolu Ankarao

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    email no.34.0

    Kokolu Anka Rao Garu,

    Thanks for blessing us. It's with your inspiration that we started website. We see you as - "The Modern Mudiraj Pithamaha". Kindly porvide us with your current contact details and telephone number to reach you.

    Our humble request is to guide us in delivering the services to our community. Your suggessions will be a kick-start for our mission. We will shortly announce a scholarship scheme for the Best Students of our community. This should be a stepping stone towards our vision.

    Be on our side in driving us to reach places. We are planning many more activities. Once you provide your details, we will discuss the same with you.

    Our motto is to see our community strong and secure.

    Always Bless us,
    Mudiraj Information Services Team.

    email no.34.1
    My Dear Mudiraja Brothers.

    I knew that I was walking alone in the path which I wanted to lead our community to achieve its great pride place. But I also knew that many of my brothers will join me one by one slowly and change this path into a strong and wide trunk road. Many of the e-mails which I receive from all the world are pointers to this fact that we are one of the ancient king race and needs to refresh our memories by going through various inscriptions available on the walls of many ruined & unruined temples. Many of our people are known by different caste names and we must reunite all of them whole heartedly into Mudiraja royal community to revive our lost glory. Let us expand the meaning of Mudiraja to Valmiki Nayakas and also Gangaputras who are from our own blood and basic profession.

    I am getting many emotional suggestions from our Mudiraja brothers from across the world and I published them as it is in web page “YOU SUGGEST” to respect their sentiments. I know that some body suggests in this world and some body else will do those things. I think that your group has now taken birth to implement the suggestions made by some of our Mudiraja brothers from across the world.

    One of our brothers Kiran Kali from USA and one of our sisters Vijayalaxmi Manne from Australia are with full of enthusiasm to help our community people. Your idea of Scholarship scheme for Best students of our community is welcome and eagerly awaited by many mudiraj brothers from across the world.

    When you award a scholarship to a student of our community, you must make sure that he and his family will be uplifted from economical backwardness and he could be made into an asset for our Mudiraja community. You may request all Mudiraja readers for suggestions on how the scholarship be awarded. You may even setup a panel of eminent Mudiraja social workers to write down a standard charter of principles for scrutizing the nominations / applications for awarding scholarships.

    Thanking you,

    Yours Brotherly,
    Kokolu Ank Rao

    Nagpur – 440014, M.S.

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    email no.33.0

    Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2008 07:39:57 -0800 (PST)
    From: Singa Muni,
    To: Mudiraj Raj,

    Subject: Re: NRI MUTHURAJ

    Dear Brother Mr. Kokolu Anka Rao,

    It's a pleasure to receive a valuable message from your good-self and my apologies for the late response due to health problems and for your information I'm working in Singapore and I've a new Muthuraja contact there who is from India with PR status.He is also actively involved in our mission. His name is Mr. Murugesan - HP N0: 6591573621.

    I'v also received a message from our brother Mr. Poovarasan from Selangor , Malaysia and I've also read his message in the e-mail section and regarding his quiry about Shankar Ponnar and Thangga Periyakka both are are our ancestors now accorded Demi-god status and you can get more information from the Sellayee Kovil Managing Committee at Rajampalayam Village , Manachannalur via, Trichy District, Tamil Nadu. You can contact my uncle Mr. Dorairaj to assist you.

    With regards to your NRI MUDIRAJ project it's a welcome and promising sign. Following are my particulars : Name :MUNIANDY . Father's Name : VEERAMALAI . Mother's Name : LETCHEMY. Home Address : E1-09-11 , JALAN PERAI JAYA 6, BANDAR PERAI JAYA , 13600 PERAI, PULAU PINANG, MALAYSIA. HP. NO.: +60124169592. E-MAIL :

    Here are a few more proposals for your consideration :

    Any person of Muthuraja origin who converts to Islam or marries a Muslim should be considered an Outcaste as they will one day destroy us. I on my part would prefer a Global Brotherhood Website with the HQ based in INDIA and sub - HQ in the various nations to organise NRI's and any Muthuraja who wants to be registered as a Muthuraja must be verified by three registered Muthuraja.

    There should be only two classifications : MUTHURAJA and NON MUTHURAJA.

    Any spouse of a Muthraja who is Non Muthuraja ( excluding Muslims ) must be issued a CERTIFICATE OF BROTHERHOOD ( for Males ) and CERTIFICATE OF SISTERHOOD ( for Ladies ) and they shall enjoy full Muthuraja status without anydiscrimination and without losing their own caste status.Whereas their children shall enjoy full Muthuraja status. And all registered Muthuraja's must be issued with quality ID cards.

    Our project must encompass all sectors of our community needs such as SPORTS, EDUCATION, ECONOMY , WELFARE and must be a DISPORA of it's own and must be capable to responsewithin hours to the needs of our brotherhood globally.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Yours Brotherly

    Email No. 33.1
    Dear brother Muniandy Veeramalai

    Thank you for providing valuable information about our ancestor Muthurajas - Ponnar Shankar, who attained Demi-God status today. Part of your email is recorded under the article PONNAR SHANKAR under both web pages - SAINTS and KINGS.

    A part of your e-mail is also recorded under web page "YOU SUGGEST". You are one of the highly self respected MUTHURAJA member and a great lover of Muthuraja community. Your strong resentment against some Muthurajas getting converted to Islam is quite a valid point of concern for all Muthurajas who love their great community. This we could arrest by providing information about great grand ancestor kings of grerat reputation. I hope that our MUDIRAJA website will work like a cementing force to unite our Muthuraja brotherhood.

    With Regards

    Your Brother
    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Date : 25/12/2008
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no.32.0


    Subject: We are Muthurajahs from Malaysia

    Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2008 02:30:58 +1200

    Vanakkam and Namaskar!

    It's really a remarkable work done by you Sir! I'm Poovarasan from Malaysia. Since quite a long time, I am looking for more details about Muthurajah. Finally I find your Priceless informations about Muthurajah.

    My Great Grandfather Mr.Muthuveeran Muthurajah from Sirugamani, and my Great Grandmother Arasiyee from Kaadduputhur were from tamil Nadu. We still got communication with Tamil Nadu relatives from several places like Karuvur, Korepalayam, Musri, Samayapuram and many more.

    My Father Mr.Ramachandran s/o Maruthamuthu ever told me about Shankar Ponnar & Thangga Periyakka stories that related with Muthurajah. Please leet me know, the information that given in web, come out as a Book. If so I would like to get one. Please reply me. Those Muthurajahs really appreciate your work!. Live long Mr.Kokolu Anka Rao!



    Email No: 32.1
    My dear brother Poovarasan

    Thank you very much for your kind appreciation. Your e-mail is indeed a priceless award conferred on me for the work I have done on Muthurajahs.

    I thank God for giving me this birth in this great community of Muthurajahs and do a bit of little service to this community of great kings of very ancient ( Mudi) origin having their roots to emperor Mandhata who built the world famous ancient city of Mahen-jo-daro on the banks of river Sindhu.

    Our ancestors were great explorers and they traveled all the way from Sindhu to South India to be known as Mudiraja / Muthuraja. It is the same king quality that made your great grandfather and many others to reach Malaysia and sow the seeds of Muthuraja community in Malaysia. It has been observed that Malaysian Muthurajahas still have great love for India and Hinduism. Muthurajah kings were the real founders of Hinduism in India as they supported various forms of Hindu worship starting from Shaivism. Vaishnavism, Jainism, Buddhism, Mothe worship ( Angamma ) and so on. Our ancestor kings built great cities and temples which stand as world important sites even today.

    You wrote about muthuraja story personalities Shankar Ponnar & Thangga Periyakka. I am very frank to you that I am hearing about them for the first time as they seems to be famous Muthurajahs from Tamilnadu. I will try my best to collect information about them and publish in this web site for the benefit of all our community members.

    Your brother,
    Kokolu Anka Rao

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    email no.31.0
    Hello Mr Anka Rao Garu

    My name is Vijaya. I am Mudiraju too (Kashyapa gotram). I have seen about our Mudiraju website & great history of our caste. We all (Mudirajus) are really thankful to you.

    My sister's mother-in-law also from Dronadula's family (her family name is Dronadula) from Gudivada. There is a street name also there in Gudivada as Dronadula vaari veedhi. My mother's maiden name (before marriage surname) is Vemareddy( Vajrala gotram), they also from Gudivaada too.

    We have a very great history, even in present days also. We are mostly in middle class. Some people are very rich too. That's why most of mudirajus are using Naidus in Telangana area. But I have seen in Mudiraj web site, where you have mentioned that Mudiraju's are major block of aboriginals. I don't think we are aboriginals. In my openion aboriginals are very low caste & tribal people who live in forests, that's what every one belives, because of this information every one might think that we are aboriginals, they don't care about what a great history we have, of course we have a connections with aboriginal people, it doesn't mean that we (mudirajus) are aboriginals.

    Even in Raju (kshtriya) caste in Andhra pradeesh shows they have a connection with gond tribals as well. Gond tribals also one section of Kshtriya's, you should check this section better to amend some parts of information of the sentence as Mudirajus are aboriginals, As per your research current Mudirajus are belongs to Chola rajus; Cholas they mentioned theymselves as Surya vamsi Kshtriyas, so it means that we are also Kshtriyas of Surya vamsis, based on the gotras & surnames, not aboriginals. This (aboriginals) sentence reduces (Mudirajus) our current status in society in South India.

    Thank you


    email no.31.1
    Thu, 10/30/08, Mudiraj Raj ( wrote:
    Date: Thursday, October 30, 2008, 10:46 AM

    Namaste Madam !

    Thank you very much for your kind feed back on our MUDIRAJA research website. My father-in-law (Dronadula Subba Rao) was from DRONADULA surname. My wife was brought up at Gudiwada. I have visited Gidiwada a couple of times. I know that there is a street by name "dronadula vari street" in Gudiwada. My youngest sister-in-law (one of the six sisters of my wife)still stays there and working as headmaster. Your sister's mother-in-law must be definitely related to my father-in-law's line. I am extremely pleased to find a relative of ours in Australia. I whole heartedly invite you and your sister and her mother-in-law to Nagpur.

    When I used the term aboriginal, it was initially to indicate that we were the descendants of original Indian native people ( vanaras, banjaras, gonds,etc.) who were the original residents of Indian continent. These people took the role of soldiers and suicide squad members and became a part of our warrior community. Many sections among us are Indo-Aryans, who actually became the great kings. For example - we had Sripurusha Muttarasa, who belonged to western ganga llineage.

    Kamineni Muttarasa from Chundi near Kandukuru was a Valmiki Nayaka chief. Today kaminenis are kammas. Chitradurga and Rayadurga kings of Valmiki Nayakas were related to Muttarasa lineage. They were all the descendants of Muttani Raja (Muttaraja) of Srikalahasti- Tirupathi region. All these people of great warrior blood were of Indo-Aryans and from Sindhu-Saraswati river basin. Valmiki was a Boya (Bhills) who were the original (ancient) residents of Indian continent. Many of these bhil- boyas are today SC/ST. I think that it is not fair to say that they are not our people. Valmiki was our community saint. Kolis call Ramayana as koli valmiki ramayana. so, we have Kolis = Valmikis. While kolis became experts in fishing, the valmikis became experts in hunting. A large section of mudiraj fishermen are known to belong to koli lineage.

    In the race for climbing up social ladder, many weak people of our race were pushed down to lowest level in our society. While the valmikis of South were great kings, the same people became scavengers in the North India as they were forced to do that painful job by victorious Muslim invaders. They were all the descendants of great valmiki saint ( a dravidian) who became prisoners in the wars. In my mind, all these people are termed as descendants of aboriginal but not uncivilised. For some more information about aboriginal sections among Mudiraj, I request you to kindly go through "The great Warrior Tribes of Mudiraja".

    Thank you once again for your kind response & feedback and I will certainly look into the usage of ABORIGINAL term with respect to Mudiraj people.

    Kindly also go through surname analysis on "MANNE" under web page "SURNAMES". These people are related to Gonds & Kolam tribal population of Central and Deccan India.

    With Regards,

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    email no.30.0
    From :
    To :

    Dear Sir,

    I am a desendent of the Muthuraja Community of Trichy presently a 4th generation Malaysian and there are a few thousand of us with some entering into the 6th generation in this country. Our home village in India is known as Rajampalayam which is about 3.5 kilometers from Mannachanallur mini town and about 18 kilometers from Trichy. This village is near to Samayapuram. I would like to know more in detail about this group of Muthuraja community.And for your information there is also an ancient Pillar with with inscriptions on the land of my maternal grandfather and which is near to my paternal grandfather house.And I would also like to know what is our relation to the great Madurai Veeran.


    Muniandy Veeramalai.
    Date : 27-09-2008

    email No. 30.01
    Dear Sri Muniandy Veeramalai.

    It is a great pleasure for me to receive an e-mail communication from a member of my Muthuraja community and that too from Malaysia. Earlier I was already in receipt of two such e-mails from our Muthuraja brothers from Malaysia. It is infact a truth that a large number of Tamil Muthuraja community members migrated to Malaysia during the time of British rule to work as farm labourers.

    I would like to know more about Malaysian Muthurajas and their social and matrimonial practices. What are the various indian caste / communities with which you normally integrate socially. Which is the Indian community that is largest in Malaysia in population ?

    If you can send one or two or even more pages of information about Malay Muthurajas, I would like to publish in this website so that our community get get integrated across the world. Our ancestors were great kings ( Muthu Rajas / Mudi Rajas ) and we must retrive our lost pride and hand it over to our next generations.

    Regarding the history of Muthurajas in region of Tiruchirapally, Tamilnadu - Perumbidugu Mutharaiyar ruled his kingdom with Uraiyur (old Trichy) as the capital. Later it was ruled by the Nayaks of Vijayanagara and the Maratha rajas. The influence and image of Muthuraja community in Tamilnadu can be understood from the fact that the Tamilnadu government has named Tiruchirapalli district as Tiruchirapalli Perumpidugu Mutharaiyar district because of the move of Tamilnadu Government to honor the historical Tamil Heroes and respect the sentiments of the people of those regions.

    Uraiyur is the local name of the old-Trichy city and has over 2500 years of known history. The place was the capital of the early Cholas. The place later became the capital of Nayaks. The rock fort is a well known landmark of Tiruchirapalli city. The fort was built by Telugu Nayaks (Kings) of Madurai. In 1616, the Nayaks of Madurai transferred their capital to Tiruchirapalli (Trichinopoly). Telugu Nayakas were initially the ruling agents of Vijayanagar kings who looked after the interest of the kings.

    The defacto successor of Saluva Narasimha was his redoubtable general Narasa Nayaka. The Narasa Nayaka was the father of famous Sri Krishna Devaraya of Vijayanagar empire. While the former concentrated his attention on putting down the aggressive activities of the Bahmini Sultan and the Gajapati of Orissa, the latter turned against the refractory chieftains and governors of the South. One such was Konetiraja or Koneriraja, who succeeded Saluva Tirumalairaja as the governor of the Thiruchirapalli region.

    From his inscriptions it is known that Konetiraja was governor between the years 1488 and 1492. That he was practically independent could be inferred from the various titles he assumed viz., Mahamandalesvara, Maharaja, Raya Bhasavasankara, (which incidentally reveals his Saivite leanings), Rajarajaraganda, Kancipuravaradhisvara, etc. Taking advantage of the failure of the de jure sovereignty, i.e., the sons of Saluva Narasimha, he had grown insubordinate. The Acyutarayabhyudym referes to Konetiraja as "the hero unrivalled in the world, who caused confusion to the army of the enemies" and says that he attacked Narsa Nayaka with his elephant forces but was defeated and taken prisoner.

    It is a well known fact that Muthurajas were the descendants of Kalabhras or Kalaveeras who were inturn believed to be either a branch of Kalachuris or their variants. Even Saluva Narasimharaya is said to be a kalchuri king. But some of the present day Tamil Muthurajas were descendants Telugu Nayakas of Valmiki (Bedar) race from Thirupathi region. Some of them moved into Kannada country (Karnataka) where they established their rule in Chitradurga, Keladi, Rayadurga, etc and some others moved into Tamil country where they ruled Tanjavur, Tiruchirapalli, Mudhurai, etc. The Bedars or valmikis were the descendants of Muttani Raja (Mutturaja) of Srikalahasti having relation to Bedara (Bhakta) Kannappa. These people are also known as Vettuvas and Kannappakula in Tamilnadu.

    Regarding Madhurai Veeran, Muthurajas seems to have no direct caste or community relation except that Veeran was worshipped by all communities in Trichy region of Tamilnadu. Being people from military class, Muthurajas too may be worshipping Madurai Veeran.

    From the information, which I collected, Veeran seems to be Dalit low caste man rose to the rank of a General in the kingdom of Madhurai Nayakkar. The king and as well as the Veeran seems to be of Telugu origin. Some people said that he was the son of a North Indian king. For Tamil people, Telugu country was also a North India. Many warrior communities including common people migrated from Telugu country to Tamil country due to various political reasons that happened in North India.

    Madhurai Veeran seems to be a Chakkaliya (Arunthathiyar = Maadiga) ?
    In rajapalayam, sencottai, tirunelveli areas, take the story of madurai veeran. He was a chakkaliya and rose to the power and was betrayed and killed. Also he loved and married a princess, the daughter of the king. This was smartly hidden by giving a flash back that the veeran was a son of a king (kshatriya) . This was perhaps done to protect the the varna system and to keep the maadigas at their lower social level . It is possible that brahmins who are experts in creating legends to erase the actual truth and paint some thing new to improve their income and staus could have told that veeran was originally son of a king.

    The culture of the Arunthathiyar people is closely linked to Madurai Veeran who was a General in the army of Vijayanagar Empire. One of his legs and an arm were cut off because he had eloped with princess or married a dancer in the Empire who belonged to the upper caste. The story of a dancer may also not be a truth. It was so said to protect the honour of king as his daughter eloped with veeran. As a token of revenge the Arunthathiar (Madhika = Maadiga ) people rallied together in Madurai against the Empire. This was the first time when they came together seeking redressal of their grievances. They claimed Madurai Veeran as their God and started worshipping him. They also worshipped a female deity who was a woman leader of the Arunthathiar community. She gave them training in using weapons in war. All these stories are part of the oral tradition of the community.

    Madiga is a social group or caste mostly from Andhra Pradesh . Along with Mallas they form the largest segment of what is considered to be the Dalit castes of Andhra. They are also found in north india also known as Chamars in hindus and RAVIDAs OR raidas in sekihs. In sociology, a group is usually defined as a collection consisting of a number of people who share certain aspects, interact with one another, accept rights and obligations as members of the group and share a common identity.

    With Regards,

    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India
    29th September, 2008

    email No. 30.02
    Singa Muni( wrote:

    Dear Sri Kokolu Anka Rao,

    It is a great pleasure to receive a valuable reply from your good-self. It is really fascinating to know that there is a relation between the Telugu and Tamil communities.

    Regarding your query in paragraph two , about the Malaysian Muthuraja community , their social and matrimonial practices , it is very sad to note here that we are on the verge of losing our identity as a great community with most of our people not even knowing the meaning of being a Muthuraja and a majority are beginning to disassociate themselves with the Muthuraja title, with some even taking it as a joke . Also it is a very , very sad fact that a majority are being absorbed into other less prominent caste communities ,races and into even religions such as Christianity and Islam by way of inter-marriages and conversions. In short to say our Malaysian Muthuraja people are disillusioned.

    The major Indian dialect community are the Tamils followed by the Telugus and Malayalies and others. As for the caste system it is given less prominence but there are the Muthurajas, Gounders , Tevars, Vellalars,Muthukolutars( Babers), Dalits, Chettiars, Vanniars ( Dobby ). The Vellalars and Chettiars are more in control of the business sector. Our Muthuraja people are involved in a variety of professions.

    Our Muthuraja communities have also integrated with the Chinese by way of adoption and marriage and children ( direct ) are known as Chindians and their children in turn marry with Indians.

    There are also Muthurajas who have converted into Christianity due to the shallow care attitude of those in charge of Hindu religious and political affairs. Compared to other castes and communities the Muthuraja community is more disunited due to arrogant behavior , jealousy and family disputes. And there are also cases of conversion to Islam not because they were enlighten by the Allah, but for women whereby they were forced to convert by fanatic Islamic laws.

    As for your query about Malay Muthurajas there is no such a thing as a Malay Muthuraja in Malaysia because any person known as a Malay must be a Muslin and nothing else. Historically , the lands now known as Indonesia , Singapore and Malaysia were once part of the Vijayanagaram Empire and all these were Hindu territories and the only place where Hindus exist is in the Island of Bali in Indonesia.

    In Malay history , by tradition of the locals following their leaders action , the Malays converted to Islam when an immigrant local chieftain from Indonesia by the name of Paremeswara converted to Islam to gain trading favors from the Arabs and who also married a Muslim woman and became known as Mussaffar Shah.

    As for your good intention to integrate our community Globally, with the intention to retrieve our lost glory and pride for the benefit of our future generations, it is a very good idea for which I will give you my support. For this please allow me to suggest a few of my opinions :

    • 1. A website to register Muthuraja families by way of relation must be created.
    • 2. There must be an element to make them feel very proud to be a Muthuraja.
    • 3. Local and Global activities must be organized.
    • 4. Economically rewarding projects must be presented to grab their attention.
    • 5. Just like the Muslims and CHristians , the Muthurajas must have a policy to expand the family linage.
    • 6. Inter-racial gaps between the Tamils , Telugus ,Malayalies and other local Indian dialect Muthuraja communities must be closed.

    With Regards.

    Muniandy Veeramalai,
    Date : 29-09-2008
    Penang, Malaysia

    email No.30.03
    Dear Sri Muniandy Veeramalai

    Thank you for prompt communication regarding the social conditions of Muthurajas and the people of Indian origin as whole in Malaysia. Your letter gives me a perfect reflection of a pathetic condition though which the people of Indian origin Hindus are going by ignoring their caste & community histories. I am not a communalist but strongly believe in their need to discover our history and roots. We have different surnames having historical roots and the same way the caste too have its historical roots. What is the wrong if we retain them with us without dishonouring any other community. Even if we go for an intercaste marriages, why should we discord our caste name when we do not discord our surname? In order to improve the well being of Muthurajas and Hindus, we must invoke the pride in them for being born with this identity. That is what I am trying to do through website. I have so far identified more than 40 kings who were Muthurajas and directly related to Muthurajas in various parts of India.

    In India, it is not only the people of Tamil and Telugu who are related to eachother but these are the same people who came migrated from the region of Sindhu river via Gujarat, Rajastan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra into South India. That is why the Sindhi New Year day matches with that of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra and Kannada.

    I well come your suggestions. I will publish your suggestions in webpage "YOU SUGGEST" in our website at Your letters are also published in another webpage "UREMAILS".

    With Regards,

    Yours brotherly,
    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Date :01/10/2008

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    email no.29.0
    From: "kiran kali" (

    -----Inline Attachment Follows-----

    Hi Uncle,

    I really appreciate all your hardwork behind the publication of information about our mudiraj community in Mudiraja Website. Let me know, if there is anything which I can help towards your revolutionary movement.


    From :
    Kiran Kali
    Texas, USA

    email no.29.1

    Dear Mr. Kiran

    Thank you very much for your kind appreciation about my work in creating Mudiraja community website. I was one of those like you who was in great quest for knowing the origins of our community. Now this website belongs to all people like you who feel satisfied with my work. My mother used to tell me that we were kings but she never told me not even a single name of a king from our community. Thus started my search through internet.

    I am working as General Manager (systems) in Computer department in a Public Sector undertaking at Nagpur. I have the knowlege and resources that are required to create and publish information about mudiraj community. It is infact an ON LINE RESEARCH WEBSITE for Mudiraja community.

    One day I was searching one of the surnames "ELUGU" who are related to us. There I came to know that one "Elugu Rayudu" was a king who ruled parts of Rayalaseema from Podili and he was the last ruler of Saluva dynasty of Vijayansagar empire. This was the beginning of my exploration into Royal credentials of Mudiraja community. Our community in Tamilnadu is known as Muthuraja. I received an e-mail and also lot of witten information about Tamil- Muthurajas from one Mr. Sundararajan, a member of "CholaMutharayar Researech Center", Tanjore.

    I am able to discover a lots of sections, subsects and subcastes who were and are part of our Mudiraj community across entire India. They are documented in my website under web page WAR(RIOR)-TRIBES.

    I have not earlier added your surname KALI in my website under web page "SURNAMES". Today I am adding it and will try to analyse this surname. It is related to Kala means black. Mutharayars ( Mudiraj ) are believed to be the descendants of Kalabhras who were in turn a branch / variants of Kalachuris of Central India. In central India, there are Maharastrian people having surname KALE which is also very closely related to KALA & KALI.


    Kalo / Kali / Kale – Black (male / female / Plural). Like Punjabi - 'Kala' / 'Kali' / 'Kale', Spanish Romma call themselves 'Kala'. Some say that Rommas are Rama's followers, who were the Vanaras. These Vanaras or dravidians migrated to Europe from Sindh & Punjab region in due course of time. Some of the are called Romanichal. Here "Chal" means "Chara" which further means "Move" or "Wander" or "Follow". They could be Vanaras, the Ramas followers. The Valmikis in Karnataka & Maharastra are known as Ramoshis. Ramoshi could mean Ramavamshi or Ramavashi ( Controlled by Rama during war against Ravana).

    This KALI also points to the fact that they are more of Dravidian Tribals living in Indian continent since unkwown times. They could be part of Bhil - Parthis, who are belived to have migrated from Babylonia, Sumeria and other mediterranian sea coasts. Kasyapa Rishi is said to be man belonging to tribes migrated to India from Caspian Sea. I will try to make an indepth study of your surname and let you know my findings. Meanwhile, I request you to collect and give me a list of surnames of Mudiraj people from your relatives and their relatives. Along with surname, you may try to collect their gotram also.

    Thanking you,

    With Regards,,
    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Date : 25/08/2008
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no.28.0
    On Tue, 7/15/08, sharad mane ( wrote:

    From: sharad mane ( )
    Subject: hi
    Date: Tuesday, July 15, 2008, 9:12 AM

    I was searching for the history of my caste, I found it on your webmaster. The information is really very interesting and wonderful. I want some more information abt my KAIKADI-caste.

    Thank U once again for giving me new identity.

    Sharad Mane

    email no.28.1
    Namaste Sir.
    Yours is a wonderful e-mail.
    Your surname is Kaikadi ! .
    It is a great surprise from a Kaikadi.
    You belong to a great warrior race of India.
    The Kakatiya kings of Warangal were Kaikadis

    When I saw this e-mail from a Kaikadi,
    I felt, as if the Kakatiyas came alive to me.
    The Kakatiyas were the first Telugu Kings,
    Who united all Telugu speaking lands under their control.

    I, myself studied my B.E(ELEC) engineering .
    from Regional Engineering College, Warangal.
    I heve seen their ruined fort and other manuments.
    Since those days of my engineering study at Warangal,
    I some how felt that my community ( Mudira) was related to Kakatiyas.
    Mannem surname of Mudiraj is of Kaikadi origin

    The present day high class people may not so easily accept the fact,
    that the Kaikadis are the ruling class people of medieval times.
    This is also a fact that Kaikadis are a variants of Gaikwads.
    All these people have their roots in Bhil-Pardhis.

    I do not know which page of my website was seen by you.
    But, I request you to go through two pages in my website.
    1. "Kingdoms" .
    2. "War(rior)-tribes" .

    The founders of Vijayanagar kingdom -
    HakkaRaya & BukkaRaya,
    were the trained chiefs under Kakatiyas.
    They were the greatest Hindu Kingdoms of South India.
    They both used Telugu as their court language.

    We are from a great warrior race.
    We must know about ourselves.
    We must let our community too know about itself.
    We must also tell the whole world about our king race ! .

    I stay in Nagpur.
    There is one Manewada locality in Nagapur.
    I know that many Kaikadis are in Nagpur region.
    If you don't mind,
    may I know to which place you belong ?

    With Regards,
    Kokolu Anka Rao

    email no.28.2
    From: sharad mane (
    Date: Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 2:56 PM
    Subject: Re: Kaikadis are from a great warrior race.

    Namaste Sir,
    My surname is Mane,which if I get a chance to change I will change it to original. I am a grandson of great national Saint Kaikadi Maharaj.

    Even I like my surname to be KAIKADI.Before reading data on ur webmaster,their was a feeling in mind that I am from rular ,warrior race.Because though our people are liitle in population,they have set landmark in every field.I have completed my B.E.( E & TC ),my wife is a M.B.B.S.

    I am staying in Ahmednagar. At present we are trying to get S.C. reservation which is right of us. If you are interested I will send you copy of all documentary evidances. Also if you have any reserch material regarding yekulas / kaikadis I will like to go thorugh it.

    With Regards
    Sharad Mane

    email no.28.3
    Dear Sir.
    I bow my head to Saint Kaikadi Maharaj
    You are the grandson of Kaikadi Maharaj !
    You are certainly a blessed one.
    I believe that I am also blessed by Maharaj.
    Otherwise how can I get your contact !

    Your surname MANE is perfect.
    Your caste KAIKADE is also great.
    Both have a great historical value
    Why to change our history ?
    You may not be knowing,
    But I know the value of your contact.

    Telugu Mudiraj community have surnames -
    Manne, Mannem & Mannemala
    Mane and Manne seems to be closely related.
    This proves that Kaikadis are among Mudiraj.
    And Kakatiya descendants are among Mudiraj

    Kakatiyas worshipped Goddes Kakati
    Pardhis worship Goddes Kalanka
    Mudiraj worship Goddess Ankala
    Change not these what we got from our ancestors.

    Our Surname, Our Caste & Our Religion,
    They are all part of our ancestral heritage.
    They will one day reveal our roots & history.

    You are a member of great warrior race.
    You are an engineer by profession.
    Your wife is a Doctor by profession.
    Why do you want S.C tag to your children ?
    Why do you want to lower your social status ?

    We were the kings of this country once.
    Why should we surrender our prestige ?
    Do not try cripple your children mentally.
    Do not attach S.C tag to your children.
    Then they will never be able to see royal blood in them.
    Let other poor Kaikadis may try to avail this facility.

    Have faith in Saint Kaikadi Maharaj.
    His holy blood is flowing in you and your children.
    Please do not insult the saint by declaring you a S.C.

    My wife wanted me to use B.C tag for my children
    But I never agreed for this.
    My son became an IT engineer today.
    My daughter became a graphic engineer in Hybd.
    They think and work like any other forward caste people.
    Let us a create a resurgent new generation of Kakatiyas in our children

    Do not worry about your children
    Regularly pray Saint Kaikadi Maharaj.
    Frequently visit his samadhi with your children.
    Tell them about the great Hindu kingdom of Kakatiyas.
    Tell them about Kakatiya Queen Rudrama Devi
    Tell them about Kakatiya Pratapa Rudra Dev

    Our community may be economically poor.
    But we have great brains.
    We were the ancient Kings of this country
    We were chiefs and administrators of Indian society.
    Our children must take the front seat in our country.
    We must restore our prestige and preserve it.

    Please do not down grade your children with S.C tag.
    Their mind may get spoiled by social stigma.
    Others may start saying these children are low caste.
    Your children may start believing themselves as low.
    They may also strat behaving as if they are low caste.

    We are already down graded by society by providing such tags.
    Let us refuse to accept these social tags for our children.
    Let us create a resurgent new generation royal children,
    With original royal blood in them.

    Finally, I suggest you,
    To please visit Kakatiya fort at Warangal once.
    Also visit my residence at Nagpur, if possible.

    With Regards,
    Kokolu Anka Rao
    For Mudiraja Website

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    email no.27.0
    From: "Ram Mummidi"

    Hi Anka Rao garu,

    I read you article about Mudiraj = Kings and am curious to know how and from where you got all this information. I am more curious because I am a MUMMIDI and would love to know about the origin/history of Mummidi's. Your article seems very intersting to me.

    I came across this about Mummidi Devaraya -He seems to have written last part of the Ramayana. Did you come across this? Apparently the above is documented by some University and out of in Zimbabwe. To my surprise, I never heard about this from my parents/grand parents when I was in India.

    I am really curious about the source of this article and would love to learn more about Mummidi's history. I currently reside in California, USA, which has been my home for last 11 years.

    Ram Mummidi
    Monday, May 12, 2008 12:48 PM
    California, USA

    email no.27.1
    Dear Sri Ram

    Thank you very much for your e-mail from USA appreciating my efforts in gathering huge and valuable information about the warrior community of Mudiraja people and put it into a website to keep every Mudiraja aware of his royal credentials and to feel proud of his descendancy.

    For centuries, we are told stories about many kings and queens but we never knew that they were all our own grand ancestors. Our community as a whole lost its memory of its glorious past to that extent they started believing that they are common men without any past. What a great tragedy indeed ! we lost our history and also our memory !

    My dear Sri Ram, I am in this job of community service of retriving our past and lost history piece by piece and rewriting it for our future generations so that they will known that we were kings of the past who ruled this country.

    You have asked me one question that from did I get all this information. I tell you that when you do a job without any self interest in the name of God, the God will directly pass on the information and make you to write it. Your e-mail is also one such piece of information that is sent by God to me.

    Your surname is Mummidi. You may not be knowing that you are a " great valuable link" in my search to prove that Cholas and Mutharayars ( Mudiraj ) are one and the same people who ruled the South India with a glorious past and further that Kapus / Balijas were part of Mudiraju belonging to a section known as Mudiraju Bantlu.

    The titles Mummadi, Mummudi and Mummidi seems to be related to each other and it appears that Mummudi title was initially used by chola king Rajaraja and later by Recharla Nayakas (Mudiraj, Velama & Kamma)of Kakatiya kingdom. As per Chola -Mutharaya research center, Tanjore, the cholas and Mutharayars are one and the same people with different dynasty names.

    Mummudi => Mummadi => Mummidi

    Some Telugu chettiyars of bangalore and Chennai today, belonging to Balajiga ( Balija ) and Sadhu chettiyar subcastes claim their gotra as Mummudi. Mummidi is a surname of Kapus ( balija / Telaga ) of Andhra Pradesh. Balijas are the descendants of banjara trading community of North India and they once formed part of Mudiraju bantlu during medieval times. While Telagas are a subcaste of kapus in Andhra region, the same people who are known as Tenugus are a subcaste of Mudiraj in Telangana region. It appears that Kampila Raya and other Raya rulers of Bellary region belong to this bunt warrior community relating to Mudiraj people.

    Mummidi Devaraya, whom you are reffering in this letter seems to be a commentator on Ramayana and not a writer of Ramayana. Mummidi Devaraya is claimed by Kapus as their caste member. The fun is that while the Mutharayars (Mudiraj) ruled South India in the name of Cholas, this seperated section of Kapus ( Mudiraju Bantlu) ruled in Andhra in the name of Telugu Chodas. Most of the medieval Raya kings of Kampila, Vijayanagar, etc were directly and indirectly related to Mutha Raya community. Now Sri Krishna Deva Raya is claimed by Balijas as their caste person based on his gotra - Salinnaya, which is now prevelent among Balijas. Sri Krishna Devaraya is known to be a bant descendant. But Bant is one of the alternative names of Mudiraj. That means, the Balijas were once part of Mudiraju Bantlu during medieval times. There are more than a dozen common surnames among Mudiraju, Balija and Tuluva Bunts to prove that all these people are once one and the same.

    Finally your presence with surname "Mummidi" among Mudiraj is a testimony to the fact that the Cholas, Mutharayas, and Kapus ( Balijas ) are all one and the same people.
    For some more information about Mummidi, please go through Kampila Raya under menu "kings" in our community website MUDIRAJA ( )

    Thanking you,

    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Date :13/05/2008
    Nagpur, M.S, India

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    email no.26.0
    Prashant Koli : : wrote:

    Good evining sir,

    Last week I was in Tirupati, in Govindswami Temple. "Pujari" asked me my Gothra, I told him "Kabbaliga" , after that he pronounced some mantra containing Gothra and my Name.

    Was I right about my gothra?

    Secondly , can we bring all our brothers or sub communities together with some new ideas ? Like sub communities were Gothra in past, or due to lack of knowledge gothra became sub casts , some thing new ideas may bring all of us together and unity will reflect in strong power.

    Thank You.
    Prashant Koli.

    email no.26.1
    My Dear Prashant.

    Thank you very much for your kind e-mail and your interest to unite all our people across all corners of India who are know known by different caste and subcaste names. I am not quite aware of the gotra names in koli community in North India, but you seems to be perfectly right when you said your gotra as - Kabbaliga. Kabbaliga is one of the major fishing communities in Karnataka today. Some of them claim to be an extended community of Telugu Mudiraj. Seme sections of Telugu Mudiraj in Rayalaseema and Bellary still have fishing as their profession. The great saint and Carnatic music exponent "Purandara Dasa" belonging to Maharastrian Koli Nayak community who migrated from Maharastra to Karnataka during the rule of Vijayanagar kings said that he was a Kabbaliga. As you said that Kabbaliga could be a Gotra and also a subcaste of koli community. Some Mudiraj have their gotra name as Koli.

    People of Koli, Mudiraj, Muthuraj and all other related groups belonging to original Dravidian races must get united emotionally at mind level first to help each other and uplift our poor brothers like Valmikis who are suffering immensely at social and economic level. For creating emotional integration, we must spread the knowledge and awareness about oneness of our caste groups. Let us create websites of our own to spread more and more information and enlighten all our brothers. Let us tell our brothers to visit these websites (information centers) and interact with those groups. We, intelectuals and educated professionals can help our great Indian koli communities to stage a come back to reach great hights. Do you know that Dr. Manmohan Singh, the PM Of India today, belongs to Kohli (Koli) community.

    Today in the age of internet, the country boundaries are broken down and similarly the language barriers are also broken down. We must all try to learn Hindi and English in addition to our own mother tongue to expand our communication boundaries and establish supremacy of our ancient Dravidian race in India once again. India was once a pure Dravidian country stretching from Sindhu river valley to Srilank.

    We were the people like Valmiky, Buddha, Nanak who preached spiritualism and shown different raligious paths to attain God realization. Jainism was established by Dravidian Warrior kings and Aryan Kshatriyas to oppose the exploitations of Brahminism in the name of religion. Western Ganga kings such as Sripurusha Muttarasa (Mudiraj) and Shivamara-II Muttarasa were great patrons of Jainism who financed the erection of gaigantic statue of Jain Bahubali at Gomateswara in Karnataka.

    It is for your information that some of the kolis in Hyderabad write their subcaste as Mudiraj and viseversa.

    Kindly request all of koli brothers to go through MUDIRAJA website at to widen their knowledge about our Koli-Mudiraj community relations.

    Yours brotherly,
    Kokolu Anka Rao

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    email no.25.0
    "" ( wrote:

    Great WORK DUDE!!!keep rocking.....
    If there are any events going on,please don't forget to message me...

    Mannem Prasanth Kumar..

    email no.25.1

    Dear Sri Prashant.

    Thank you very much for your kind appreciation.

    I would also like to appreciate you for sending your whole hearted appreciation for the work being done by me. I consider it a kind of community service. Every one of we can voluntarily select a small piece work that will add value to our community and community people. When we go on searching for such a job from our core of heart, God will certainly be pleased to give us such a work. There is a great pleasure in doing such voluntary job where God is our master. More the pleasure you generate for others, the more and more pleasure you will get return.

    I have earlier added surnames - Manne and Mannemala. Now I have added one more surname ( Mannem ) to the list of Mudiraj and Mutharayar surnames in this website. I like and suggest that every Mudiraj person must make it a point to use his or her surname along with their own name. The surnames will help us to identify ourselves and our own distant related persons. This need not be treated as a caste mania.

    Do you know that Veera Pandya Kattabommana belonged to Mudiraj / Muthuraj community ? It is proved in this website from the fact that two surnames Katta and Bommana belong to Telugu Mudiraj. It is a fact that father of Veerapandya was a Nayak warrior, who migrated to Tamilnadu from Rayalaseema Region of Rayalaseema (plus Ballery ) and his father was adopted by the then Pandyan king as he did not have any son.

    What secret is hidden behind your surname may not be known now, but it may give some important piece of information in due course of time to know more about our Mudiraj roots.

    Thaning you.


    Kokolu Anka Rao

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    email no.24.0
    "T.L.S.C.Bose" ( wrote:

    Dear brother Shree. Anka Rao,

    How are you? I have visited your web site number time when I was in USA. I am pleased to inform you and your family members that we (my wife and self) returned to India on 07th.August. Our first born daughter with her family was also came to India on short leave and left to USA on 23rd.night.

    During our stay we also visited to our 25 years old son's place (Philadelphia) and stayed with with for two weeks. We begin to look for the suitable girl for his marriage. If some one interested kindly advise us please.

    With Love,

    Tamilnadu, India.

    email no.24.1
    Dear brother

    Kindly accept my pranaam !
    It is indeed a lon gap in our contact.
    Once or twice I thought of you.
    It is nice that you have come back from USA.
    MUDIRAJA website belongs to our entire community.
    I am only trying to serve my best with all available information.
    King Sripurusha Muttarasa is my latest discovery from internet.
    He was one of the famous kings of Western Ganga Dynsty.
    Inscriptions say that Sripurusha assumed the title of Muttarasa.
    His son Shivamara -II was also known as Muttarasa.
    His grandson Rachamalla-II patronised Jainism.
    Rachamalla funded the construction of statue of Bahubali at Sravanabelagola.
    Western gangas ruled parts of Andhra, Maharastra, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu
    Gangas were really Great Kings (Muthurajas).
    They were learned and religious warrior kings.
    They are said to come from Ganga River basin of North India.
    They could be from genetic pool connecting to Shantanu's wifes -Satyavathi and Ganga
    They played a great role in politics of Medieval South India.
    They had matrimonial relations with Pallavas.
    Kindly read about KINGS in our website and also tell all our brothers.
    Have good health & nice time.
    Pranaam !

    Your Brother
    Kokolu Anka Rao

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    email no.23.0
    venu gopal ( ) wrote:


    Dear Anka Rao gaaru,

    Your effort is really appreciable, After going through the wikepedia & your contents on geocities, i came to know that Mudiraj community has some great history to it & it is great to find people taking out time to put things together from history to enlighten people of today & tommorrow of the evolution of community. All the best.

    Thanks & Regards,


    email no.23.1
    Dear Mr. Venu.

    Thank you very much for your kind appreciation about this website - MUDIRAJA. This website belongs to all the people who still believe that they are the descendants of Great Kings ( Mudirajas - Muthurajas ) and belong to warrior king race. I am only trying to enlighten our community people with all available historical & puranic information to asertain that our forefathers were indeed Mudirajas (great kings).

    I am sure that one day our community people will raise their heads with great pride and pull off themselves from Backward Class status. When our ancestors - Ganga kings and Bana kings could creat a golden chapter in South Indian History, why can't we do that now in our modern Indian history ?

    This is possible when every one of we can love our community and start ascertaining our past king race. Do not fight to find the lowest possible status in the list of Backward Classes but struggle and work hard to disown this status and raise to a ruling class once again like our forefather - kings.

    I think that you have gone through the page on KINGS in this website, Sripurusha, the famous Western Ganga King assumed the title of MUTTARASA. How many of we know about this great truth ?. We must thank IT revoluttion for it has become a powerful tool in our hands and made it possible for people like us to come together to know more about our great forefathers who ruled this country in the distant past.

    Your brother
    Kokolu Anka Rao

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    email no.22.0
    Chandraiah Godugu wrote:

    Hi !

    I appreciate your efforts to maintain our mudiraj community.

    Chandraiah Godugu, PhD Scholar,
    Dept of Pharmacology and toxicology,

    Centre for Pharmacetical Nanotechnology,
    NIPER, S.A.S.NAGAR, Chandigarh, Punjab- 160062, India.

    email no.22.1
    Dear Sir.

    Thank you very much for your kind appreciation. You are a Phd scholar and a valuable asset to our community and Indian Society. We belong to warrior and king race of this country and that too the most ancient king (Mudiraj) race. We must tell this fact to this world and for that we must tell the same fact to our selves and community first.

    Wish you a great success in your life and hope you will bring a great name to our community and society.

    Thanking you.

    Kokolu Anka Rao,
    Date. 8th July 2007,
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India.

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    email no.21.0
    deepak "" wrote:


    Thanks for your useful website. I have found a lot more based on the clues from your website.Actually, I still have more information but haven't got enough proof for it as yet. Some puranic evidences in your website like the alliances between aryan kshatriyas and foreign invaders does not have any historic proof. The Haiheya dynasty itself belonged to a Rajput clan, possibly of Sassanian origin and later interbred with the other foreign invaders.

    Please visit my website: You can send your comments about the website to

    Dear Deepak.
    Kerala, India.

    Email no.21.1

    Dear Mr. Deepak.
    I am really happy to go through your e-mail and also your website. It is indeed a good work done by you and contains a lot more information to understand that our long distant ancestors came to South India migrating from North India. There are several strings of warrior lines that made our warrior community as it is today.

    I agree with you that vellalas had Rajput connection who inturun are said to have Scithiyan blood in their veins. Still the vellas are the descendants of North Indian Dravidians ( Bhil - koli) having mixed blood, might be that of Scithiyans. Historians generally agree that a lot of South Indians warrior groups had Indo-Scithiyan descendancy. The fact is that when warriors came down to South India, they declared themselves as Ariyans / Ariyars indicating a meaning that they were the people from North India. This aspect of "Vellala Origin" is going to be compiled by me in about 2-3 months time and it will be added to the page covering different origins of Mudiraj / Muthuraj.

    The Vellalas are the people who predominantly depended on agriculture and farming and they were the descendants of Bhilalas of North India. The people who had mixed blood of Bhils and Rajaput kings are known as Bhilalas and they are mainly farmeers even today. They are more like bhils but consider themselves superior to Bhils because of royal blood in them and well grooming under the patronage of kings.

    Bhils + Rajaputs = Bhilalas
    Bhilalas => bheelalas => Bhelalas => Belalas
    Belalas => Velalas => Vellalas
    Bhelalas => Bhalalas => Ballalas

    You have rightly identified Bhallalas as a part of Vellala group or a variants of the same warrior people. I am also thankful to you for giving a LINK from your website to the website developed by me at I will soon provide a similar LINK from my website to your website.

    I hope that we should do this for sake of proting the integration of minds of our warrior community people to understand their common roots in a much better way. Our people once ruled this country and promoted all kinds of religions projecting their advanced secular outlook which was responsible for the creation of today's secular India. I request you to kindly go through the recently added topic on "Suryavamsi Origins" in the MUDIRAJA website. It will certainly bring several forgotten things to lime light. The oneness of Chola, Choda and Muthariyars and their solar line upto root figure of MANU is explained in detail. We will feel proud to see that Srirama and Gautama Buddha too belong to our warrior communities and fal under solar races.

    I hope that I will be successful in throwing a bright light on the "VELLALA" aspect of our origins and integrate the South Indian communities such as Mutharayas, Mudhaliyars, Pillais, Nairs,etc. who formed the core group of ruling class people of South India and were dethroned to a 4th level Sudra Caste status due to socio-political changes brought by the entry of Muslims from Arabia and English from Europe. We as a community lost everything when we lost our shining sword with its ruling power. The Rajas of those days became ordinary people today and the ordinary people of those days became Rajas today.

    With Regards,

    Yours Brotherly,

    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Dt: 02/07/2007
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India.

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    email no.20.0
    Kadhir "" wrote:

    Dear Sir,

    Only Today I came across your website. I was happy to see a website, that represented what I earliar considered to be a tiny minority OBC. But however, I am not happy about the Indo-Aryan origin of our people. I am a Muthuraja from Tamil Nadu, and I am a pure TAMILIAN.

    I do not want to be called anything else. You say that we are Telugu by origin, but remember that Telugu Language itself is of Tamil origin, there is no greater Dravidian literature than that of Tamil. You have given the so-called Telugu roots of Tamil words, how can a daughter language be the root of a mother language? You seem to try to destroy Tamil Nadu and Tamil. Do you ask us to pride ourself in being havoc-causers? No amount of these efforts will 'convert' Tamil Muthurajas to Telugu. Even non-Tamils love the great grand Tamil language [ex. people from Europe, etc]. We Tamil Muthurajas would better convert to the ancient Tamil religion, which has no caste system. Many people have already done so. Do you know that Dr. B.R. Ambedkar asked all sudras to embrace the Tamil language, religion and culture? There are many non-Tamils in Tamil Nadu, especially Telugus, but they realise the greatness of the Tamil language and love the great Tamil language. I would rather die than being a speaker of a language like Telugu, which has no literature older than a 1000 years. Whereas I pride myself to be called a Tamilian, one who speaks the oldest surviving language in this planet and beyond.

    Hope you do reply!


    Yours Truly,
    Tamilnadu, India

    Email no. 20.1
    Dear Mr. Kadhir

    And My dear brother.

    You have written a wonderful letter reflecting strong sentiments and expressions of love for your mother tongue Tamil. I admire your quality of pride and self respect towards your mother tongue. It also reflects your Muthurayar clan quality of fighting spirit to declare your identity with Tamil. I see the prideness of Veera Pandya Katta Bomman in you who fought against British rulers. But the fact is that the forefathers of Veerapandya Kattabommana were Telugu people and it was an undeniable fact.

    Your ancestors might be the North Indian Dravidians but you are a perfect South Indian Dravidian and that too a strong Tamilian. You are no doubt a 100% Muthuraja and more than that you are a 200% Tamilian. You are one my own brother belonging to Muthuraja community. How can I hate you ? Let us not fall in the mess of Love & Hate relationship. Let us discover, we ourselves and our community whose history was willingly either destroyed or distorted by Brahmin epigraphists for reasons best known to everybody.

    Now I believe that our community website MUDIRAJA with it's contents is accessible to one and all from all over the globe and generating strong reactions from brothers like you. I find that Tamil Muthurajas are more self respecting and pride people than their brothers in parts of this country. I received a lot of letters from Tamil Muthuraja brothers from Australia , Malaysia and now from you from Tamilnadu. Your letter is very sharp like the arrow of Ekalavya. Do you know that Ekalavya was a North Indian Dravidian and a Bhil-koli to which we Muthurajas belong ?

    It is a common and wrong notion in the minds of Indians that all North Indians are Aryan descendants and all South Indians are Dravidian descendants. Once upon a time, India was a country a pure Dravidians from river Sindhu in the North to Srilanka in the South. The whole India was a Dravidian country. The aboriginal bhil-kolis, now speaking different languages in different parts of India are spread all over India .

    Due to invasions from across Himalayas , people got mixed up and thus producing new races of Indo-Aryans. When the river Saraswati dried up due to some geographical changes, the koli-Bhil fishermen of Dravidian origin migrated to South India in search of new river water sources. Dravidian and Indo-Aryan terminologies are of modern in nature and used by post British Indian Historians, but the Indo-Aryans who migrated to South India more than 3000 years ago declared themselves Aryans.

    Muthu + Aryan = Muthu + Arayan => Muthurayan => Mutharayan
    Muthu + Aryar = Muthu + Arayar => Muthurayar => Mutharayar

    From the above, it is very clear and evident that Muthurayans or Muthurayars or Muthurajas are the descendants of those Indo-Aryans who declared themselves as Aryans. Even the those who were pure Dravidians and came down from North India to South India in those days called themselves as Aryans. That is one of the reasons why the Dravidian languages are full of Sanskrit words.

    One who seeks truth should never be so hard and strong in their openions. Truth is always known to be some thing like a bitter pill. The way, a bitter pill cures us from uncurable diseases, the truth enlightens our minds and make soft natured by removing darkness within our minds.

    The fact is that all Dravidian languages fragmented into different languages from a common Dravidian language with the passage of time. More than 5000 years ago, in the entire India , all most all the people spoke only one Dravidian language, might be with slightly different dialects. That is why, almost all Indian languages had all most the same number of alphabets except Urdu.

    Aryans or Indo-Aryans first came to Telugu speaking lands on their slow migration to South India , and then they reached Tamil speaking lands. The Indo-Aryans were also black in color and looked more like Dravidians. They came to be known as Kala Veers (Black warriors). These kalaveers who were forced to move from Telugu speaking lands to Tamil speaking lands came to be known as Kalabiras or Kalabras or kalabhras.

    Kala = Black
    Veer = Warrior
    Kala + Veers = Kalaveers
    Kalaveers => kalavirs => Kalabirs => Kalabiras => Kalabras = Kalabhras

    Since, I was born as a Telugu speaking MUDIRAJ, I tried to explain a lot of names which started with Telugu terminilogis. Those words may possibly belong to all other present Dravidian languages too inclug Tamil. Even such words may also belong to North Indian languages.

    Let us take the case of Cholas. Cholas declared themselves as Suryavamsi (solar Race) kings. The suryavamsi and Chandravamsi clan system basically originated in North India. The South Indian Dravidian were known as Nagavamsis. The koli kings and others relating to Kolis such as SriRama, Gautama Buddha belonged to Suryavamsis. Valayars are a subcaste of Muthuraja and had a Chola background. Cholas were Kolas and Kolas were the kolis.

    Every one accepted the fact that Valmiky was a koli. He belonged to fishermen community of Valya Koli branch. The Ramayana written by Valmiky is known as Valmiky Ramayan and also Koli Ramayan. The Telugu words VALA and VALAYARS has its relation to VALYA of Valya Kolis.

    Valya => Valaya = Closed loop or Round Net
    Valaya => Vala = Fishing Net
    Valya => Valaya => Valayar => Valaiyar

    Kolis are known as Koliyans or Kuliyans in the region of Nepal and Benaras. Goutama Buddha’s mother and wife were daughters of Koliyan kings who were related to Sakyan clan. Even Sakyans were also Suryavamsis.

    Koliyans => Koli => Kolis
    Koliyans => Kolyans => Kolas
    Kolas => Colas => Cholas

    Kuliyans => Chuliyans => Chulas => Choolas > Cholas

    You are a strong Tamilian and you should be so as your mother tongue is Tamil. Your very community name MUTH(ARAYAN) indicates that you are related to ARAYAN or ARYAN i.e Indo_Aryan. So please, think with a open and cool mind. What we can not accept instantaneously, should not be rejected instantaneously. It is wise that we give sufficient time and freedom to our own mind to accept or reject a view that comes from others.

    Nobody can discover the truth but it always comes out on its own when time is ripe. One day Galelieo was hanged to death by this world for saying that the earth was round like a globe. But the same world, which hanged Galelieo, now remembers him and accepts this as TRUTH. The world took a long time to understand this TRUTH, after Galelieo was hanged by enlightened Christian religious people. Belief and truth are two different things and they have their own importance at their own time. I am trying to say some thing what I believe is a truth and like to submit it. It is for the readers and the world eithers to accept it or reject. I am very very sorry, if my writings are hurting any body unknowingly and it is never my intension.

    Truth is like a bitter pill but necessary to enlighten our minds and expand the frontiers of our knowledge. The Koli_bhil fishermen gave birth to the Chola and Mutharayar kings and they belonged to Vedic culture and Shaivaite religion. Since Mutharayars became Jains and Buddhists and propagated this anti Brahmin religion, they were denounced by Brahmins as Kshudras (Sudras) and their history was either earsed or distorted. Since the Cholas encouranged brahminism and Hinduism, their history was well written and preserved by them for the sake money and lands which they received in the name of temples. They knew that Cholas and Mutharayars were one and the same people but they praised the Cholas and denounced the Mutharayar clans.

    Please keep in contact with our community website and also please tell others in Tamilnadu whom you may be knowing.

    Thanking you
    Yours Brotherly

    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

    Email no. 20.2
    Kadhir " " wrote:
    Dear Sir,

    I am sorry for that extremly harsh email. I always do that, that is why I have no friends, all my relatives too somewhat hate me as I always speak like Hitler. I am that kind of a person who without a second thought [actually, not even a first thought], vomit out whatever is in his mind. But, such people are highly reliable!

    Anyway I am very sorry for that, but still that is what is my ideology. I am a follower of Periyar [a Telugu], he was a Naiker, who claim to be blood brothers of Muthurajas, is it true? As I like most of his ideals, [he too loved Tamil], I want to know if the Naikers are also related to us [Mudirajas].

    Sorry again.

    Yours Truly,
    Kadhir, Tamilnadu, India

    Email no. 20.3
    Dear Brother sri Kadhir

    I am extremely happy to read your e-mail. I am sure that you are really honest in your expressions and do not hide any thing in your mind. I respect the people with honest mind. We should never hate or discourage the people who critise us as they may be pointing some defect in our our thoughts or acts. In fact we must be thankful to such people who criticize us.

    You love your mother tongue. To love one's own mother is a great virtuous quailty. You are a good man. But learn to be slow in your reactions when you get angry or feeling agitated within your mind. Let the thought waves become normal before you express your feelings. Never be harsh to any body as we will be the loosers due to our own harshness.

    Kindly treat me as your elder brother and write e-mails as when you feel so. We can share thoughts and infomation, which may be useful to both of us and our community. Never think that Telugu and Tamil are different. We are all sons of one mother. All Dravidian languages are born out of one language but Tamil is known to have the great original literary works such as Manimekhalai, Sangam literature of Buddist times. Our Mutharayar forefathers were the Buddhist kings who promoted this literature.

    Naikers are a subcaste of Muthurajas in Tamilnadu. Please go though our community website and read menu "Various names " of Mudiraj. Veera Pandya Katta Bomman was a (Kambalathu) Naiker. Katta and Bommana are two surnames of Telugu Mudiraj caste people today. A lot of Mudiraj / Muthuraj people are now known as Naidu / Balija/ Kapu also. They are our own people but came to be known by other names due to various socio-political reasons.

    More than 60 years ago, there were no language based states.No body took language as the basis for indentifying themselves as we do today. Telugu kings ruled their countries upto Madhurai and Thanjavoor. Kings settled in Tamilnadu ruled a lot of Telugu lands and also upto Himalayas. The daughters of Cholas married Telugu kings near Godavari & Krishna. Cholas and Chalukyas of Vengi (Andhra) became one family like and ruled both Tamil and Telugu lands. Tamil and Telugu kings were more closely related matrimonially. We are all having the same blood but spoke two different languages.

    Further, you will come to know that Madras was founded by our Mudiraj / Muthurasa fishermen. The founders were Telugu speaking Muthurasa people.

    Muthurasa => Mudurasa => Madarasa => Madrasa => Madras

    Some times TRUTH is unbelievable and unbearable. But TRUTH is TRUTH. When Arjuna saw the Viswaroopa of Krishna, he got frightened and trembled. He was unable to see him in that multi headed form. He immediately requested Sri Krishna to come back to his normal and original human form. Our position is also similar too that. Many a times we afraid of TRUTH. But we must allow our mind to take its own time to slowly accept the TRUTH. Every human being is in search of TRUTH. One day or the other we all will realize and accept the TRUTH.

    During my research, I came to know that a majorty of our community people were fishermen. Though I knew that we are having inclination to fishing, but I never thought that we are really fishermen in many areas of this country. But I slowly realized that it is TRUTH and further I came to known that Cholas, Pandyans were also from fishing background. I started feeling pride when I came to known that Bhakta Kannappa and Purandara Das were from Muthuraja related caste.

    We are brothers having Muthuraja warrior blood. Let us provide more and more information to our community people and make them aware of their king race quailties. Let us inspire them to feel proud of their birth in Mudiraj community. We were the kings of this country in yester years and were responsible to lay foundations to great temples and culture.

    Thanking you.

    Yours Brotherly.
    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no.19.0 wrote:

    Hi Ankarao garu,

    Thanks for your reply. What ever the answer may be thanks for reply in time. And one more thing is i really one to thank you for the Site you have created. Thanks for showing the great interest in our community and developing the own site for our community.


    email no.19.1 wrote

    Miss Swapna.

    Thank you very much for your kind appreciation for my creating website -MUDIRAJA.

    We belong to a community of kings and queens but we never knew it for sure. I wanted to tell this fact to every one in our community and so created this site. It is by God's grace and guidance that I could do it and continue to do it. Backwardness of our community is due to lack of interest and information about community. We forgot that our ancestors were warriors, kings and administators. Then why can't we do the same what our ancestors did in the past ? We can certainly do it provided we know what exactly our anctors were !

    I hailed from an average family but passed my BE(elec) degree from REC, Warangal about 35 years back. Today, I see that many boys and girls from our community are taking their engineering and management degrees. Your present younger generation can create a great pride in the next & future generations. You can drive them to reach a great new heights by telling them about our ancestors.

    I always believed in God and doing something that nobody has done earlier. You please take pride for being a Mudiraj and do some thing to our community. You please become a pride asset for yourself, your family and your community. You kindly tell about our community website to all your known friends and relatives to enlighten & empower them with more information. Information is key to success in this age computer & communication.

    Thanking you.

    With Regars.

    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no:18.0
    Prashant Koli wrote:

    Respected Sir,

    I am new to this community (Mudiraj), I read your valuable researches, I really wonder how dificult task it was !. Thanks for such a great work in Community.

    There are lot many my relatives who are interested in this study & this article but on computer it is not possible for them, They are retired people, after reading this article they may drive themselves in this ocean.

    I am requesting you to please forword me softcopy or word doccument of this article.

    If you require any work done by me let me know. i am interested any kind of work for community. i would like to contribute myself.

    Waiting for your reply...

    Thank you.

    Prashant Hanamant Koli

    email no.18.1
    Dear Sri Prashant.

    You are one of my blood brothers from North Indian Koli family who has interacted with me for the 1st time. I might have hugged you, if you were perhaps in front of me. I am very happy to note your expressions of happiness to discover people of your king race among Mudirajas and Muthurajas in South India. I have seen my own father who was a male nurse in a local hospital often going for fishing along with other members of our community. I also confess that as an youg boy, I used to go for fishing. It was perhaps this hidden instinct that drives the people of this race towards to fishing & hunting and made them warriors and kings in ancient times. Kolis were the oldest and ancient kings who establisehed their rule in India. The word MUDI in Mudiraj means Great / Old / Ancient.

    It may be difficult for me to send the entire website on soft copy but I will try to send one or two relevant pages to you by e-mail in due course of time.

    Mandhata was one of the great solar race emperors in ancient India and also a koli whose greatness was known to be incribed on the runis of Sundhu valley civilization. Then came Sri Ram, the great hero of the epic Ramayana who was also a solar race king of great repute after Mandhata. Some of the kolis are known as Ramoshis and this point indicates the fact that they are either Ramavamsi solr race people or Rama Vasi (people controlled by Sri Ram during war on Demon Ravana). Similarly there are Ramoshis in Bedars / Berads and they are not different from Kolis in their blood.

    Here what we have to understand is that Sri Ram, the hero of Ramayana, the Valmiky who wrote the epic and even Hanuman the Superman of Ramayana were all Kolis and related to kolis. Kolis and Banjaras (Vanjaras = Vanaras) are from one and the same genetic pool having koli blood. Even Satyavathi, the wife of Shantanu was the daughter of a Koli (Tribal Dravidian) king. Vedavyas, the epic writer of Mahabharata, was an Indo-Aryan whose mother was an unmarried Satyavathi and father was an Aryan Bhrahmin muni. Thus, the Pandavas and Kauravas were all having koli blood. That was one of the secret reason why Arjuna was able to hit the "eye of a fish" in Draupadi Swayamvar. Fish is an important symbol of Koli culture right from Sindhu civilization till today.

    Guatama Buddha belonged to Skyan race whose people had close matrimonial relations with Kolians. Gutam Buddha’ mother and wife were both the daughters of koli kings. These kings were known as Maharajas in North India. Mahavamsha, the well known Buddhist literature was sponsered by Buddist Kalabhra Kings in South India & Sri Lanka. Even the "Maha" in the word "Mahabharata" may be pointing to the war between these Maharajas. The Kalabhras were the ancestors of Telugu Mudiraj warriors / kings. These Mudirajas are known as Muthurajas in Tamilnadu and they were all migrants from North to Deccan and then down South. The meaning of "Maha", "Mudi" and "Muthu" is same and it means "Great" or "Ancient".

    Meanwhile, I request you to kindly inform about this website (MUDIRAJA) to all our Koli brothers known to you around the world and ask them to know more about their extended family members in South India.

    Yours Brotherly,
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India
    Date : 05/03/2007

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    email no:17.0
    "mutyala rama krishna" wrote

    Hello Sir,

    I am Rama Krishna Mutyala (Mudiraj) from Vijayawada working in a MNC, Hyderabad. Today I came across our Mudiraj Community Site .

    I want to appreciate your effort in gathering the information and developing this website.

    Best Regards,
    Rama Krishna Mutyala.

    email no:17.1
    Dear Mr. Rama Krishna.

    I am thankful to you for your kind e-mail with appreciation and encouraging comments on our community websiite being developed and maintained by me. This website is dedicated to all Mudiraj people like you who are seeking information about their origins, historical backgrounds and various names by which we are known across the country. Our community people are spread all over India and known by various names. Our warrior ancestors were also related to Deva / Devaraya / Raya kings of Vijayanagar kingdom and Kakatiya kingdom. Some of we have descended from the line of Kalchuri clans who had Aryan Chedi blood in their veins. The title Deva was widely used by most Kalchuru kings of North India.

    The word RAYA was infact a modified or derived word from ARYA. The Ariyars to which Saint Mata Amritananda Mayee (Kerala) belong are descendants of Indo-Aryans from North India. We have also connection to Koli / Buddist kings of North India.Our people who ruled Tamil lands are still known as Mutharayars or Muthurajas.

    Aryan => Arayan => Araya => Raya
    Aryan => Aryar => Arayar => Araya => Raya

    I request you to kindly send all our community surnames which you know personally and through your relatives so that I can add the same to surnames list in this website. It is through this list I am able to discover Veera Pandya Kattabommana as warrior king of Muthuraja ( Nayakkar / Palakkarar) and one of the earlist freedom fighters against British foreign rule.

    Thanking you.

    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Date: 31/01/2007
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no:16.0
    "ravi" wrote

    I read the article written by you about mudiraj community in net. It is very interesting. I belong to mancherial of adilabad dist. Presently I am doing my Phd in organic chemistry at IICT hyderabad.

    Indian Institute of Chemical Technology,

    email no:16.1
    Dear Mr. Ravi.

    Thank you very much for you email and appreciation about the website. This website is created by me but for young people like you who are in search of their community meaning and roots.

    I got a lot of encouragement and research material from Chola-Mutharayar Research Center, Tanjore, Tamilnadu. It is indeed a fact that the Cholas and Mutharayars were from one and the same warrior race and had the same professional background having well established matrimonial relations. I also received several letters from other parts of the world particularly from Australia, Malaysia and Arabian countries.

    Though I started this website to satisfy my own burning desire to know about community name and its roots, I believe that I am able to slowly draw the attention of many of community people to this website and provide them appropriate and useful information.

    My recent discovery in the last one week is that we are directly related to Kalchuri Kings who ruled Kalayana Kingdom in Maharastra and Palnadu in Andhra Pradesh. The hero of the story narrated by ballads during Ankamma Kolupu (Ankamma Puja) was Kommaraju. Kommaraju was thus a warrior and ancestor of Mudiraj. I have discovered a vital information through internet search that there was a Kalchuri king KOMMARAJA of Kalyani who was related to Palnati Kalchuris. ALUGU is one of the names of Palnati Kalchuris. There are Mudiraj people with Alugu surname today in Telangana.

    For more details please go through web page on “ANKAMMA” at

    It is a website dedicated for our young generation like you and my primary aim is to bring back once again the lost pride of great kings of Mudirajas / Muthurajas into the present generation of Mudiraj people.

    Kindly inform about this website to as many of our community people as possible. Please go through the Telugu-Mudiraj surnames listed in this website. If you find any surname / surnames missing in the list, the same may kindly be informed to the undersigned, so that the same will be added to this website.

    Thanking you

    Kokolu Ankarao
    Date : 07/01/2007
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no:15.0> wrote:

    Dear Sir

    I have some questions about mudiraju peoples , I would like to ask , if you can possibly answer them , I will greatly apreciate. Thank you.

    1. What is Mudiraju population in Andhra Pradesh and which cities are have large population of Mudiraju?.

    2. Which faiths do Mudiraju's proface?.

    3. Do Mudiriraju stil practice and teach traditional indian martial arts in Andhra Pradesh like those's practiced and taught in Tamil Nadu , Kerala and surrounding states , if so please give details.

    Hope to hear from you.


    Mr. Tariq

    Place : Unknown
    Date : 15/11/2006

    email no: 15.1
    Dear Mr. Tariq.

    Thank you very much for your interest in the community of Mudiraj in Andhra Pradesh. I would like to be very frank with you that I am not a historian but a computer engineer. My research into the details of Mudiraju community and their variants are purely providential and due to inner quest to know what this community name stands for. The details compiled in this website are totally Internet based.


    1. What is Mudiraju population in Andhra Pradesh and which cities are have large population of Mudiraju?.

    Answer :
    Politicians claim that the population of Mudiraj and its allied groups stand at about 1.5 crores. The Besta, Gangaputra, Agnikula Kshatriya, Valmiky, Bukka, etc are some of the allied castes groups of Mudiraj and also have their own separate indentity in some parts of Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad is one of the cities with highest Mudiraj population in A.P. Warangal, Karnool, Kondapally near Vijayawada are some of the places which I personally know where these people are in good strength.

    2. Which faiths do Mudiraju's proface?.

    Answer :
    Mudiraj people are basically Hindus to an extent of 99.99%. But I am myself from a place ADDANKI near Ongole where community puja takes place on some occasions in the name of Ankamma Kolupu. This practice of Ankamma Kolupu is definitely tribal Koya in nature than a Hindu ritual. The Kolupu mostly takes place in the night . The Swords and daggers are cleaned and worshipped in a ritual manner with haldi (turmaric powder ) & Kumkum and a Goat is sacrifised to Goddess Ankamma at the end. The meat of this goat is served to all community people and other friendly neighbours in the feast. This goat sacrifice reminds me the Bakrid of Muslims. Ankamma Kolupu do not involve any Hindu Brahmins. It is performed by Ballads ( mostly Hindu-Mala caste) who also worship Ankamma in their families.

    These people worship Balaji, Hanuman, Ram, Krishna and all other Hindu Gods and Goddesses while they continue their tribal worship of Ankamma, Poleramma, Pothuraju, etc.

    3. Do Mudiraju stil practice and teach traditional Indian martial arts in Andhra Pradesh like those's practiced and taught in Tamil Nadu , Kerala and surrounding states , if so please give details.

    I personally do not know the status of such martial arts being practiced in AP at present. I only read that the Kakatiyas had a research & development wing for martial arts which was headed by Mudirajas.

    I hope that I am able to give you all the possible information that I personally knew about Mudiraju people of A.P.

    It might have given me a more pleasure, if you have given me your introduction and what is your interest in general in having such information.

    Thanking you.

    Kokolu Anka Rao
    DT: 16/11/2006
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email No.14
    Kiruban wrote:

    Hi Mr. Kokolu Anka Rao,

    My name is Kiruban, 27 years old from Malaysia . I found about you from your website when am looking around about Muthuraja caste. The reason for my mail to you is, to clarify some information about Muthuraja’s caste. First of all I’m from Muthuraja’s caste. My father’s name is Poovan. My father’s brothers and sisters still living in Trichy in vellaparai village. And for your information, my father was the president for Muthuraja’s association in Malaysia , now he’s retired.

    Here’s my question:

    • 1. Is Muthuraja tamilian or telegu?
    • 2. From your research finding, I found out that Muthuraja is from Indo-Arya clan. Indo-Arya, are they mainly from middle east?
    These are the first two questions I need a clarification first. Hope to hear from you soon.



    email no.14.1
    Dear Mr. Kiruban.

    It is really a great pleasure for me to receive your letter from Malaysia. I have earlier received a few emails from Parameswaran Alagan from Malaysia and a couple of letters from his father Nalla Alagan from Malaysia.

    The Muthuraja is a Tamil word and Mudiraja a Telugu word indicating the same caste of people who are the descendats of Indian & Indo-aryan warriors of ruling & administrative class of people.

    If, you go through UREMAILS (Your Emails) published in MUDIRAJA web site, you will come to know that the Tamil surname ALAGAN was a modification of Telugu surname ELUGU. I believe that I was able to solve this puzzle of transformation of surname from ELUGU to ALAGAN satisfactorily to some extent.

    Elugu => Elugon => Elugan => Elagan => Alagan

    Mr . Nalla Alagan himself wrote in one of his emails that their ancestors migrated from Andhra to vijayapuram near trichy in Tamilnadu along with about 2000 Telugu families due to the fear of Muslin attacks on Hindus during those days.

    What I want to say is that it was a fact that people from many sections of Muthuraja community in Tamilnadu were the descendtas of such migrants from Telugu speaking Areas of Deccan India. We should also note that Mudiraj people in some parts of Western Andhra Pradesh are still known as BANT / BUNT. For your information, I would like to say once again that Miss world Aiswarya Rai is from Tulu speaking BUNT community. Hindi cine actor Sunil Shetty and actress Shilp Shetty also belong to Tulu speaking bunt community of Karnataka. Bunts are also known as Buntara. Shetty means an administrator ans a tax collector in olden feudal system. They were also warriors and chieftains. The bant / bunt is a modified version of the word Banjara / Vanjara / Vanara.

    Vanara => Vanjara => Banjara => Ban(t)zara => Bantara => Buntara => Bunt / Bant

    As you may be ware of the fact that Kishkinda was the kingdom of famous vanara warriors such as Vali, Sugreeva, Hanuman, Jambavanth, Angada, Nala, Neela, etc. who made Ramayana an immortal epic with their heroic rescue operation of Sita from clutches of demon Ravana and may be the first epic of its kind in the world. This Kishkinda was located exactly where HAMPI is located today in Bellary district of Karnataka. Bellary was a part of Rayalaseema of Andhra till about 50 years back. Long long time agao, the majority of people in Bellary districts used to speak Telugu. Even today, there exists a sizable population in Bellary whose mother tongue is Telugu. Bellary was separated from Andhra state and merged into Karnataka state at the time of reorganization of states based on language in the year around 1950.

    Here once again I would like to emphasize my point that Kishkinda kingdom was located in Telugu speaking areas of Deccan India and Vanaras were all Telugu speaking people of epic Ramayana times. The bunts / bants of today are the descendants of vanaras. Tulu, Telugu and Kannada languages were once upon a time belonged to one and the same dravidian language. The script of Kannada and Telugu is almost same even today. So the bants / Bunts of today are the descendants of Native Indian Dravidian Vanaras and hence origins of Muthurajas are primarily rooted in the Vanara Kingdom of Kishkinda.

    Muthurajas / Mudirajas are the descendants of warrior king race of Vanaras. The term vanara was used by Valmiky to indicate the fact that vanaras were all those living in thick DANDAKARANYA FORESTS of central and South India during Ramayana times. Vanaras were all basically the Dravidians and Valmiky himself was a Dravidian warrior and Chieftain who lived in the region of Madhya Pradesh. There are people of Valmiky caste in both North and South India. In some parts of Andhra Pradesh, Mudiraj people are also known as Valmikies. In some places they are known as a separate caste different from Mudiraj. It might be due to some differences in the professions they adapted with the passage of time.

    When I said that Muthurajas / Mudirajas were Indo-Aryans, I mean that some of them belong to a new generation of warriors kings who came into existence due to inter mixing of races and due to matrimonial relations between native INDIANs, who were the Vanaras (Dravidians) living in the Indian forests and the ARYANs, who came from Central Asia / Arabia / Middle East. The intermixing of Indian and Aryan races took place largely in Sindhu- Yamuna- Gangetic river belt areas in North India. Vedvyas, who wrote epic Mahabharata was the son of Satyavathi, a Koli virgin girl and a Aryan Brahmin Rishi. Bheeshma was the son of Ganga, a Koli girl and Shantanu, an Aryan Kshatriya. A large section of kolis are there in Mudiraj / Muturaj community, whose main profession is fishing even today. A section of Muthurajas had their origins rooted in Kalabhras who migrated from Telugu speaking areas and who in turn had their roots in Indo-Aryan Kalchuris of central India. The kalabhras who came to South India were Jians and later they became Buddhists. Later on their descendants became Hindus under the influence of Shankaracharya who cleverly declared that Buddha was an incarnation of Vishnu.

    Let us remember one fact very clearly that Mudiraj / Muthuraj people were warriors and administrative ruling class of people and not from a particular race of people. So, we may come across some times that there were people among us from different sections having different basic professions. While some of our caste people are farmers just like kapus / kammas in some areas, some other section of people are fishermen just like kolis / bestars.

    I hope that I am able to answer two of your questions to best of my knowledge and you will feel satisfied with extra information.

    Please continue to write and enrich our community web site with more and more information so that we can trace out our origins and inform our next generations.

    Thanking you.

    With Regards.


    Nagpur, Maharastra, India.

    email no.14.2
    Hi Mr. Kokolu Anka Rao,

    Thank you for your fast reply. Based on your reply, I can establish one fact strongly, that Muthuraja caste are not originally originated from Tamilnadu, so Muthuraja’s are not tamilian but they are in telegu caste in a bigger picture. Am doing a study on our caste to understand it more as truth as possible. It is sad not to know my own origin. All the while I was thinking that am a tamilian.

    I will catch with you up later. Below is the list of sub class name for Muthuraja that I found out in one of the Tamilnadu government website:

    • Muthuracha, Muthiriyar,
    • Mutharaiyar (Including
    • Muthuraja, Muttiriyar,
    • Ambalakaran, Servai,
    • Servaikkaran, Valaiyar,
    • Kannappa Kula Valaiyar,
    • Bharatava Valaiyar
    • (Paratava Valayar),
    • Palayakkaran, Kavalgar,
    • Talaiyari, Vazhuvadiyar,
    • Poosari, Muthuraj,
    • Muthiriya Moopar (Shanan),
    • Muthiriya
    • Moopanar (Parkava Kulam),
    • Muthiriya Naidu (Gavara),
    • Muthiriya Naicker,
    • Palayakara
    • Naidu, Palayakara Naicker,
    • Muthuraja Naidu,
    • Vanniyarkula Muthuraj,
    • Muthiriya Urali Gounder,
    • Muthiriya Rao, Vettuva
    • Valaiyar, Arayar,
    • Ambalam, Pillai)



    email no.14.3
    Dear Mr. Kiruban.

    Thank you very much for your kind information about Tamilnadu government website and useful feedback on various subcastes of Muthurajas in Tamilnadu. Please believe me that your information has helped me two discover two great personalities relating to our Muthurajas.

    One of them is Bhakta Kannappa, who was a great devotee of Shiva and one of the 63 Nayanars of South India. The people of Kannappa Kula are the descendats of Kannappa's boya hunter tribe. Kannappa belonged to Srikalahasti region of present Andhra Pradesh. I feel myself great to note that people of Kannappa Kula come under Muthurajas.

    The second one is Veera Pandya Kattabomman, who was hanged by Imperial British for refusing to pay taxes to British. He was the son of Katta Bommu, who was a migrant from Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh. He comes under caste palayakara / palayakarar / poligars / palegars , which is considered a subcaste of Muthurajas.

    Kattabommu was an adopted son of one Pandya king of Tamilnadu as he was an issueless. It is understood that the court language of Veerapandya Kattabomman was Telugu. Katta & Bommana are also surnames of Teulugu-Mudiraj people and you can find this surname in our web site at

    I have added an article on Bhakta Kannappa in our community website and you can see it at I will soon add an article on Veera Pandya Kattabomman under menu - Kings and will inform you.

    Please continue to send your feedback which you may feel it will enlighten our community people and our society as a whole.

    Thanking you.

    With Regards.

    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India
    Dt: 03/102006

    email no.14.4

    It’s great pleasure to know that this both great people are from Muthuraja’s origin. Just for my curiosity, based on your research, does all the Muthuraja basically from tamilnadu knows that they are from Telegu origin.



    email no.14.5
    Dear Mr. Kiruban.

    I am very much impressed for your interest to know more about Muthurajas. I am sure that you will be one of those future Muthurajas who will be well informed person about history and origins of Muthurajas. This web site is primerly meant for people like you - not only to know more about Muthurajas but also to propagate this information to others in our community.

    You have rightly questioned whether Tamil Muthurajas know about their Telugu origin ? I think that I am not wrong if I say that only about 1 % of them know about this fact. This 1% of Muthurajas are those who are intellectuals and research scholars associated with centers such as Chola-Mutarayar Research ceter, Tanjavor.

    The migration of Telugu people might have taken place about 300- 500 years back only when many Telugu families fled to Tamil lands to save their lives from on slaught of hooligan Muslims invaders. But the fact is that Kalabhra warrior kings migrated about 1200 years back from Telugu speaking lands of present Andhra Pradesh to Tamil speaking lands under pressure from North Indian kings and created a havoc in South India by occupying kingdoms of Chola, Chera, & Pandyas. It is widely believed by many Tamilians that these kalabhras destoyed Tamil culture by imposing their own culture.

    It is too difficult for any community to keep track of their roots in olden days. The information about our community was destoyed by Brahmin epigraphists as Kalabhras & Muthurajas were initially Jains & Buddhists and were anti brahmin in their attitude. A little information that was recorded in Jain& Buddhist texts is now coming to light due to IT & Internet boom all over the world and drawing the attention of many people like you and me.

    I am on the job of retriving and recreating the history of Muthurajas / Mudirajas to a greater extent through every bit of information that is available to me through various web sites. I request you to kindly inform all our community people whom you may be knowing about this our community web site and extend a bit of service to restore our community pride.

    Thanking you.

    With Regars.

    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no:13.0
    Nalla Alagan wrote:

    Dear Brother Kokolu Ankarao

    Sorry for my delay in replying your mail. Firstly, I am very pleased to know your goodself and this friendship would assist me in many ways.

    Come back to your subject of "Muthurajas". Yeah, my father used to tell me quite a lengthy stories concerning this clan. Unfortunately, I was totally against his views.

    a. He (my father) was a very arrogant man who never give face to other Indians.

    b. He believed that no other race or caste was above them.

    c. He never enter other persons home thinking that his reputation as a Muthuraja could be lowered.

    d. He maintained his reputation and profile till his death.

    One thing I didnt like most about him was he never allowed us to mix and mingle with other Indians(tamilians).

    Stories I gathered from him:

    a. He mentioned a couple of times that his grandmother is from Andhara and the actual native i wouldnt know.

    b. When the musalmans (Islamic Warriors) attacked certain of their areas, they fled downwards and settled in mathurai. After which they moved to Pudukottai area and settled in Vijayapuram.

    c. In Vijaypuram, there are about 2000 people grouped together and made their settlement.

    During my younger days they used to call me Alagu. That was my nickname. However, our ancesters all had this name "Alagan" as their surnames. Example: Solai Alagan, Allagan, Nalla Alagan, Anbalagan etc etc.

    In Malaysia, there is a very strong Muthuraja Associatian to which I am not a member and to be honest with you.

    To me I find nothing in this caste system. Sorry to say this. Our Indian society's growth is terribly hampered with this system. However, I really appreciate your research on this matter.

    Our Hindu Veda says " Yatha bhavam, Thatha bavathi". What is more important in life is to understand our own reality. What we think is what we are. Why are we here in this planet?. Where do we come from? What is our task and purpose here?. These questions has to be unswered to fulfil our presence here. This is what I am doing.

    In 1967 I came in contact with my Universal Guru Lord Hanuman. I was then around 24 years old. I dont think any human being on this earth had this kind of an opportunity. The first question he ask was "Do you know me"?. I was stunned. He gave me a hard slap on my face. This opened my eyes. Thats it. I could recollect back Angatha, Sugriva, Jambavan, Nalan , Neelan and all the vaanaras who were with Sri Ram and Laxman.

    From then on, now I am 62 years old, living with my Divine master. My breathe is Ram, My world is Ram and everything is Ram for me.My spiritual master for intellectual knowlege is Lord Shankarachariyar and I am a advaite. I do lots of research on the Hindu philosophy and meditation is my prayers.

    I would very much like to visit your place one day and hope that day will come soon.

    Thank you very much for mailing me and we will keep in touch constantly.

    Ram Ram and God bless.

    Thanks and Regards.

    Nalla Alagan

    Email no. 13.1
    Dear brother Sri Nalla Alagan.


    Your email has valuable information for all Mudiraj / Muthuraj readers. One of the main points of your email is that your great grand mother was Telugu and from Andhra.

    Yes - historians too say that due to political pressure from North, many kings fled down South of South India and created a havoc by over throwing Chola, Chera and Pandya kingdoms. The fleding of your ancestors from Andhra / Rayalaseema was perhaps one such events of political and social disturbances.

    I understand that you are a spiritual minded man and far above the dual realities. It is true that the purpose of human birth on this earth is self realization. I like my contacts with people like you for sharing information about our spiritual nature and its relation with supreme soul (paramatma).

    Do you know that our Muthurajas are having a few strands of descendancy of great spiritual masters such as Valmiky, Hunuman , Shabari, Kabir, Purandaradas, etc. Even Veda vyas was a son of a koli girl (satyavathi) and mudiraj were closely related to kolis of North India.

    The website I created for MUDIRAJA / MUTHURAJA was a kind of my grateful act, service and expression to this community which gave birth to me. It was due to my respect to my mother who used to provoke and inspire my mind by saying that our ancestors were kings. MY intenstion was to find out the possible hidden truth about our community origins and history. I tried my best to probe into the past and retrive as much information as possible and hand it over to our Indian society and particularly to the people of Mudiraja / Muthurajas.

    I would like to request you once again to kindly write some thing about Elugu Royal House, if you know some thing from your father.

    Truth is God. What ever truth we know about our Royal past and community should be recorded. It is a kind of service to the society and a way knowing the truth and God. God creates and destroys every thing in this world. The sanctity of the present and past Indian Caste system too may die its own death after a few more centuries and not so quickly. The apparent reason is that the Indian caste system survives in India as it helps millions of young girls and boys to find their suitable life partners based on caste which gives fairly satisfactory information about the mind set, cultural, social, professional and food habits of the opposite sex.

    As you said that your father might be an arrogant and proud of his royal community. But I respect him for maintaining his self respect and his respect towards his own community. One must feel proud of himself and his community, then only the community as a whole can earn respect from the entire socirty.

    I do not know what exactly the meaning of Nalla in your context, but my mothers aunty’s name was Nallamma. In Tamil, Nalla = Good. In Telugu, Nalla = Black.

    Waiting for more information about Elugu Royal house from You.

    With Regards.

    Yours Brotherly,
    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

    Email no. 13.2
    Dear brother Sri Nalla Alagan.

    This is my second reply to your email as it has touched many points with regard to Muthurajas in Malaysia and high profile maintained by your father regarding Muthurajas in relation to other Indian origin people in Malayasia. I had some information regarding Muthurajas who landed in Malayasia along with Rajendra Chola who invaded that country and naturally the Cholas and Muthurajas were proud of their community status in that country.

    It is seen that your email contains a beautiful flavor of Royal esteem that was maintained by your father. The arrogance and pride of community feeling maintained by your father was definite indication of Royal proudness of Muthuraja community in Malayasia.

    I do not know whether your father was born and brought up in Malayasia or not but there were enough reasons for them to feel proud of their own Muthuraja Community, particularly in Malaysia. The reason was that the Muthurajas and Cholas were though rivals in and around Thanjavoor, they belong to same class of warrior community of kings and even racially had some common strands. One more fact is that the Cholas and Muthurajas had matrimonial relations and the surnames such as Cholai Alagan, Cholai Valavan are the living proofs for the same. One more truth might be that Rajendra Chola attacked and captured Malayasia and ruled parts of that country. You may be one of those descendants of those warrior Chola-Muthurajas who accompanied Rajendra Chola (son of Raja Raja Chola) to Malayasia on a mission to conquer fareast countries. The descendant people of Muthuraja who ruled natives were likely to have proud feeling about themselves and it was quite natural.

    We, in India, worship Lord Hanuman as God and to be frank even more than Sri Ram. What is the reason for your considering Hanuman as your Guru instead of God ? Is it the tradition that you inherited from your father and ancestors or it a is tradition started by you ?

    I have some intutive feeling regarding the relation between Hanuman,and Jambavan and also the relation of surname Elugu to Jambavan. This I will dicuss in my next email after receiving your reply. With regards.

    Yours Brotherly,
    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

    Email no. 13.3
    Dear Brother Ankarao kokolu,

    Thank you for your mail. Understood the contents. I am quite pleased to note that you are too deeply involved in researching the Muthuraja clan.

    My father migrated to Malaya then in 1922. He worked for a English Rubber plantation company and was responsible for bringing into Malaya, thousands of labour class workers from Tamil Nad. My father's native land in Tamil Nad is Vijapuram where only these Muthurajas clan are living there as a big community. Of course lots of my ancestors name have this Cholai Alagan. My fathers name was Alagan and my name as you know is Nalla Alagan.

    As for your historical fact, no Indian King ever attacked or captured this Malaya land. In fact the Cholas were the early migrants who came on the trading but they were utterly so stupid that they never spread Hinduism or left any form of culture and tradition back here. They came here to seek wealth but seeing a mountainous country which they termed in Tamil languaage "Malaiya" meaning mountainous country. The same named was applied to this country as "Malaya" then later in 1960 changed into Malaysia.

    I am also involved in historical research on new informations but as far as I am concerned all the Chera Chola Pandians are mere bunch of shits. To me they are no better than road beggars with no directions in their destiny. This country should by right belong to indians but just unfortunate they all left leaving it back to the Malay race community.

    They never bothered to spread the Philosophy of Hinduism. Their concern was wealth and woman. What is happening to India. A population of 85% Hindus being treatened by 15% Muslims????.The muslims were given Pakistan and Bangladesh and why not the remaining 15% go back to their muslim nations.

    I understand from the Hindunet website that they even gone to a stage that even singing "Vanthe Matharam" is wrong according to their religion. What is happening?? When are the Indians going to wake up. The Hindu youths needs new outlook of national pride thoughts. They have to be injected by our motherland "Bharatha Matha" of India.

    I am doing lots of doctrination to the Hindu youths in india making them to understand who are we and at any time never allow another religion to dictate us.

    Our blood in our veins must be injected with strong Hindu essence. Even the word "HINDU" is said to be derived from the "Sindhu river" You just look at this joke. All this while it has been followed. These are the works of the stupid bunch of English researchers who wrote history according to their whims and fancies.

    When I was doing research on the Vedas and Upanishads. I came across this word Hindu in various phrases. Look at Maitrayani Upanishad verse 5.8: "Prajabathir vichvasrut hiranyagarphaha..Sathyam prahno hamsaha..Saastha Vishnoor Narayano argaha..Savitha vithatha samrat indra Hindu rithaha............

    Meaning: This Atman is Isanan, Sambu, Bhavan, Rudran, Prajabathi, Vichvasrasta, Hiranyakarpan, sathyam, Praanan, Hamsam, Saasta, Vishnu, Narayanan, Harkan, Savitha, Thatha, Vithatha, Samraat, Indran and Hindu.........

    Here Hindu is referred as Atman or Soul. This upanishad clearly verifies that the Meaning of Hindu is purely "Atman or Soul". Who is a Hindu. A person who struggles to identify the truth in himself is a Hindu. Inform your friend scholars to research on the above article.

    Anyway lets come to our Subject:

    Lord Hanuman is not God.He is the universal Guru. When Shankarar was incarnated on this soil, his given duty was to simplify the Vedantic literature / Brahma Sutram into simple language so that every human being could read and understand. At the age of 32, his time to leave this body has finally came. But he was reluctant to leave his body without seeing this Universal guru Lord Hanuman. Finally he met him and sang a few hyms on him and left.

    Vedam says = 1 guru, 1 Mantra and 1 God.
    Guru - Lord Hanuman
    Mantra - Raam
    God - Lord Shiva.

    Ultimately all have to come to this path. When we meditate "RAM" this mantra consists of Namashivaya and Narayana. The M indicates sound energy.

    Lord Shiva is the ultimate positive negative of the entire Cosmic energy. Well it is long subject anyway. I am with my Guru for the last 30 over years. Day in and day out my soul searching continues until one day may be I will start delivering talks. Kindly do not get mixed up with my explanations. If you feel that Lord Hanuman is your God then no harm done. Vedas again says "Yatha bhavam, Thatah bavathi". What you think is what you are. If you feel that Hanuman is God, please go ahead in your worship.

    Remember Lord Hanuman clearly verifies in his incarnated purposes. He again demonstrates who he is. He says " When I serve my Lord Sri Ram, I am his servant and he is my Lord", " When I am in meditation, I am He and He is Me".

    Thanks so much for mailing me and I am so sorry that I couldnt feed you with much information on the Muthurajas clan. My Knowledge on this clan is limited as I didnt dig much information from my late father.

    Best Regars

    Email No. 13.4
    Dear brother Sri Nalla Alagan.

    It is an amazing experience for me to think that Hindus who belong to other countries have so much faith in Hinduism and love the land of their ancestors. You have proved to be a true Hindu in body, mind and soul. I also see a real Muthuraja warrior blood in you when you assert your openion very firmly to protect Hinduism.

    I believe that TRUTH and those who preach TRUTH alone will survive in this world for ever and not those things which are preached by force. Hinduism which is not founded by any prophet or GURU is believed to be some thing like ocean of truths and a way of seeing TRUTH from different angles of human beliefs. Hinduism is can never be erased from the face of the earth by any amount of efforts by any number of forces, just as a OCEAN can not be closed by dumping any number of hills & hillocks into it.

    So, oh, brother, let us not get perturbed with what is happening at present through mischevous terrorist elements. Let us keep faith in TRUTH & GOD that they will always protect, guide us to reach them.

    I once again request you, to please write some thing about ELUGU ROYAL HOUSE, if you remember what your father said about it.

    With Regards.

    Yours Brotherly,
    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no:12.0
    shiva adm wrote:


    My Fathers Name is Nalla Alagan,My grandfather and his father is Alagan, My great Grandfathers name is Cholai Alagan, and his forefathers. The entire lineage has Alagan as Surname. Elugu in Telugu.

    Maybe this will be of help a little bit.

    Best regards,

    Parameswaran Nalla Alagan

    Email no. 12.1
    Dear Mr. Parameswaran.

    What a coincidence !.

    It is really a wonderful coincidence.

    My mother's mother (grand mother) was from ELUGU surname and belonged to Elugu vari palem near podili.

    Your great grand father's too belong to Elugu and that way we are very closely related.

    How Elugu in Telugu got transformed into Alagan is not clear to me. Can you explain the transformation ?

    There is Cholai also in the surname. How is it ?

    Kindly convey my request to your father to write whatever he knows about ELUGU ROYAL COURT through his father and grand father. It will be very important piece of information to dig out the glorious royal past of Mudiraj / Muthuraj people.

    Thanking you.

    With Regards.


    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

    Email No. 12.2
    Dear Mr. Parameswaran.

    Your email has evoked a serious thinking in me.
    It is a matter of great interest for me to know - how the surname ELUGU ( in Telugu) might have got transformed itself into ALAGAN (in Tamil) ?

    Your great grandfather's surnames CHOLAI ALAGAN also points out clearly to the matrimonial relations that existed between CHOLAs and MUTHURAJAs as already pointed out in our community website.

    The question of transformation of ELEGU to ALAGAN over decades and centuries is defenitely possible. It is for us to solve this puzzle. I believe that my mind has hit the right answer as explained phonetically below :

    Elugu => Elugo => Elugon => Elugan => Elagan => Alagan

    In Tamil, it is a practice to add "N" at the end of nouns:

    Rama => Raman
    Krishna => Krishnan
    Elugu => Elugo => Elugon

    Kindly convey my request to your father for writing maximum possible information on ELUGU ROYAL HOUSE as this will provide one more strong link that existed between Telugu Mudiraj community and Tamil Muthuraj community.

    Your father can be remembered to authentically establish the Royal Credentials of MUDIRAJ / MUTHURAJ in the South Indian Peninsula by the new generations of our community to come.

    With Regards.

    Kokolu Anka Rao

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    email no:11.0
    shiva adm wrote:

    Hello Mr.Rao,

    How are you today? Has my father emailed you as yet? He has lots of stories to tell about his grandfathers from the Elugu Royal House. From what I heard, the Muthurajas are quite respected and feared. Maybe he could elaborate more on tis.

    Do you have any info on the customs of the Muthuraja's? Like their official dress, marriage customs etc? Let me know sir.


    Parameswaran N. Alagan

    Email No. 11.1
    Ankarao kokolu wrote:

    Dear Mr. Parameswaran.

    I have not yet received any email from your father. I am very eager to read about the stories which your father is going to write regarding Elugu Royal House. It will be a great thing to record some thing about ELUGU royal house, which is not known to any body in this world. What ever will be sent by your father will be published in the MUDIRAJA website in the name of your father.

    I do not know much about the customs of MUTHURAJA of Tamilnadu. I will try to collect the same and let you know through our community website.

    Kindly tell me your father's name and your grand father's name.

    With Regards.


    Kokolu Anka Rao
    25/08/2006 Nagpur, Maharastra, India

    Email no. 11.2
    Dear Brother Ankarao kokolu,

    Thank you for your mail. Understood the contents. I am quite pleased to note that you are too deeply involved in researching the Muthuraja clan.

    My father migrated to Malaya then in 1922. He worked for a English Rubber plantation company and was responsible for bringing into Malaya, thousands of labour class workers from Tamil Nad. My father's native land in Tamil Nad is Vijapuram where only these Muthurajas clan are living there as a big community. Of course lots of my ancestors name have this Cholai Alagan. My fathers name was Alagan and my name as you know is Nalla Alagan.

    As for your historical fact, no Indian King ever attacked or captured this Malaya land. In fact the Cholas were the early migrants who came on the trading but they were utterly so stupid that they never spread Hinduism or left any form of culture and tradition back here. They came here to seek wealth but seeing a mountainous country which they termed in Tamil languaage "Malaiya" meaning mountainous country. The same named was applied to this country as "Malaya" then later in 1960 changed into Malaysia.

    I am also involved in historical research on new informations but as far as I am concerned all the Chera Chola Pandians are mere bunch of shits. To me they are no better than road beggars with no directions in their destiny. This country should by right belong to indians but just unfortunate they all left leaving it back to the Malay race community.

    They never bothered to spread the Philosophy of Hinduism. Their concern was wealth and woman. What is happening to India. A population of 85% Hindus being treatened by 15% Muslims????.The muslims were given Pakistan and Bangladesh and why not the remaining 15% go back to their muslim nations.

    Thanks so much for mailing me and I am so sorry that I couldnt feed you with much information on the Muthurajas clan. My Knowledge on this clan is limited as I didnt dig much information from my late father.

    Best Regars

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    email no.10.0
    shiva adm wrote:

    A warm hello to you Sir ,

    Great website you have maintained there. Pretty informative. I am also a Muthuraja clan member here from Malaysia. My Grandfather from the long line of Alagan's from Visakhapatnam and my grandmother , Chinnammal from Pudukottai.

    It is strange that I woke up yesterday morning and began questioning my origins. And to my suprise, great people we were! My great grandfathers were kings as I was informed by my late grandfather long time ago, Which I took lightly , since we are not India Indians anymore. After 20 years of my grandfathers death, I keep getting these dreams of a place somewhere of a big tree and thousands of Trisulas planted and hung on it. I do believe that place exists. It is a matter of finding it , and also naturally, Lord Shiva was my final mode of worship and for whatever reasons I am drawn into him and my family guru , Hanuman.

    It is strange that your article articulates these information in detail, co incidental? It is beginning to bug me more these few days.

    What are our numbers in India if you dont mind telling me! If this is true, do we have a clan gathering anywhere? It is my wish to see everyone, I just dont simply understand why suddenly all these is constantly making me fidgety. Are we much more than your articles?

    Let me know if you ever need information or anything.

    Thank you. Please keep up this historical work. It is very important to our existence.

    Best regards,

    Parameswaran Nalla Alagan
    Date :22/08/2006

    Email No. 10.1
    Dear Mr. Parameswaran.

    It has given me a great pleasure while reading your letter. I have received more letters from our community people living abroad than from within India. I think that my dream of spreading our community information to our community people living all over the world is being fulfilled.

    I too was in great passion to know about our community roots and origins since I was about 15 years old boy but no body had any complete information. It is about 3 years back I started searching internet to know some thing about community. My mother's mother ( grand mother) hailed from Elugu surname. When I was searching for surname ELUGU, I came across a king' name ELUGU RAYUDU,who ruled his small kingdom with Podili Town as his capital. Podili Town was not very far from my grandmothers place - Elugu vari palem. Then, I remembered, what my mother told me when I was young that our ancestors were kings of yester years. It was then I really believed my mother for the first time in my life and accepted that we were truly kings.

    Then I spent almost about 2 years since year -2002 in searching, corelating, compiling the community information into a website - MUDIRAJA. Believe me that I have built this website for people like you who are burning with the desire to know about the community history. We lost our value in the community with collapse of Mutha System of administration and collapse of small kingdoms. Then sickle came into our hands in place of swords turning us into farmers and farm laborers.

    I request you to please visit India and see places such as Vijayanagar (hampi), Thanjavore, Trichi, Madras (Chennai), Pudukottai, Warangal, Jabalpur, Raipur etc. We were the kings of puranic and medieval India who fought great wars to protect our people. We must feel proud of our ancestors who ruled & administered this country and ourselves as their descenders.

    The great hidden fact is that the Mudirajas / Mutharachas are also known as Bants/ Bunts and are related to vanaras and Hanuman. We are the descendants of great warriors like Hanuman, Vali, Sugreeva, Jambavant, Matchyavallabha, etc.

    Do you know that Aiswarya Rai ( Miss Universe) belongs to Tulu speaking Bant community of Karnataka. Bant, Bantara, Banjara, Vanjara, Vanara... were all belonged to one and the same block of people. These people were once very powerful rulers of entire Indian peninsula with various dynasty names . Even Sri Rama was a descendant of Mandhata, who was a great king of solar race and believed to belong to koli community of Sindh. Mandhata's name is said to be found on rocks of Mahenjodaro ruins.

    I welcome you to please write more about our community which you heard through your father, mother, grandfathers, grandmothers, etc.

    Thanking you.

    With Regards.


    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Date : 22/08/2006
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India.

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    email no.9.0
    PRASAD PVD wrote:

    Dear Mr Rao

    First of all, I would like to thank you for your wonderful information on our community, it is really marvelous and you have put lot of efforts and research in gathering in-depth information - in one word HATS OFF.

    Secondly it is a small world once internet is on our finger tips.

    Okay let me introduce myself, infact we have met but too short to remember. My name if Pothuraju Venkata Durga Prasad Rao from Guntur, we are on the same street of Dalli aunty's residence in railpet, we all are family friends. I am good friend of Prasad (Dalli's aunty brother).

    In 1979 I came to Kuwait joined my father Pothuraju Ayyana, he was working with Ministry of Communication from the year 1964 until 1987. I got married in the year 1989 and my wife Santhi Bai (Vijayawada but they are from Chennai) joined me, we are having two sons Sethu and Gopi, they are studying 10th and 8th in Kuwait only.

    My father and mother are from Savalayapuram (Vinukonda) and my family are, we are six brothers, I am eldest.

    1) Prasad
    2) Sreenu + Sarada (he is also in Kuwait) with two daughters
    3) Gandhi + Koteswarni in Guntur with two daughters
    4) Babu + Bhanu in Guntur
    5) Krishna + Aruna both both are Doctors in USA
    6) Surendra + Geetha both are software engineers in Jamaica

    Please do convey our wishes to all your family members and do keep in touch.

    With best regards
    Prasad Rao Pothuraju

    Email no. 9.1
    Dear Mr. Prasad.

    It is really great that you have caught me right without any mistake through our community website

    I think that you have gone through "webmasters" page where I have given some of my family details.

    YES - I have really spent about 2 years time on internet search in collecting, corelating and compiling information about our MUDIRAJ community.

    Today, after reading your letter, I have felt that I have suceeded in my efforts in informing and awakening the people of our community to know about themselves.

    Earlier, we half heartedly used to say that we are RAJUs. But now we can say with great pride and quote the names of our kings and related kings. We can feel great pride to say that we belong or related to BUNT / BANT kings of Vijayanagar kingdom to which Sri Krishna Devaraya belonged.

    You are infact the second person to catch me right through our website MUDIRAJA from across the SEVEN SEAS. The first one is Thati Anka Prasanna Rao, who is the 1st grand son of my eldest maternal aunty (my father's eldest sister). He is also there some where near by DUBAI/BU DABHI.

    I have shown your email to DAALI (my wife). She was very very happy to see your email. Now I remember that I saw your mother and your last brother who was just born in Guntur at that time.

    We are in Nagpur since December 1975. I will give you more details later on. Please be in touch with me.

    With ragards.

    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no.8.0
    "Mr.L.S.C.Bose" wrote:

    Dear brother Shree. Kokul Anga Rao (,

    It is me T.L.Subash Chandira Bose, from Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India.

    Is there any name for Lord Iyyanar (Sastha) called Kuvan or Kuvanj in Telugu or what is the meaning of the word Kuvanj in Telugu? It is the name of ancient Mutharaiyar King.

    What is the meaning of Arraiyar or Arraiyan in Telugu? Can you read the ancient Telugu inscription? If not please try to learn as early as possible.

    Can you send the picture of the ancient game called Puli bakka (Tiger and Goat)? I will send the picture to you in the next mail.

    Because there are lot of link between Andhra and Tamil Nadu particulary in Mutharaiyar community.

    The Ambalkaran is the well known people among Mutharaiyar community here, and they are originated from hill top near Nagpur.

    I do research and study on ancient symbols and signs. I was told there are lot symbols and rock arts in and out of Nagpur area.

    With Love and regards,


    Email no.8.1
    Dear brother Shree T.L. Subhash Chandra Bose.

    It is really a great pleasure for me to come in direct contact with you through telephone on 24th December 2005 and now through your e-mail. My first indirect contact was perhaps through your website on concentric circles discovered at temples built by pallavas in Mutharaiyar style. It was through your website that I came to know about the temples built by different kings in Mutharaiyar style.

    About Lord Iyyanar (Sastha) called Kuvan or Kuvanj :

    I never heard of any name Kuvan or Kuvanj in Telugu so far. I think that there is no such name in Telugu to the best of my knowledge.

    What I know about Iyyanar (Sastha) is that he is Lord Ayyappa of Shabarimalai located in Kerala. Every body knows about Lord Ayyappa now-a-days. He is the most favourite God of Keralites. He is now a days worshipped by most South Indians and temples are also built in many towns and cities.

    He was the son of Lord Shiva and Mohini. Mohini was a special avathara (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu taken for the pupose of distributing Amrita (Nector) only for Gods and deny the same to demons. The Lord Shiva fell in love with Mohini for her beauty and their union paved the way for the birth of Lord Ayyappa.

    Ayyappa => Aiyyappa
    Ayyappan => Aiyyappan

    Some Telugu people used to have their name as Ayyanna / Aiyyanna. I do not know whether this name is that of Ayyappa or not. It is an old fashioned name and it may not be in use at present by younger generations. This may be a modification of the name Ayyanar.

    Ayyanar => Ayyannar => Ayyanna.
    Ayyannar => Aiyyanar => Iyyanar

    The Gangas & ganga dynasty :

    I have recently collected some information from internet and as per that the Vellalas and Mutharaiyars are one and the same people and they had their origin identified with river basin of Ganga and Yamuna. The origin of gangas is derived from Iskshvaku and trace back to Ayodhyapura. There is an evidence that gangas belong to solar dynasty. The gangas were the children of Gangeya. The gangas were expert managers of water resources and professional fishermen too.

    They were the people belonging to ganga vamsa and establishesd kingdoms of ganga dynasty on their way from North India to South India . The gangas are now identified with Tumburas and Tumburas with Mahishya (fishermen) race who established Kalchuri kingdom with Mahishmati as their capital in central India.

    Matchya => Masya => Fish
    Masya Race => Mahisya Race

    Dravidians who did cultivation, using water were called "Vellalas". Plough was their symbol. In Thelunku nadu (Telugunadu) they were called "Velar". In Karnataka they had a kingdom. Those vellalas who migrated from banks of Ganga was called "Gangavamsa vellalar".Their kingdom was "Ggangawathi". Those vellalas who lived in Kongunadu was called "Gounders". Ulkala (Orissa) was ruled by vellala kings in 11 century AD. Mudaliars and Reddiars of Thontaimantalam (Chengalpet & North Arcot Dists), Pillai of Chola (Kumbakonam, Thanchavoor, Thrissinappally) Pillai of Pandya (Madura, Ramanathapuram, Thirunelveli) and Gounder of Kongunadu (Coimbatore & Selam) were Vellalas.

    Chola, Chera & Pandians were Vellalas:

    Although the tamil word Vellala means the cultivator, there is ample evidence to indicate that the original Chera , Chola and Pandia Kings were Vellalas. Many castes merged into vellala.'Kalarum maravarum agamuditarum mella mella koodi vellalar aayinere"- so goes the saying. Which means Kalar, Maravar and Agamudaiyar, the three power castes from South Tamilnadu assumed Vellala ID with the accumilation of wealth.

    Regarding Ayyappan , in Elankai, Ayyanar Swami and among Singalees Ayyanakaye are popular deities. The saiva vellalas of Pandia and Chola Kingdoms carry the title "PILLAI" and those from Pallalva Kingdom used to carry the title MUDALIAR.

    Mutharayar => Mutharaiyar => Muthariyar
    Muthariyar => Muthaliyar => Mudhaliyar => Mudaliyar

    It is believed that "Parasurama Maharshi" who uplifted Kerala & konkan from the sea by throwing his axe, installed the idol of Ayyappa at Sabarimala to worship Lord Ayyappa. After that he gifted the land to Brahmins. When he returned after some years, it was found that there was total anarchy due to the inefficient administrations of the then rulers. So he brought efficient and experienced Rulers from Tamilnadu (Paradesom).They were called "Perumakkanmar".

    There were 5 Sastha Kshetrams installed by Parusurama. The 5 Dharma Sastha Kshetrams were established in hilly terrains at Kulathupuzha, Aryanankavu, Achan Kovil, Sabarimala and Erumeli.

    During the Perumal rule they brought "Vellalas"- the cultivators and accountants of Tamilnadu-to Keralam .They settled permanently here and many of them became Traders and Accontants.

    Vellalas are "Vaisyas" and majority were Saivas ( follwers of Lord Siva).The foster son of King Rajasekhara of Panthalam, AyyanAyyappan was "Vellalakulajathan". Most of the Ammankovils in Kerala were created by Vellas. All the 9 Mankombu devi temples( Poonjar ,Kanjar,Kuttanadu ,Kollam etc) were built by Vellalas. They had major role in the renovation work of Sabarimala temple. The "Nayattuvili" at Sabarimala is still conducted by Vellalas from Perunadu Kottaram. The priest who performes "karappoottu" at Achankovil Sastha temple is a vellala .

    There was a vella by name Ayyan Ayyappan who was an army chief of pandyans:

    Vellalar kula jathan" AYYAN AYYAPPAN of SABARIMALA

    About ten generations back there lived a Vellala youth by name Kandan Ayyan alia Kandan Ayyappan in Erumely , Kottayam district of Kerala in India.We do not know anything about Ayyan's parents except that his father was one Kandan and uncle was one Perissery Pillai. He became the army chief of Pandalam Royal family . Ayyan was instrumental in the defeat of Udayanan ,who attacked Sabarimala and tried to demolish the ancient Sastha temple in the thick forest of present Pathanamthitta district. The Royal family of Pandalam (King Pandian ) was migrated from Tamilnadu about 800 years back .Ayyan's family belonged to "Vellalar kulam", followed them.Rajasekharan ,the Pandian King, reconstructed the destroyed Sastha temple at Sabarimala with the help of Ayyan , Vavar , a Muslim youth from Kanjirappally and Kadutha, a Nair youth from Muzhukkeer ,Chengannoor, Alapuzha district.

    During the clash Ayyappan was killed. Perissery Pillai ,the uncle of Ayyan constrcted the old small Sastha temple (kotchanpalam) at Erumely opposite the Vavar Mosque constructed by Muslims in memory of Vavar.Temple made in memory of Kadutha is seen in Sabarimala .After the death of Ayyappan people thought that he as the avathar of Lord Sastha and began to worship him .Later Sastha and Ayyappan became synonyms.

    Even now Ayyappan/Ayyan Pillai is very common among Vellalas of Kottayam Alapuzha, Pathanamthitta, Idikki and Ernakulam districts. A number of Ayyappan kovils are built by Vellala community, migrated from Tamilnadu following the Pandian King. Lakhs and lakhs of Tamilians come to Sabarimala every year to worship Tamil origin Vellalar kula jathanAyyan Ayyappan of Sabarimala in Pathanamthitta dist of Kerala.


    In Telugu we never came across any word like Arraiyar or Arraiyan. But one thing I can tell is that he was perhaps a Raya King belonging to Bant / Mutharaya community.

    Arraiyar => Ar + Raiyar
    Raya => Rayar = Raiyar => Raiyan => King

    I do not know ancient Telugu and I will try to learn it as early as possible. I used to play Puli Meka ( Puli Bakka => Tiger and Goat) game and now I forgot the same. But I can get the details as this game as this game is played in our villages even now.

    I will be very glad if I can get more details about Ambalkarans with respect to their deities, worships and other such beliefs about their origins. There are several hills in the region of Nagpur. Balaghat, Panchmiri hills in near by M.P are infested with people of Tribal Dravidians. They are black in their color and Hanuman is one of their chief diety.

    With Regards.

    Kokolu Anka Rao.
    DT : 26/12/2005
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no.7.0
    Hello sir,

    Subject : This is Mr.Sundararajan from thanjavur.

    This is jegan s/o Mr.C.Sundararajan from muscat. I received your mail and informed my father.Thank you for uploading the surnames in web. I will go through the surnames and will counter check with the list. Since my father did not show much interest to learn about computer, I am assisting him. Once again i thank on behalf of my father for your additioal effort to feed in web in a classified manner.

    I will keep on touch with you and soon will contact you.

    S. Jegan

    Email no.7.1
    Dear Mr. Jegan.

    Subject : Surnames of Muthurajas in Tamilnadu.

    It is nice that a young man like you is associated in this job of expanding the boundaries of information about our Muthuraja / Mudiraja community in South India. The warior race of Muthurajas / Mudirajas, who once dominated the political scene of South India till the existence of Vijayanagar kingdom, lost their identity with the loss of ruling power.

    There is no wonder, if other community people do not believe that our ancestors were the rulers of this land a few hundreds of years back, but the wonder is that even our own community people have no clue that our ancestors were kings and queens.

    Mr. Jegan !, people like you have a great responsibility to collect and compile every bit of information that is available to us today. It is understood that there was reference to our community kings in NALADIYAR, a buddhist text in Tamil. I request you to kindly read it and translate the relevant portions into Engilsh for the sake of our community people, who are living in entire South India and also others, who are interested in history.

    I have tried to give some analysis of surnames of Mutharaiyar kings so that the world will understand what they mean. I request you to try from your side to give a meaningful explanation to all the surnames as you know tamil very well.

    Kokolu Anka Rao.
    Date. 13/12/2005
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no.6.0
    "Prakash, Raj" wrote:

    Dear Mr. Kokolu Anka Rao,

    Thank you so much.

    While I am shocked being ignorant about my Own Origin, its very proud that people like you keep the flame burning.

    I will for sure pass this information amount my family and beyond. Some thing I heard from my father was Muttiriyars identified them self with a Stamp ( Mudra ) on their upper arm, infact he said my Grand Parents had that "Mudra" is this a common thing to have or have you heard about the "Mudra " ? or you think it might be just a family Tradition?

    Like to hear more from you.

    Thanking you once again.

    Raj Prakash
    Corporate Settlements Officer
    National Rental Corporation Limited
    Lvl 3, 55 Chandos St
    St Leonards, NSW 2065
    Ph: +61 2 9901 4120
    Fax: +61 2 9901 4119

    Email no.6.1
    Dear Mr. Raj Prakash.

    Sub : Staming of MUDRA by Muttiriyars (muthurajas)

    Thank you very much for your prompt email reply and for giving additional information regarding stamping of MUDRA on upper arm by Muttiriyars in Tamilnadu / Sri Lanka. Since I am from Andhra Pradesh, I never heard of such a practice in AP but it was possibly be true in Tamilnadu.

    I only know that vaishnava brahmins used to put vertical markings (panga naama) on their foreheads while their rival shaiva brahmins used to put horizontal markings (vibhoothi naama) on their foreheads to openly declare their identity to the public and their devotion & loyality to their respective Gods, but I am for the first time, hearing about this practice of stamping mudra by our community mutharaiyar people.

    I can not say for sure but can guess the possible reasons behind such practice. Since our community people were all basically warriors, it was perhaps compulsory for every community member to fight in the war for our community kings. If at all, the practice of MUDRA was true, it was perhaps related to WAR PRACTICES to identify the warrior soldiers wounded or dead in the wars in the ancient / medieval times. This practice was perhaps continued till the days of your grand father with blind faith and love community pride.

    However, I would like to refer your email to Mr. Sundararajan Servai, who is working as a research scholar at Mutharaiyarcholar Research Centre, Tanjavur. He may possibly throw some light on this practice of stamping MUDRA among our community people in Tamilnadu. Other wise it may also become a point of research for him.

    Please keep sending whatever you know about your grand parents and the information you received from them. It may be of some great importance to know about our ancestors and their practices, which can further throw more light about our community origins.

    Thanking you.

    Kokolu Anka Rao.
    Dt: 30/11/2005,
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India.

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    email no.5.0

    I live in Sydney Australia , I was always fascinated by my Origins. My Grandfather migrated to Sri Lanka in 1920's from a Village called Manapparai , in Trichurapalli, they are and were very wealthy Family living in Central Sri Lanka.Our caste is called Muttiriyar , and we marry amongst Muthhurajas and Amblakaran castes. My father always very proud of his heritage , but he died when he was very young, Times has passed and I was very curious to find out more about him and his caste ( well my caste as well).

    Could you let me know if I am talking about the same people/caste as you wrote in the article?

    Thanking you

    Raj Prakash
    Corporate Settlements Officer

    EMAIL no.5.1
    Dear Mr. Raj Prakash.

    Sub: Muttiriyars means Mutharaiyars (Muthurajas).

    Thank you very much for your kind email, which you have written with a lot of curiosity to know more about muttiriyars (Mutharaiyars).

    Our ancestors were warrior kings and at one time they created great havoc in the entire South Indian Peninsula by driving away the great kings of Chola, Chera and Pandyan dynasties. It is understood from Buddhist texts that one Achyuta Vikranta of kalabhra kula imprisoned all the prominent kings of all the three dynasties and established his rule. During his rule the Buddhism rose to its peaks with great literary works.

    It really gives me a great pleasure to note that our community website “” created by me has started attracting people like you from around the world and helping to gain the lost knowledge about their community roots. You need not blame yourself for this and it so happens with the passage of time in the absence of properly recorded history. I would like to appeal all our community intellectuals to join their hands and brains to dig out our community history and compile it a fresh on the internet for the benefit of future generations to come.

    Our ancestor kalabhra kings were basically jains / Buddhists and were anti-brahmin in their attitudes. Our rayal history was lost or got erased with the dicline of Jainism / Buddhism and with revival of Brahminism / Hinduism.

    Do you know that gypsies who migrated from India and living around the world had their origins in the Indian Banjaras (Vnanjaras/ vanaras) ? The only word clue available to trace their origins is that they are known as romanichal. Romanichal means the followers of Sri Ram (vanaras).

    Roma => Rama
    Chal => Move => follow / follower

    There is no doubt that Muttiriyars, Mutharaiyars, Muthurajas, Mudirajas & Mudiraj are all one and the same people belonging to Indian & Indo-Aryan king race. We must feel proud to be the descendants of such a great warrior race who ruled this country for hundreds and thousands of years and who created kingdoms, forts, religions, temples of our own style known as Mutharaiyar style. Those who established the kingdoms of Vijayanager and Kakatiya in Andhra & Karnataka regions were also the same raya / bunt kings of our own community. You have valid reasons to be fascinated by your Origins. Trichurapalli in Tamilnadu is a place where Mutharaiyars have greater socio-political influence even today.

    MUTTIRIYAR is a modified name of MUTHARAIYAR. Mutharaiyar means Mutharaya.. These people are also known as MUTHARACHA in Andhra as well as Tamilnadu.

    Mutharaya = > Mutha + Raya => Mutha + Raja
    Mutha = An administrative unit consisting a cluster of villages.
    Racha = > Raja => Raya => Rai => Administrator
    Mutharaya => Mutharai => Mutharaiyar
    Mutharaiyar => Muthiriyar => Muttiriyar
    Mutharaya => Mutharaja => Muthuraja

    Many people do not know that in the ancient times, our ancestors who had their original political power center at HAMPI in Bellary districts of Karnataka State were known as RAYA kings. Today we know that a Taluka is the smallest administrative unit in our political administrative system of India. In ancient times of our ancestor kings, the MUTHA was a political administrative unit consisting a cluster of villages. Muthas were administered by Mutharayas (Mutharajas) and this post was transferred from one warrior kin to another eligible warrior kin within the same family hirarchy. The way of transfering administrative power in mutha system was within the warrior family and so simple without any election or war. This way, our caste - Muthuraja / Mudiraja actually represents a warrior post of medieval / ancient times. This might be the administrative system of raya (vanara) kings even during Ramayana times.

    Hampi (kishkinda) was powerful political center during Ramayana times and Sri Rama had to seek the help of vanara raya kings to rescue Sita from the clutches of demon ravana. They were oldest bunts known in the South India and the ancestors of todays telugu & Tulu speaking bunts / mudiraj of Karnataka and Andhra. Do you know that Miss World Aishwarya Rai is a Tulu speaking Bunt ?

    Banjara => bant(z)ra => Bantara = Bant => Bunt.

    The bellary districts of Karnataka were originally Telugu speaking areas of original Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh. Rayalaseema means a place infested by Raya kings. Our ancestors were known as Raya Kings. All the kings who ruled Vijayanagar empire with Hampi as capital city were all raya / bunt kings. The warriors of great fame - Vali, Sugreeva & Hanuman who ruled Kishkinda kingdom in hampi region were all Raya Kings. To be more precise, Hanuman is well known as “Thoka Rayudu” even today.

    Thoka Rayudu => Thoka + Rayudu
    Thoka + Rayudu => Thoka + Raya => tail + King
    Thoka rayudu = King with tail / warrior with tail.

    Thoka = Tail
    Rayudu = Raya

    Rayalaseema => Raya + Seema => King + Place => Place of kings.

    The migration of Mutharayas ( vanaras) from Bellary / Rayalaseema to Tamilnadu and then to Sri Lanka had its first origins to very ancient times when they went to Sri Lanka to fight against Ravana in support of Sri Rama to rescue Sita from the clutches of demon Ravana.

    Amblakarans are a subsect of Muthurajas and belong to the same tribal warrior race. The muthurajas, mudirajas, naiks, valmikis, bestars, kabaaligas and kolis were all descendants of Indian Dravidian warriors whose main profession was hunting & predominantly fishing. They had their matrimonial links to Aryan kings of central India when Aryan kings broke away from their Aryan Brahmin brothers after the bloody war that took place between Parasurama and Sahasrarjuna on trival issue of possession of kama dhenu. The ancestors of Mudiraja / muthuraja kings who had their origins in kalabhra kings and who in turn had their roots in kalchury kings of central India. The kalchuris came to South India with Jainism as their main religion to counter the brahminism and later on they changed their religion from Jainism to Buddhism under the influence of emperor Ashoka, who was also a jain by birth.

    I hope that you got your answer. Muttiriyars are the Mutharaiyars, who are also known as Muthurajas in Tamilnadu. Kindly tell about this site to all our community people known to you across this globe.

    Thanking you.

    Kokolu Anka Rao.
    DT: 29/11/2005
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no.4.0
    Hello sir,

    This is sundararajan servai a researcher of history of Mutharaiyar belong to the same community living in Tanjore. We have gathered significant informations related to our community. I would like to communicate with you for proper sharing of informations. I just noticed your documents in internet. You please contact to the following address

    Mr.C.Sundararajan servai,
    Mutharaiyacholar research Centre
    129, Fifth st, Abraham Pandither nagar,
    Phone 04362 270907

    jegan sunderrajan

    Email no.4.1
    Dear Mr. Sunderrajan.

    Thank you very much for your email communication. It gives me a great plearure to note that the contents of my website has attracted a scholarly person like you and that too a mutharaiyar from Tanjore, the capital city of Mutharaiyar kings.

    You are welcome to communicate and share information about our mutharaiyar community. I am unfortunately an electrical engineering graduate and not a student of history. However, I promise to extend all my help in whatever way it is possible for me and wish you all the success in completing your research project. I request you to kindly pubilsh your papers in English also, as our community people are spread in four states - Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharastra. The People of North India too need to know about our Muthuraja / Mudiraja kings as they had their roots embedded in the Aryans through Kalabhra warriors of South India and Kalchuris kings of North India.

    I request you to kindly give brief / detailed information about some Mutharaiyar kings about whom you might have collected useful information. It will be published in your name for the knowledge of our community people living in India and around the world.

    Thanking you.

    Kokolu Anka Rao
    Date : 21/11/2005
    Nagpur, Maharstra, India

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    email no.3.0
    Hi Kokolu Anka Rao Garu,

    U have done a great job in our website.

    Sur name :PralayaKaveri.
    Suresh P

    email no.3.1
    Dear Sri Suresh.

    About Website :

    I am working since more than 1.5 years on our community website MUDIRAJA. I am trying to collect and compile every bit of information that is available to me into this website and try to inform our community people whomever I come across. I also request you to kindly inform our people about this website. Our ancestors were great kings who ruled the entire South India and our warrior forefathers were the backbone of Vijayanager and Kakatiya empires. Today our people are suffering from feeling of caste inferiority as our people forgot the glorious days of our past. It is possible that we can regenerate and inspire all our community people of the present and future generations with more and more information about our golden history.

    I want that in the coming days, our people should feel proud to say that they are MUDIRAJAs.

    Thank you very much for your good comment on the website. I request you to kindly contribute some information about our community people lived / living in and around Nellore, if you have any, so that the same can be published in the website.

    Thanking you.

    Ankarao kokolu
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no.2.0
    Dear Rao Gaaru,


    Wish you all a happy and prosperous Vinayaka Chavithi and also request you to convey my Vinayaka Chavithi greetings ( if not late) to all of our community people known to you.

    At the outset, let me seek pardons for not responding timely. As I was on tour to the places not accessable to the Internet, I could not respond to your mail 16th ultimo. Now I am here only.

    I have gone through our Mudiraj web site and let me congratulate first for taking that much of interest which of in the nature of a Research. In fact I am knowing so many things from the web site.

    I welcome you to my house as and when you find time whenever you visit Hyderabad.

    Hope that we will be continuing our contacts.

    With best wishes... Have a nice time.


    Ramachandraiah Korata

    email no.2.1
    Dear Sir.

    It is a great pleasure for me to receive unexpected greetings from you on the occasion of Ganesh Puja. I would like to thank you for the greetings before I reciprocate the same to you and all your family members. It will be our pleasure to have friendship with your family and we will definitely avail the opportunity when we visit Hyderabad next time. We were in fact in Hyderabad for a very short period from 31st August to 3rd September as a part of our hectic tour programme on our way from Addanki (Prakasham District) to Nagpur.

    I would also like to thank you for your good comments on our community website created by me. It has taken me more than one year to collect the information from Internet through browsing and compile the same into a website. My son has created the website as I desired and I am trying to create a wealth of information for our future generations. Today it is unbelievable for our children to even think of their ancestors as kings and queens of medieval times. It is truly a research project in my hand till I propagate this information among all our community people.

    As it is written in the website, our royal history was erased and destroyed by the Brahmans as they were antagonized by our ancestor kings who were Jains & Buddhists. Whatever little information available is all available in Jain and Buddhist religious text books and today it has become possible for us to know this little information due to Internet ( an era of information technology).

    I have made many more updations in the format and contents in the website and so I request you and your children to read each and every page as they are all relevant to our community history. Our children must know that we had a great history hidden in the past which many people do not know. We were the descendants of those great kings who defeated Chola, Chera and Pandya kings of South India and created a havoc for about 300 years.

    Thank you once again for your greetings.

    Kokolu Anka Rao
    DT : 08/09/2005
    Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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    email no.1

    Hello sir,

    Nice to see your cite. Youngsters like us have no knowledge about the history of mudhiraj community. U have created a very good cite. I will forward this information to my friends also.

    Thank you.


    email no.1.1
    Dear Madam.

    Thank you very much for your good comment about our community website. About two years back I too did not know any thing about our community history. The meaning of our caste was a great puzzle to me from my childhood and never liked to say boldly to any of my close friends. After about 50 years, I got a great opportunity to look into Internet and dig out a huge amount of information. I have made an extensive study about mudhirajas with respect to their history and roots with the help of Internet. It was my luck that I have Internet available in my office and managed to collect a huge wealth of information about our community.

    I decided that our mudiraj people must know about their greatness and their historical background. Our ancestors were the people having Indo-Aryan connection and came down to South with Jainism as their religion and later changed to Buddhism and discarded their jenehvu (jamjamu = sacred thread which Brahmins use to wear on their bodies). There are still some mudhirajas who wear jenehvu even today.

    We all forgot our royal history as we lost our power, lands and identity. We all must work together to collectively regain the historical knowledge about our ancestor mudirajas who ruled this land in different caste names at different times. We must promote pride and self-confidence in our people once again.


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    Readers are requested to send their comments and useful information about Mudirajas. The selected EMAILS will be published here.


    Our Caste Names & Subcastes : Mudiraj Muthuraj mudhiraj Mudiraja mudhiraja Muthuraja mudduraja muddhuraja mudduraju muddhuraju Mutharacha Mutharasu Mutharasi Mutrasi Mutharayar Mutharaiyar bunt bant bantulu bantlu Aryar Arayar Araiyar Aryan Arayan Araiyan valavan valayar valaiyar Ambalakkarar gounder koli koliyan kolian raju rajulu Bedar Ramoshi Valmiki Tenugu Tenugolu Tenugollu Tenigolu Tenigollu