Mudiraj and Muthuraj people are welcome to send their articles and constructive suggestions for publication here. We are the descendants of great kings and must speak great about us.

14 Mr. Pentaiah Uppalapu, Hyderabad <-- Click
13 Mr. M.B. Shivakumar,Arayar Samajam,Kerala <-- Click
12 Mr. Swamy Bandimidi, Hyderabad <-- Click
11 Mr. Gajendra Raj, Hyderabad <-- Click
10 Mrs. Nirmala Raja Venkatesh,Kolar Goldfields. <-- Click
9 Mr.Gummalla Ramachandramurthy, Kadapa, A.P <-- Click
8 Mr.Subrahmanyam Veluru, Srikalahast, A.P <-- Click
7 Mr.Manam Srinivasa Rao ( Chirala) Bangaloree. <-- Click
6 Mr. Bommu Venkatesan, Vellore. <-- Click
5 Mr. Partiban, Malaysia <-- Click
4 Mrs. Vijaya, Aust <-- Click
3 Mrs. Bhagya Rao, Hyderabad <-- Click
2 Mr.Muniandy Veeramalai, Malaysia <-- Click
1 Mr. Kiran Kali, USA <-- Click

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From: pentaiah vuppalapu ( )
Date: Wednesday, 10 April, 2013, 1:01 PM

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your endeavour in educating the society through website on Mudiraj community. I am Pentaiah Mudiraj, aged 70 years and my surname is VUPPALAPU. Our ancestors hail from a small remote village near Narsapur in Medak Dist of AP. My parents narrated a few legendary facts known to them. One of such facts is that my forefathers possessed hundreds of acres of cultivable land. They had a large number of cattles. They also possessed Tigers on which they used to ride and hunt in the forest besides keeping watch on the farms and grazing cattles.

After going thru the website, I observed that some of the surnames of our community are not included. You may like to add the following surnames in ur website:-


Please permit me to add some more in due course of time.

Thanks once again.

Old Alwal

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From: araya samajam ( )
Date: Wednesday, 27 February, 2013, 1:15 PM

M.B. Shivakumar.
Gen: Secretary,
Araya Samajam State committee,
Alumkadavu P.O, Karunagappally.

Dear sir,

Thank you very much for your compliment about my article “The God’s relatives.We are very happy to participate with you in the future communal activities.

Araya samajam is an organization created for the uplift and welfare of araya community in kerala under the Travancore-Kochin literary scientific and charitable society’s registration act, 1955. (REGD NO Q.650/2002). The Araya Samajam, Araya Cultural & Educational Trust and Sree Kannaki Central School are established by me in 2002. I would like to share some another points about this community.

Adicha Mutharasan was the ancient leader of this community during the time their migration from chengannur to the coastal region of Alappadu of karunagappally in kollam district. At that time, a temple was established by him at Adinadu near karunagappally is known as “Thirupperum Thurai Sree Mutharasa Chery Temple”. This temple runs under the Service society named “Araya Vamsa Paripalana Yogam, Cheriazheekal. (AVPY). This society was established by Dr. Velukkutty Arayan.

This community is performing “Thiru Chengannur Sivarathry and Parisam Vaippu “in the Chengannur Temple, by travelling 42 Kms from Alappadu Panchayat (Kollam District) to Chengannur (Alappuzha District) every year. They are the one and only heirs to perform the same ritual since A.D.205.

This community is entirely different in nature, tradition, physical appearance and in domain. They will not take anybody in face value except the God. They do not accept orders. It may be the reason, which the Government has been holding this community to no account by all means.

Thanking you and wishing you the best of luck, Alumkadavu,


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From: swamy bandamidi ( )
Date: Saturday, 19 January, 2013, 7:01 PM

Dear Sir,

Good evening, I, SWAMY BANDAMIDI, ADVOCATE, Practicing at Hyderabad. Sir you are doing very good job to educate our Mudiraj Community Brothers, so I am thankful to you for your doing this great job. Sir I am ready to give my Legal services to our Mudiraj Community Brothers. If our Mudiraj Community Brothers are having any Legal problems, I will provide legal advice freely to them as a part of my service to our community members. Sir if our Mudiraj Community Brothers shall need any Legal advise or service, they can please contact me at any time on my number or personally.

Thanking you


H.No.3-11-353/1, Shivaganga Colony,
L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad-500074.

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From: gajendra raj ( )
Subject: Muthraj Mahadev Kolis
To: "Mudiraja the great kings" ( )
Date: Thursday, 3 March, 2011, 10:36 PM

Dear Sir.

Mahadev Kolis and Muthraj kolis are one and the same. A lot of Kolis migrated from Indus valley to South India after a war in 1750 B.C with Aryan invaders who were basically nomads and came to India in search of wetlands for agriculture in India and for fodder for their cows. A few of Kolis also migrated to nearby Hastinapur and they were called Nishads. These Nishads were driven out from there to Varanasi ( Benaras) region by Dronacharya and Arjun according to Mahavharata. After a few centuries later, these Nishads further migrated to Maharastra and Andhra Pradesh.

Some of these people came to be known as Muthraj ( Mudiraj ) in course of time. One of the big center of these Mudiraj people is proper Hingoli town in Maharastra. On the enquiry, they revealed that their forefathers were from Madhya Pradesh, and so they do speak Hindi as their exclusive caste language even today.

Some Muthraj Kolis are there in Nanded and Parbhani, Hingoli district and they say that their forefathers were from Karimnagar district, Jukkal Tehsil. At Jukkal town, there is an old fort and according to local people it belonged to Koli kings.

There is one village by name Junni ( Tehsil Dharmabad ) between Nizamabad and Nanded, where the majority residents are Muthraj Mahdev Kolis. The village is full of ancient Mahadev temples. One big temple is still beautiful and in good condition. According to some local people, the temple of Mahadev was built by a Koli king. The village is full of kolis and they all worship Mahadev in this temple.

The name Muthraj is derived in Telugu and Tamil after God Mahadev . The Lord Mahadev is also called Lord Mrityunjaya. The dialect of the illiterate kolis gradually made the name of Mrityunjaya corrupted as Muthraj. The people who worshipped Mruthunjayaraj came to be known as Muthraj.

Mrityunjayaraj => Mruthunjayaraj => Muthunjayraj => Muthuraj => Muthraj

Nandi Kolis are also called as Muthraj kolis. Their surnames are Zinkalwad, Mandalwad, Tirumalwad, etc.

. Thanks a lot Sir,

Yours faithfully.
Gajendra Raj

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From: Nirmala R V ( )
Sub : Life of Mudiraj in Kolar Goldfields.
Date: Thursday, 17 March, 2011, 11:51 PM

Dear Sir

My name is Nirmala Raja Venkatesh. We are basically Palegar's & surname is Raja.

I've heard my father telling me that my fore father's were ruling Kuppam (Part of Chitoor district in Andhrapradesh) and KGF (Kolar Gold Fields) in Karnataka. We still reside in KGF & have many relatives residing in KGF, Siddlagatta, Chickballapur, Gouribidanur & Parts of AP .

We speak telugu at home & my mom is from Anekal District in Bangalore.

I'm really proud to be born in this community. I want to be a part of this community. My Family gothram is Kashipura.

We used to mention Valmiki Nayaka as our caste name in our School certificates. In KGF, there are around 6-7 families who are my relatives.

We Worship Goddess Gangamma. This temple is near to my home in KGF which is believed to be built by my forefathers. We celebrate the festival in the mid of February every year & celebrated for 3 days, which include sacrificing of goats to Gangamma.

Even now we ( our family ) perform the first day puja in this temple and the fellow villagers goahead with the rest of two day puja.

In our family there is a tradition during wedding. Bridegroom of our family doesn't tie mangalasutra in yellow thread where in the mangalasutra should be made of gold thread or thread of gold. This is a custom we follow even now.

There is one more information which I want to share about my family. Male members in our family wear the sacred thread ( Jhenevu / Jhandhyam ) just like the Brahmins do.

Nirmala Raja Venkatesh

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From: ramachandra murthy gummalla ( )
Date: Friday, 22 October, 2010, 6:24 PM


I am very grateful to you for maintaining our community web site. I am working as an asst. executive engineer in Irrigation department, Kadapa. I came to know about this Mudiraju web site. I have gone through it thoroughly and proudly I can say that you are the KULAGURUVU (modern) of this neglected and ignored royal community whose glory is again brought in to light through your invaluable effort ( "anamol krushi") which can not be evaluated in terms of any units.

It is high time and the environment is also matured to get all the people of GREATER COMMUNITY to integrate in to one to ripeout all the benifits associated with unity.In rural areas all the clans still feel separate entity and quarrel with eachother for simple issues due to the ignorance of their origin and base caste. Now all the educated and employed members shall come together and discuss openly the oneness of Besta, Gangaputra, Mudiraj, muttarasa, Valmiki, Talayar, Talari in the first phase and to integrate the Mutharayar and sub castes in Tamilnadu and Bunt and related sub castes of Karnataka ,Kolis of all other states.

We can rule the state of Andhra pradesh if the common member of all the sub group (Besta, Mudiraju, Valmiki)feel this unity and encorage matrimonial relations abundantly. To achive the target is very easy way that all of us shall promote this website among the educated and employee circles of this sub castes.

If the three clans merge in to one sicologically at gross root level, we can have more MLAs than any other caste in the state and can easily govern the state politics. and thus further strengthen the socioeconomic status of more than one crore Mudiraj integrated community in the Andhra Pradesh.

This Mudiraja website is the syllabus to study and apply on the society to achive this longterm goal for the benifit of innocent ignorent rural community.


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On Wed, 29/9/10, Subrahmanyam Veluru ( ) wrote:

From: Subrahmanyam Veluru ( )
Subject: My heartily congratulations
Date: Wednesday, 29 September, 2010, 11:40 AM

Dear Ankarao,

My heartily congratulations to you for maintaining this web site and updating information about our ancient Raja life .

But nowadays some of our caste people are degrading our self by demanding to change the caste from BC-D to some other lower grade (B.C-A).

It is not correct. My opinion is that we should fight for Royalty grade like Kshatriya and other forward castes, then only we will get name and fame in the society. If we degrade our self, we will not get the respect and we will not solve anything for our caste. This is true. We will fight for this. Some where it may lead to some problems like reservationfor our children from poor families in studies but we should know that

Other forward castes are also having poor families and even then their children are studying very well. We will also try to develop our children in the same way. It is all in our own hands. If we do so we will get our ancient Royal life and status back once again.

Thanks & Regards
Subrahmanyam veluru

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From: srinivasarao manam ( )
Subject: Re: Update surname and gotra.
To: "Ankarao kokolu" ( )
Date: Saturday, 28 August, 2010, 5:53 PM

Dear Ankarao Garu,

I would like to take a moment to express my most sincere appreciation for developing our community MUDIRAJ website. This site definitely helps to our community people to know their great history. I believe this is my responsibility to share this site to my friends and relatives.

I am very awful to say some of our community people inhibited to say our community name. They are hesitating to say it out about our caste name.

I believe that because of the following reasons:

My Opinion:

I believe this web site will help at least some people to know our great history, it will sustain to my second opinion.

Some of our friends and relatives Surnames and gotras not listed in the site. I will collect their Surnames and gotras; I will share you that information in my next mail.

My native place is Chirala, Prakasam Dist. However I am working in Bangalore as a Software Engineer in Oracle Ind Pvt Ltd. I hearty welcome you to my house as and whenever you visit Bangalore.

I hope that we will be continuing our contacts.


Thanks & Regards

Srinivasa Rao. Manam

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06. Mr. Bommu Venkatesan, Vellore writes

Dear Sir.

My name is Bommu Ventatesan. You have done a great job in your life, for that I bow my head to your feet. I am not forgeting my ancestor and their histories. In my home I have kept veera Pandiya kattabomman photo to remeber him. Other things, I can't collect due mechechanical work life. Thank you for your valuable informantion.

Yes. It is my duty to give my information. My father is a police sub inspector. Mother is house maker. I have two younger sisters, one married and another studying for collector. I am studying for IPS and other competetive exams. We used to say our community as Polaikarar- Muthuraju. My mother toungue is Telegu.

Palaikarar = Polaikarar = Poligar = Palegar

Surely I will give the name of my native place. My grand father and their grand father resided at VELLORE district. They used to say that their grand father came from Andhra in Nellore district. Some setteled in panchalakurichi, some in south of Tamil Nadu. My father's grand father worked as village police in British period and their father and grand father were small kings in Andhra Pradesh. Even we have Angalaamman kabalam ( Ankalamma Temple ) which is more than 350 yrs old. I don't have an elder brother, I will take the advantage on you as my elder brother. Please allow this concern.

Yours brotherly,

Bommu Venkatesan.

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05. Mr. Partiban, Malaysia writes

Hi Kokolu,

My grand dad came from Thiruchy to Port Klang , Malaysia in the mid 50's .He settle down in Port Klang working as labour in the habour .But my grandma used say that who ever newly arrives from Chennai to Port Klang will stay in my grand dad's house. My grandma will cook food for them for many days until their family member or relative comes to Port Klang to pick up them . His name was Komaran . My dad was born in Tamil Nadu but grew up in Malaysia . Even my mum was a Muthuraja , she no longer with us but her mum (my grandma)is still around , let me find out more from her.

Its nice to hear from you .

Take care

Malaysia, Friday, 9 April, 2010 1:40 PM

mobile :012 33 90 500

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04. Mrs. Vijaya writes

My father told me that we were known as Nayakulu (not Naidus) in villages of Krishna & Godavari districts. My grandfather (dad's dad) was known as Sesha Nayakudu. The other community people used to call Mudirajus as nayakulu and their name used to end with title nayakudu in villages. Dad's side relatives live in Vissannapet in Krishna District.

My grandmother's (mom's mom) name was Vemareddy kanakamma and she told me that her dad (Amudala Ramayya) who used to live in Konaparaju Parva (Krishna District) was a land lord in her childhood times. My grandmother in her childhood used to go to school and visit relatives & friends houses in Pallaki. They had lots of lands in their village Konaparaju Parva, but they sold all their lands & property for luxury living. The Mudirajus used to have lots of agricultural lands but they sold them for small things & for borrowing money from other community members. Now the other community people became land owners of those lands in the villages. The other community members are now rich and dominant in the villages. My father told us that they used to help many people whoever came to them by giving money without any note & proof (takattu).

Further, my father told me that we Mudirajus were known as Nayakulu and also Senaapatulu. Mudirajus used to have guns ( tupaakulu) and used to go for hunting. According to my father, my grandfather ( Dad's Dad ) used to have one Tupaki. Even Mom told me that her aunt's husband ( mom's father's sister's husband ) whose surname was kunda also used to have a tupaki and go for hunting in those days.

How sad it is today to hear all that past. We indeed lost our glorious & golden days.

Mrs. Vijaya

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03. Mrs. Bhagya Rao, Hyderabad, India writes

This letter is in answer to Kiren Kali & Muniandy Veeramalai letters. First, let me tell you that you have,, good intention in making certain suggestions..but these are more political than practical.Jumping to big and lofty ideas do not work,. small changes always translate into better success. Do you think we can do these?? Mrs. BhagyaRao,

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01. Singa Muni( wrote:

Dear Sri Kokolu Anka Rao,

It is a great pleasure to receive a valuable reply from your good-self. It is really fascinating to know that there is a relation between the Telugu and Tamil communities.

( Readers may refer to email correspondance between Veeramalai and webmaster from email no. 30.0 to 30.03 written to the webmaster for complete information in webpage "URMAILS" in this website. )

As for your good intention to integrate our community Globally, with the intention to retrieve our lost glory and pride for the benefit of our future generations, it is a very good idea for which I will give you my support. For this please allow me to suggest a few of my opinions :

With Regards.

Muniandy Veeramalai,
Date : 29-09-2008

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02. Muniandy Veeramalai, Penang,Malaysia wrote

Here are a few proposals for your consideration :

Any person of Muthuraja origin who converts to Islam or marries a Muslim should be considered an Outcaste as they will one day destroy us. I on my part would prefer a Global Brotherhood Website with the HQ based in INDIA and sub - HQ in the various nations to organise NRI's and any Muthuraja who wants to be registered as a Muthuraja must be verified by three registered Muthuraja.

There should be only two classifications : MUTHURAJA and NON MUTHURAJA.

Any spouse of a Muthraja who is Non Muthuraja ( excluding Muslims ) must be issued a CERTIFICATE OF BROTHERHOOD ( for Males ) and CERTIFICATE OF SISTERHOOD ( for Ladies ) and they shall enjoy full Muthuraja status without anydiscrimination and without losing their own caste status.Whereas their children shall enjoy full Muthuraja status. And all registered Muthuraja's must be issued with quality ID cards.

Our project must encompass all sectors of our community needs such as SPORTS, EDUCATION, ECONOMY , WELFARE and must be a DISPORA of it's own and must be capable to responsewithin hours to the needs of our brotherhood globally.

Thanks and Regards,

Yours Brotherly

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01. Kiran Kali from USA wrote

Hi Uncle,

I am just putting my thoughts on paper.Regarding the development of our community,

Your Kiran.
( )
USA, California
Date 8th September 2009

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Mudiraj and Muthuraj people are welcome to send their articles and constructive suggestions for publication here. We are the descendants of great kings and must speak great about us.


Our Caste Names & Subcastes : Mudiraj Muthuraj mudhiraj Mudiraja mudhiraja Muthuraja mudduraja muddhuraja mudduraju muddhuraju Mutharacha Mutharasu Mutharasi Mutrasi Mutharayar Mutharaiyar bunt bant bantulu bantlu Aryar Arayar Araiyar Aryan Arayan Araiyan valavan valayar valaiyar Ambalakkarar gounder koli koliyan kolian raju rajulu Bedar Ramoshi Valmiki Tenugu Tenugolu Tenugollu Tenigolu Tenigollu