The people of Mudiraj Community belong to Kshatriya Caste, in accordance with Manu codification of Caste System in Hindu society.

The Mudirajas are believed to be the descendants of Kalabhra kings of South India, who in turn had their roots to Indo-Aryan kings of Kalachuris of Central & North Indian origin.

It is also believed that a large stock of Mudiraj people had their origins rooted in the aboriginal Indian Tribal Warriors of dravidian origin, who were broadly grouped as Vanaras.

The Mudiraj or Muthuraj were in true sense represented a warrior class of people with inherited administrative and ruling powers during medieval times.

The people of Mudiraja community were once the part & parcel of those brave heros, who laid foundation to the great Hindu Vijaynagar Empire at Hampi on the banks of river Tungabhadra in South India and ruled it for over 300 glorious golden years in the name of Sangama, Saluva, Tuluva and Aravidu dynasties.

The Mudiraja warriors were the real brave, heroic and royal people, who fought for their motherland and willingly laid down their lives in the Nobel Act of protecting Hindus and Hinduism in South Indian Peninsula from the ruthless onslaught of the Muslim invaders.

These people, who once invaded the present day Tamilnadu & parts of Kerala during medieval times created a great havoc by driving away the well known Adhirajas of Chola, Chera and Pandya dynsties and ruled the entire South in the name of valiant Kalabhra Kings. And subsequently, when they were overpowered by Pallava, Pandya and Chalukya kings, they came to be known as Mudiraja Chieftains and continued to be in power as sub-kings of Pallava and Pandya overlords.

A large stock of Mudirajas also belong to the same aboriginal people of Indian Dravidian origin to which the following belonged :

1. The great kings Chandra Gupta Mourya and Ashoka,
2. The mother & wife of Gautama Buddha, the prince turned saint,
3. Koli Valmiky, the author of epic Ramayana and the dacoit turned Saint,
4. Hanuman, the monkey general of Sugreeva and great devotee of Srirama,
5. Bhakt Shabari, an aboriginal tribal devotee of Srirama,&
6. Ekalavya, the extraordinary expert and skilful archer of Mahabharata times.

The people of Mudiraj are from one of the valiant warrior races of South Asia having exceptional skills in Martial Arts and known for their dedication and professionalism towards the jobs relating to soldiers, interior guards, commandos, farmers, traders, artists, managers, and administrators.

The Mudiraja people, who owe their descendancy to the GREAT KALABHRA KINGS of South India, are now from one of the forgotten and neglected communities of Today, and they themselves have forgotten the glorious past of their own community.

These people, who are very closely related to kolis in their cultural and social practices, not only accepted fishing as one of their favourite professions in many regions of South India, but also accepted all kinds of hard working jobs ranging from farm labourers to coolies without any hesitation, after the gradual disappearance of kings and kingdoms.

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